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I just hacked my neighbor's iCloud account and wanted to share the details with everyone. You can download her iPhone backup and everything inside.

Username: [email protected]
Password: Allie30143!
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i have too much going on in my own life to worry about someone else like that lol
I dont have time, are there nudes or not?

If so, post em
this like your next door neighbor or something?

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who Homu here, my dudes?
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Sayaka best meguca
>liking a literal roastie
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I want her to look at me like this when she drags me down to hell

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tfw everyone from your high school years has had sex and you still haven't
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Eh, who cares. I haven't had sex either but now it doesn't even matter. Just ask yourself what real benefit will having put your dick in a hole give you. If you're worried other people will look down on you being a virgin then tell them you're not.
When I sit down in any classes at uni, sometimes I think "im for sure the only kissless here and probs the only virgin in this entire room". Feels bad
I haven't had sex in 3 years and I'm 23. Can I reclaim my virginity yet?

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>wisdom tooth coming out
>feel pus in the gums
>it's all swollen like shit
>poor so can't afford to go to the dentist
should I just kill myself?
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how long have you had pain for?
go to a dental school and just get it done cheap as fuck
There's still way to get basic dental ffs

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Would you date a single mom if she came with a virgin daughter of legal age? The daughter has eyes for you. Asking for a friend
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just date the daughter fag
How old are you? woman with an adult child is gonna be in her late 30s at least, that alone would be a bit of a dealbreaker for me.
Weirdly I got into sort of a situation the other way around. Was dating the daughter and her mom came onto me.

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Where the fuck is a 20 year old khv supposed to get a gf around here? I tried tinder and all they ask me about is parties because they don't realize I'm a lonely shut-in with little social skills. I don't even have any friends 2 years into uni.

I just want someone to love is that really too much to ask for?
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I haven't read anything you've written because it's the same bollocks as always but just here to say El-B > Burial.
stop being a little bitch - problem solved
good tune m8

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Your days of freedom are winding down quickly, wagecuck.
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NEET's are the master race.

Trips confirm.
tick tick tick, time's running out!
you're not seriously using what little time you have watching reality /tv/ and browsing 4chins, are you?
The years of your mother's life are winding down quickly, NEETcuck

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Just a reminder:

If you are:
>a white male
>have long and slender size 10 or larger feet with long toes
>take moderately good care of them

easy mode (if you have the above):
>you are an effeminate twink
>you have long hair
>you have well taken care of and large nail beds
>pronounced arches
>are 18-20

Congratulations! You have a pair of money makers attached to your legs. Fags will literally pay you to humiliate them with your feet. It's just feet and who cares if you are exploiting even weaker beta males? Money is money. So go out there and use your gifts, if you have them. Try making a Twitter and watch the fag cash roll in.

t. beta foot fag
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>white male with size 11 feet
>tfw size 11 WIDE with disgusting curved toes and small toenails

at least i can just wear closed toed shoes
I'm a 6'3" white male with size 12 feet. How do I make money off these puppies?
Make a Twitter account and advertise your profile as a financial domination dom. Maybe post your bare soles as your profile picture and provide a way for beta fags to send you cash like a PayPal or Amazon email address to send giftcards to.

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Fixed your dumb ass picture
Women: I want my man to be 6'0, rich, support my mixed child and not even to talk to female relatives.
right because guys are calling her shit because they're shorter than 6' and not because she's a fat alcoholic that whores around

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Just came to say that this board is shit and dead :)
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Um.. hi, sweet kitty. I hate this board too. But I hate many other boards around here too. I actually came to post here only for the other of my supreme idols, otherwise I'd be better off just planning the genocide of various fuckheads. He-he. You're looking so sweet it makes me giggle....

Just look what I found on another board of full-blown retards >>123328318. I always wanted to execute all gang rapists, along with animal and child rapists, but now it seems I'll have to execute ALL members of /pol/ as they are supporting at least one form of these atrocities. Anyways, about 85% of the humans here, are something that should be executed.

Lots to do in the future, to remove all the scum needed to be removed. Not sure yet how to, need to ponder on it.

Have a nice weekend, and do not bother your cute head with these tho.

It's the weekend, all the normies are out partying and getting laid so they're not on here spamming us with bait and QTDDTOT.

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help me /r9k/, out of nowhere I've developed a massive desire to get a Jewish gf. I'd kill for a Jewish qt to make me pancakes and roll her eyes and giggle slightly at holocaust jokes, and even stranger, I've also developed a golden shower fetish out of literally nowhere over the past few days


also where do I find a qt jewess who wants me to piss on her face?
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you need to realize jews are some of the least healthy people on the planet. jewish women have a 20% chance of getting breast cancer and 79% of jews are less than 5'11 feet tall. they are really unhealthy and unintelligent people and you should reconsider your choices of getting a jewish partner.
OP you are a crypto-((()))

Join the dark side, you are one of us.
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big nosed jew.jpg
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Good for you man. Gl on finding said person though. Idk man go to a fucking holocaust memorial and tell holocaust jokes to random girls.

After a while you might find someone.

Gl hombre.

