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Unironically I ask this honest question.

Why does Barbara Palvin like black guys? Clearly it can't be for money since she makes enough of it and can easily get with a white man that has money. So why does she prefer black guys?
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blacks simply exude the kind of pheromones that women can't resist.
A functioning human would assume that it's because she finds them more attractive. Not rocket science, anon.
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But she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I can't fucking stand it yet I can't stop being so attracted to her either.

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What would it take for you to stop being misogynist?
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A gf who proves everything negative I've ever learned about women to be wrong.
lol this

Misogynist 4 lyfe
I don't actualIy hate women, I just have absolutely no idea how to talk to them differently from men, meaning that I am unable to form anything resembling a romantic relationship.

and snowniggers wonder why it's TALL, TAN AND HANDSOME that girls want, and not this literal twink snownigger. No wonder the Vikings got fucked by the Romans, holy shit. THIS is what they went up against? lol they probably literally fucked them afterwards. This guy looks like exactly like MtFs do.
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this is a picture of varg vikernes, a convicted murderer, who is far more of a man than you will ever be
are you """his""" bf
>being a criminal makes you a man
That faggot is a fucking pussy that backstabbed someone and burnt churches. That doesn't make you a man, that makes you a nigger. Him being a meme spouting le Dhor worshibber :DDD doesn't make things any better.

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i just had a wet dream wtf
t-this isn't supposed to happen i'm not a kid anymore!!
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I get those all the time if don't fap for a while
funny thing being i jack off twice everyday
>tfw never had a wet dream
W-what does it feel like?

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Where's a good place to go if I want to sit by myself in the hopes of getting hit on by girls?
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>getting hit on by girls

Uhhh I don't think that's how things work usually

YOU gotta hit on the girls my man
A brothel. Or a bar frequented by prostitutes.
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you need to be me 7 years ago in middle school

A spider bit my dick when i was 5 and i can tell the future in a basic manner that is so vague it may aswell not even be the future at all.

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Will I ever get a black gf?
I will have to ask the spider gods if they know.
Was the spider radioactive?

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>just failed my hs graduate.

Guess i ll just have to do an other year before neetdom
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it never gets better
just end my suffering
Bumperino to see if other anons dropped out hs like me
use this time to start over. your new grade doesnt know you like your current one does. i miss high school a lot, sucks i'll probably never have a social experience like school again

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Resident r9k rapper here again with another track for the r9k mixtape, this time about our degenerate porn fetishes.


I'm still looking for someone to do the mixtape art so let me know if you are interested. Here is the playlist with the rest of the songs that are done so far.

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When's the Elliot Rodgers song you promised coming?
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Good shit OP, love this track

I just finished recording it last night, it took me all day to make that dumb collage of hentai aheago faces so I never got the chance to edit it, but it'll be done this week.

Can we have a thread about sleep paralysis experiences?

I just woke up from a weird one, I'll greentext it.

>be having really vivid dream (which is weird for me, they're usually a big blur)

>very detailed plot, felt like it was my life.

>i lived in my childhood house. thats the biggest detail and the only one ill mention

>it was night time and i was in bed

>covers start moving like something/someone is under them

>things in my dream keep enticing me to move them, someone texts me to, etc

>so i did it. i remember that *I* made the decision to, instead of being autopiloted like the rest of my dreams

>as soon as i did, i got forced to lay down flat on my back by an extreme pressure

>i could feel wind rippling past my body, it felt like i was moving very fast, but i was staying in place

>the ceiling of my childhood bedroom crumbled to reveal the ceiling of my current bedroom

>ceiling wobbled a little bit before the pressure stopped and i was able to move again

it felt like i was being teleported to another timeline (this one) because there was a glitch in my last one (the dream)

i feel weird now
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i had sleep paralysis once when i was around like 12 probably sleeping on my back. a super creepy monster was in the room with me and the only way i can describe it is that i was like golem from lord of the rings but mocaped but steve buscemi and with a circular mouth full of sharp fangs.

i have never once slept on my back since and am utterly unable even to do so, it fucked me up hard
that's really creepy,but also a bit funny kek. i get you about not being able to sleep on your back, im not able to either after all the times i've had sleep paralysis. every single time i have it im flat on my back.
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>little girl stands next to my bed
>starts screaming

So, was he a robot?
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Adolescence is self-inserting as Punpun, adulthood is realizing Yuichi makes much more sense.
More like failed normie. Punpun could fuk aiko.
It's the manga I feel represents our kind so well. Knowing we could've, but were too ignorant to become true normies

Robots Decide
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you must perform murder
She meant hang out at her house for blowjobs or something.
You take her to Denny's and get an entire bowl of eggs.
she's a spic

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I am a Ronin.
I failed college, not entirely by my fault, but I failed.
I am 23.
I have an high school degree, one year experience in a restaurant and nothing else.
Should I enroll in another study course or just go to work?
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i don't know what the importance of you being called ronin is (maybe you're parodying an anime?) but im in the same position. i dont wanna leave college at 27
In modern Japan a ronin is a boy who failed college entrance exam, or just college. It's used for the meaning of "lost man". It's not important, it's just the term, I thought this could at least make it look "cool" in some way.
Try another study course. Maybe get a certificate to major in English and travel to a western state to teach Japanese? Conversely, what is it that you want? What is it you desire?

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>tfw people don't believe me when I say regular condoms don't fit
>tfw in america condoms with nominal width bigger than 57mm are not allowed by the FDA forcing me to import them from overseas
>tfw people think you're just bragging

Anyone here else suffering from these problems?

I can't be the only one
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Magnums are more comfy for me too
how thicc is your dicc?
>thick cock

Very unpleasant to say.

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I turned 21 today.
Still a virgin, only 9 years left until wizardhood.
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I'm turning 23 in a week. Still a virigin with no gf and no friends. No job and don't even have my degree yet. I try to stay alive.
Sad. 4chan fuck meetup when?
Nigga i wish. I live in the baltics.

>girl I know laughs at everything I say or do
>can't even say "hi" without her giant grin exploding
>known her for a year without talking, but after conversing once she talks a lot

what do
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you know what to do

>you have been muted for 2 seconds.
if i knew i wouldn't bee asking lul
Fucking normie get off my hoard reeeeeeee

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