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how does it feel knowing that since the election, r9k is no longer relevant and everyone goes to pol now?
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I don't want /r9k/ to be "relevant"

normalfags out
>normie envy

You can fuck right off.
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Leave normalscum.

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steven universe is such dogshit
Wrong Steven universe is choice.
Connie sucks tho, we can do without her.
One of the wrost poster with the tripfag Nick and sharpie.

how often do you dine out with your Significant other?
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Usually once or twice a week. It's nice not having to cook on the weekends...
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I dine out on dat pussy erryday all day nah mean?
more liek boipussy if you knoe what I mean

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What number are you, anons?


>professional footballer (UK) from 12, thought I was going to be a star
>get all the girls
>never tried at school because of this
>sign pro contract at 18, on good money
>at 21 get a career ending injury with no education
>now 28 and only just got a career
>lost respect over the years from all friends, family and girls

2 teammates who I was better than by quite a margin are now earning over 30k per week playing football

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oh #10 easily
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Something between 8 and 10 but closer to 8. That picture makes me rage really hard. Being approached at 25 by used up roasties just because you weren't able to score them back in the days and chose to improve yourself instead of being a beta slave but now they can't find anyone to mate with.

God that rage... it makes me cry
Which is the one who's afraid to talk to girls unless it's for a service transaction?

My school is doing a stupid graduation thing, you can wear whatever you want and my stupid fucking family has insisted that they will be there. I want to wear a very offensive t-shirt, any recommendations?? I'm in the UK
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Put a picture of an unregistered tv on it
What gay ass school is this
No comment, but it's fucking rediculous. We are being made to do it, and fucking pay towards it

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Facebook is hell.png
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How does this interaction make you feel?
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Sad, but I knew it was coming
are you afraid of being counter memed on another forum?
>Normies falling for an obvious troll/meme post.

Not surprising.

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Notice how back when this was created /r9k/ was paired with normal boards and was generally considered to be a place of reasonable quality?

If something like this were made again today, /r9k/ would be in the basement with /b/ because of all the underage shitposters that arrived to this board in the last 5 years.
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I forgot this pic existed, thanks OP
>If something like this were made again today, /r9k/ would be in the basement with /b/ because of all the underage shitposters that arrived to this board in the last 5 years.

5 years ago I browsed /pol/, /r9k/ and /adv/ and they were saying the same shit then.
Underage kids are spooks, kids supposedly getting on 4chan en masse during the summer is a myth, nothing's changed but the memes and the memes aren't any dumber than they've ever been.
wew lad

nobody today would make an image like that

too much effort for these fucks

Woah... Really made me think...
Would you change the way you speak, robots?
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Wtf I hate words now
I'd talk to imaginary girlfriends on the mirror and not say anything private to anyone outside of text.
Really makes my thinking parts tingle

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>tfw just dropped out
>probably going to become a construction worker
>$10k in debt

Wew lads
Time for a new chapter
How uber fucked am I?
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Eh, once you get used to it you're fine. The first two weeks are shit though. Just don't seem like a whiny cunt to your coworkers and you'll make a lot of money fast.
As long as you are not a bitch building sites are good places to be. Depending on who you work with obviously.
You spend half the day doing fuck all as a labourer.
Just at least try to look busy sometimes.
>You spend half the day doing fuck all as a labourer.
I have to work overtime because you fucks don't do shit four out of eight hours. Screw everyone who just stand around all day long.

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>Anon, why do you keep farting during yoga? We know it's you because you always flinch.

I actually have this problem. ;_;
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Real farts, or just air from your cavernous vagina?
From my bum-bum, Anon dear. ^_^
This thread is a fiction.

You sit on a throne of lies.

What are your plans for the weekend.

Hint robots have no plans because they have no friends.
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she looks like fat joe jonas
Lol fat Joe Jonas lol.
ptobably idle around in my bedroom for two days and then face the grind again

i struggle to look forward to weekends these days

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>April 21st, 2017

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I'm gradually getting pissed while listening to this

Mysticism inherent in drugs and music is all keeping me going
Why am I wasting so much time in this town. I've done 50 hours a week and saved my money. I have enough to get to Chicago but I haven't left my parents house.
Chicago is a hell mouth just to let you know.

Any other places you want to go?

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An adult who is smart enough to be an Astronaut willfully said this
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He probably underestimates greatly the intelligence of every other human being and says shit like that in an attempt to fit in.
Why are normies so fucking lame
I want to cuddle with him.

Am guy. Am not gay.

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and don't tell me to go to /agdg/ that place is a shithole with the worst memes every. I gaurantee some fuck is going to be like "what engine do you use?". Then you say whatever engine, and they reply "oh okay I'm not interested, thanks but good luck on your project!".

That's the meme. That's it.

I use Unreal Engine 4. I'll teach people. I don't even care. I have tons of assets. I can program. I have experience with source control and so on.
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Whats your game, are we gonna be making money or will I be wasting countless hours of my time for nothing
I have no skills yet. One day I'll make a game with you.
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>>when being a gamedev is dream job
>>can't code for shit
why do I even live

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UPDATED conversation with my dad minutes ago

>anon we spoke about you going to china last year. You told me you'll go a few months ago and you still haven't completed your passport application
>i need the guarantor part filled by another person who knows me for at least 12 months and isnt a blood relative. The two people who filled that part did it incorrectly so my application got rejected.
>Then show them how to fill it correctly
>Im working on it
>No you haven't. Everyday you're just waking up at sundown then going on your ipad
>Hurry up and get your passport application form done. Remember you're leaving in September.

Well... JUST.
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>going to China

Enjoy either getting cancer or getting eaten by an escalator.

Dip out of the house little nigger
Just fuck off, they can't force you to go to another country.
You ARE 18, yeah?
stop being so fucking lazy and just do it. why are you posting here on /r9k/ when you should be finishing your application? stupid chink piece of shit
By the time i wake up. The place where i get the application forms is already closed

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