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>I am proud to be an Amerifat, where at least I know I'm fat, and i'll gladly eat all this kfc while soldiers kill minorities, AND I WILL STAND UP NEXT TO YOU AND DRINK ALL THIS COFFEEE. CAUSE THERE AINT NO DOUBT I'M VERY FAT. GOD BLESS OH BEE SIT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEY

Thats what you sound like when you defend America. America is a fourth world country with no freedoms. America sucks. Stop celebrating it.
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i bring this post right back up to first page
Stay jealous, Eurofag.
I understand what you mean, OP. Overly patriotic people tend to be rednecks and are almost unbearable. But on the other hand, I fucking hate all the young people now who take days such as the Forth of July to shit all over America and rant on and on about "How America did me dirty, How America is so unfair, etc, etc." Usually it's black people and hispanics and 'progressive' liberal white people who go this route, but when people do that, it's just as bad, in fact, much worse than the overly patriotic rednecks.
It's really sick. We do happen to have alot of freedom here that other counties don't. I know 'merica isn't perfect, and alot of European nations are better off than us and have their shit together, but it's not like it's shit here. It's always been better here than a large amount of other counties.
So I wish the liberals would just shut up with their shitty whining about lack of liberty, and I wish the rednecks would blow their fucking pinheads off with their illegal firecrackers.

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ITT we list reasons why were are incompatible with humanity. I'll start.
>bitter and angry
>hate parties
>hate alcohol
>hate substances overall
>hate dancing
>hate smalltalk
>hate promiscuity
>hate lack of scruples
>hate hedonism
>hate dogmatic and blind adherence to religion
>hate jokes
>hate fun
>hate myself
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My ideal world is one where no other humans exist. So there's that, I guess.
I listen to music I genuinely enjoy instead of consulting my peers on what's trendy
>tl;dr: I'm a gargantuan edgy faggot

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>tfw you're American
holy shit this is the most euphoric, most orgasmic feeling in the world. how does it feel not being American? being American is LITERALLY the best thing you can be
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>be American
>get shot
>go bankrupt

No tnx. Keep your vampiric capitalism to yourselfs. Fuckin racists.
Eastern Yuro here, it sucks. Nothing's happening. No terrorist attacks, nothing big in politics, not even violent antifa rallies. It's like living in a forest, life's here boring
What manga???

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I wonder what girls prefer. I personally find saggy balls to be really ugly, but I have a tight sack so I may be biased
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my balls are saggy, but when I get turned on they come up and become nice and tight.
Feels good dude.
Women for the most part find balls either hilarious or gross
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Average Robot.jpg
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My balls do the same thing.

> watching old YouTube video
> lol this must be from like 2012
> uploaded 2006
Take me back
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>2007 was 80 years ago

I was so happy. Just end me now.
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Pepe Time.jpg
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>we are now further from 2012 than we are from 2006
>one day i might actually be thinking this
Modern medicine was a mistake

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>tfw 5'6 ugly spaniard manlet
>tfw 0 matches on tinder
>tfw even ugly shemales reject me
so whats the point of living if i cant have LOVE like normal people
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Hey fellow spanishbot, i am from spain too. From which city are you from? Girls in my city are fucking garbage anyways
No worries bro. I see a lot of manlets in this country, you shouldnt worry that much about it. I am 6' and i am taller than 99% of girls and 80% of dudes, which makes you around average.
In villages you would be more successful probably
You will only find scum there bro. Feminists and hoes that only search for one night stands. I'd try something else.
Also, how old are you? Just curiosity, to see how good/bad you have it
if you wanna end urself then keep using tinder. fucking idiot.
Omg otro bcn anon x) yo tambien soy de barcelona y entiendo lo que dices, el 99% son whores.
Sinceramente creo que en cuanto localizacion estamos jodidos, esta ciudad es lo peor para encontrar a alguien decente (imho). Para que veas, la unica novia que he tenido era extranjera (europa)... y mi plan es encontrar a otra extranjera lol.
>168 is too short for young girls
Nah tan solo para las stacys y esta gente de ciudad. Seguramente en los pueblos les da algo mas igual el tema altura. Ademas cada dia veo a bastantes chicos de tu altura, podria ser peor. Al menos no eres un 160 turbomanlet
>usar tinder
No creo que esa sea tu mejor solucion para lo que buscas, ahi solo hay feministas y bitches que buscan al 10/10 chad. Igualmente, buena suerte m8.
Si quieres un amigo cyborg que te de consejo, tell me! x)
Ah y no te rindas, aun eres joven. Ignora a los robots depresivos idiotas como >>38147517

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Girls do not want Chad in a RELATIONSHIP
they want a 6-7 with a good personality and a mix of Alpha/Beta traits
This is achievable for any man
No woman wants perfection. That's not interesting.
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Women would rate a 6-7 as being around top 30% of men
Good for you for tying to bring something positive to this toxic cesspool
I am afraid that it won't work tho
>they want a 6-8 with a masculine personality and a mix of Alpha/Beta traits
Fixed. Besides girls get really insecure when they're dating Chads.

