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What is r9k eating tonight
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Are those face-shaped onion rings? That's fucking disturbing.
Do you ever eat vegetables or fruit?
Do your insides feel like a garbage disposal most of the time?
idk. roommate comes home tonight. might try and get her to cook something for me. if not i'll probably make steak and spinach or something

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Post what you like to listen to

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My track of 2016

>jerk off to SPH
>don't even have a small penis
>not particularly insecure about it
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I know that feel anon. Just stop masturbating for a while and you'll get your libido back on track.
Yeah, I end up going back to all sorts of weird stuff eventually though.
How do I do this exactly, Doc?

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Have you ever met a girl that was smart enough to see through your bullshit?
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No one's smart enough to see through my bullshit.
No. If only I was lucky...BUT in my dreams, it happened.
>Have you ever met a girl
Not really.
>Have you ever met a girl that was smart

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I try to force myself to get into new things. I tried playing an instrument, doing sports, riding motorcycles, among other things. There always come a point where I don't enjoy these anymore, and it makes me feel like shit for giving up / wasting money.
My question is this. Should I just give up? Basically my life would be my shitty job, sleeping, and all the other effortless activities I already do (4chan, anime, video games). Can't be disappointed if you never try.
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There nothing at all that you find enjoyable outside of routine. Even a little bit?
I feel ya. I bought a Gaudi salt and pepper shaker egg from Spain but then I accidentally broke the upper part of the egg a few weeks ago. Not I'm putting it together again but I am missing some pieces and I almost glued my fingers together. There is also one piece that I can't get to fit. But you know what? I'm not giving up. I will finish this faggot egg and this breakage is part of the history that we shared together for a short while. I enjoyed gluing the parts that fit even though I'm not enjoying it right now. And then I will have an almost complete egg later and be doing something else at the same time.
You did those things and maybe they aren't complete but you did it and then you do something else because you can.
>riding motorcycle
>becomes boring

Sorry m8 but a scooter is not a motorcycle, i fid it really hard to believe speed and danger get boring, you are always on the edge, every turn you are so close to that rough surface beneath you, corner after corner you always set the bike straight and turn the power, little by little always more, untill you're going so fast you don't even realize it, and it feels soo good, your whole body it's at in the biggest state of tension as you manipulate the machine and bend it to your will, knowing full well that one mistake could be te end, but all of that goes away as another corner is coming and you repeat and it never gets boring or old because speed is when you are most alive

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All racism aside, what is it like kissing a black woman with their larger lips compared to other races?
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Wrong place to ask bud
Sloppy, kind of unpleasant if you want to bite their lip too. There can definitely be too much lip.
*smacks lips*


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Poop... poop!

I have to poop!



pee pee



poop again!





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you typed this, you literally typed all of this..
Is dead XD...lol
I cried
haha exdee funny pic
upvoted :)

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Who would win this epic encounter?

(keep politics out of it)
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mayweather, trump is like 70 and out of shape would not be hard to get him on hte ground and stomp him for Floyd
I have to say Trump. He might take a knee to the gut in the process, but once he mounts Floyd it's all over.

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Which of the following requirements have you met so far for having a girlfriend?

[ ] 6'0" or taller
[ ] Ripped
[ ] Your own place
[ ] Respected Job with 100k salary
[ ] Expensive car
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I've still got a long way to go, boys. My face is really average though.

[x] 6'0" or taller
[x] Ripped
[ ] Your own place
[ ] Respected Job with 100k salary
[ ] Expensive car
You need a social life to have a girlfriend.
None of them, and I've slept with two dozen women and had two long-term relationships lasting for at least two years.

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Why are you not in the military right now?

You can escape being a robot and feel human-alive for once.
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Because military life is shit.

I thought about joining the Navy when I was younger. I even took the ASVAB. Once I got my score, the recruiter was excitedly telling me about I'd get to go to college for free and become an engineer on a nuclear submarine. He made it sound like being a nuke is such a grand and marvelous adventure.

Two minutes of research proved otherwise.

Then I considered whether I wanted to be locked into a contract where I'd be forced to fight the government's wars and take orders from 20-something year olds who probably have half an associate's degree finished.
Because I'm in the Navy and it just makes me hide in the barracks

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>just be yourself
Is there a worse piece of advice normies can give?
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It's a good advice imo
It's terrible advice, you attention-whoring namefag. If myself was a socially competent person I wouldn't be on this fucking board
>"Just go talk to her, dude. What's the worst that can happen?"

Nigga, I spent majority of my life playing out scenarios for any/every situation like this. There are a lot of bad things that could happen.

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>she asks you to cum inside
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>she walks closer to you than 10 feet
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>being so young and stupid that you actually did it
>you didn't even like her that much
>and you could have easily been entangled with this horrible girl and some kid you don't want for the rest of your life
>she notices that you exist


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Why does junk food taste so good ;_;
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You're addicted senpai
Because you're used to it and you've never had anything really good. Once you learn to cook, you'll be amazed at how bad all the crap you used to like tastes.

My mommy and daddy once took me to a fancy restaurant and I had to dress up for it, and the burger and fries there wasn't much better than the ones at McDonalds. Costs much more too.

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Why is incest so hot?

To those who have a sister: do you feel attracted to her, even a little bit?
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I hate my sister too much to feel anything for her
I'm in love with my sister
I want to be one with her

Alas I'm too chicken shit to try though
The furthest I go is slapping and squeezing her ass
She always walking around with her ass hanging out and boobs jiggling around because she gets "hot" and it's "comfy"
>seen her pussy multiple times because her shorts are too short and loose
>seen her boobs multiple times because she wears loose shirts and no bra
>one time she let me play with her boobs when we were really intoxicated but said only that time so we have boundaries
Can you describe your sister in greater detail? Physically, personality-wise...

didnt see one in catalogue
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continue now. ;)
motherfucker kill yourself and stab your bait hook in your eyes
There already a MBTI thread on /r9k/. No need a second bullshit. This isn't /b/

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