Why don't you faggots name your images? I would never be able to find anything
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rename it.png
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Wo oh oh is magic. You know.
Never believe is not so.
Because I have 11k memes alone
File: selection.png (1MB, 2936x2774px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2936x2774px
I do though. I even have them in neat little folders.

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images (15).jpg
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>be me
>22 years old
>almost 1 years I saw very beautiful girl in my village restaurant
>I stare at her because she was so attractive
>later I saw her in same apartment elevator which i live
>she press 18th floor( I live in 22th floor which are top)
>i was so happy
>i thought i should give her a rice cake
>ring her house but pre-mature boy responded
>he told me thank and send them to his mother
>later i determine to ask how old is she
>waited to see her in apartment door where i saw her
>she came and i followed
>take an elevator and asked how old is she
>she answered i'm 16 years old
>i was so sad that she was too young and determined to give up her
>but after i saw her again in same place
>she was still pretty
>I decided to get her phone number
>waited the same way i did and i worried she thought me a stalker
>I saw her passing by the apartment door and followed again
>waited until she and i entered the elevator
>i was little nervous and asked her a phone number
>she hesitated and told me she was too young
>she hesitated and told me i'm too young
>and i asked again but she rejected
>i thought of myself with patience i was thinking about her so much
>during that period she looked like she doesn't interest me.
>but still i cannot gave her up
>after that I just thought to greet her.
>i said hello and she did.
>from now on 3 weeks ago i saw her in my village holding hands with her classmate who looks like her bf
>at that time my feels ok and I walked casually.

But i am still having baggage about her and it's so much painful.
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RIP english.
Are you that finnish dude that uses google translator to post? x)
Also, forget her. I mean, she has a kid, you wouldn't like to be with used goods
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Have you tried smoking weed and jacking off thinking about her?
Some part

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You know anyone who actually took their own life? How and why was that?
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Guy I knew ate pills and died. He was depressed.
Yes. His father would beat the shit out of him daily. Two years after graduation he hung himself
Cool. My friends dad drove his car into a lake after his girlfriend broke up

File: C3QbV5J.jpg (741KB, 1437x1437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Morning lads. Come get /comfy/
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bump, its a fun server origami
I like the infp logo, no idea why but those clouds are soothing
I like them too, on the other hand do not like the intp puzzles. Looks almost autism related.
please don't bully intps

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ITT: Most autistic shit youve ever seen/done

>little brother has anger issues
>sisters comes around with her newborn
>It begins crying
>brother runs screaming downstairs about how he cant hear his game
>begins screaming at the child
>Full blown screaming in the childs face
>tips the childs carrier over

Whats your stories anons?
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I love these threads, so have a (you)

>Saw a kid try to stop a belt sander in technology labs by punching it
>saw a girl at highschool throw a punch at a guys and hit a pole
>she broke her knuckles
>had shitting fetish
>used to have loads of vids
>one day decide to try it
>take bit out of own shit
>dont have shitting fetish anymore

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Do asian girls really have tighter pussies?
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they are generally built smaller, so yes.
In my experience there's no real correlation between race/size/height but I've only fucked 12 girls so it's a pretty piss weak sample size. I've fucked a 5'7 100kg girl (srs) and she was no different to the 5'8 45kg girl (srs...very different bodies). The 3 tightest were all very different- 45kg 5'2 Asian, 5'5 70kg white and 60kg 5'7 latina.
As a guy who has also fucked a similar sample it really is no different by race.

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So my boss ridiculed me on Monday in front of everybody and I punched him in the mouth and went home.
Been sitting around with the phone off the hook worrying that I'm gonna get charged or some shit.
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why are you running away?
you run from criticism
you run from your responsibility at work
you run from the consequences of your actions
it's all going to catch up with you, so why run from it
Because that guy is a dickhead
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This os a fucking excellent comment.

File: 7dVbDJYQ.jpg (55KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If I know that a prominent YouTuber/SoundCloud producer diddled a 15 year old, am I morally obligated to tell Keemstar?
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With literally what proof.
Yes. But tell us first. Who is it?
Surprise twist: it was keemstar

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