> listening to really loud music on my headset one night
> thought I heard somebody walk in the door to my room
> kinda scared for a bit
> decide to just check my looking out the window since it is dark outside
> pic is the reflection of my room in my window
> and as i take the curtain aside I can see a person
> posted this
> I have not looked behind me yet

Do you think it has left yet?
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I'm still here, faggot.
pull out your katana and hope he runs off, call upon the blade
Just kys normie

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Hey anon I had a real fun time picking grapes with you. You said you were a christian right? Can you name the descendants of Shem, it should be pretty easy considering it's in the first book?
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current state.png
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>you will never know the descendants of shem
She's a liar anyway, those are blueberries.
muh dik

dats right biatch

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Anyone else suspect they're just a depressed normie?
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Tfw at the bottom of the male dominance heiarachy
Maybe ten years ago, but it's been so long now that I know I'm nothing but a robot

r9k is the most normie fucking board on 4chan

I propose a toast, to drink to the honor of our fallen robot. I shall retell his story here. Gather round yon fellow autists and NEETs, it is story time.

>"Well, tonight is the night. I'm finally going to kill myself, I have a chronic medical condition that makes my life a living hell and no doctor can help me, my parents even think it's a condition derived from my mind and not my body. I've lived in horrible suffering for nearly 4 years and it's finally going to be over tonight. To any anons out there who are down, who have absolutely nothing. If you only have your good health, at least be thankful for that, until your health is destroyed you still have a chance. Good luck anons, I hope you all make it."

I shall continue pasting his full story in this thread - trust me, it's quite a read. It's a poignant tale of suffering, misery, and the cruelty of normies. It's also a perfect example of "things can always, always get worse."
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[Part one]
>"I once had great promise, I was smart, athletic, good looking, and well liked. One day a freak accident occurred, a single second ruined a life that should have spanned a century."

>"I was just 12 years old, it was a spring day and I was playing baseball in little league. A small batter had just been up, so I was closer to home plate than normal to protect against a bunt. The current batter was a large power hitter, I thought to myself I should move back in case of a line drive, especially since he was using a composite bat which were banned in some leagues for causing too many injuries. I was playing third base, I shouldn't have been since I normally played second but there I was. Before I moved back I remembered my dad had told me lefties rarely hit to third base, so I changed my mind, I didn't back up."

>"The one time I didn't listen to my gut, the batter hit a line drive right at my face, curving up and away from my glove on my left hand. It directly hit my right eye, I fell back onto my palms, then collapsed onto my back. I could hear someone call for an ambulance, I was honestly in a state of shock. I got up after a few moments and sat on the bench as a mom who was a nurse talked to me in a panicky manner. I was calm, but blood was dripping from my eye. I had not idea of the gravity of my injury or how much suffering it would cause me, but I would know soon enough. "

>"I had a detached retina, at least that's what the piece of shit doctor told me. He said I'd have to have an operation within the month to save the vision in the eye. I was just 12 years old, so I trusted my parents and the doctor entirely. I ended up having 2 surgeries to "save" the vision in my right eye. Once I "recovered" after a few months and finally was able to put take off my eye patch and put on a contact to see my new vision, I was totally devastated. The moment I put in my contact lens I started crying, the "saved" vision was horrendous."
[Part two]
>"To top it off now, I had double vision. I couldn't believe it. As a result of these botched surgeries I now had lost one of my four virtues, my athleticism. It was impossible to be good at sports with double vision, especially since my right eye had terrible vision now and no peripheral vision. Furthermore, I had become chubby since I was forbidden from moving or raising my heart rate during the months long recovery process and had to keep my head down at all times to allow an ocular gas bubble to "reattach" the retina. To make matters worse I in addition to being chubby I now had a lazy eye and a droopy eyelid, so I lost the second of my 4 virtues, being good looking."

>"Since during my recovery process I spent almost the entire day looking at the floor for two months, and because of the traumatic experience I had just had and my poor new look, I was very shy even though before the injury I had been funny and well liked. The friend group I had had since I was 7 years old stopped inviting me over and ghosting my invitations after just 2 months since I had become so withdrawn and shy. Instead of trying to help me, they just dumped me by the wayside, I felt betrayed and became even more withdrawn as a result. Consequently, I lost the third of my four virtues, being well liked."

>"From 12 to 14 I just floated through school, my experience had really fucked me up and I was largely withdrawn but at least I was still smart I thought. It was the last virtue I had left and I intended to make the most of it."
[Part three]
>"I didn't really have a friend group from 12 to 13 and was depressed, but once I was 14 and a sophomore in high school, I met some kids in track who would become my new friend group. My parents made me do a sport, and since I couldn't do any of my favorite sports anymore because of my double vision, I had to do the one sport left, track. I absolutely hated it, track was a constant reminder of my lost athletic ability. Because of my injury and botched surgeries I thought, I now was relegated to the sport which in my mind was the worst of all. Every day of track taunted me, especially since it was such a lame sport to do and therefore made me even less liked than before. At least I finally had a friend group again though, after 2 years of not having one. They weren't the most popular kids and honestly were pretty weird, but it was better than nothing, they would be my high school friend group."

>"At the end of my sophomore year I had had enough of my double vision. It was constant torture and I wanted it to stop, I decided to have a surgery done to correct my lazy eye, therefore realigning the eyes and hopefully fixing my double vision and in my mind restoring my life to its previous state. Anyways, even if it failed I could just patch my right eye and move on with my life right? Once again fate decided to fuck me over, this time for good."

>"Unsurprisingly, given the trajectory of my life since I was 12, the surgery failed. However, it didn't just fail, now the double vision was now even worse since the two images were closer together, plus my droopy eyelid was even more severe. However, all of this was inconsequential compared to the real repercussion of this surgery, from the moment I tried to get out of bed from this surgery I was immensely dizzy and lightheaded. I couldn't think straight, it was and is like my head was in a fog, unable to think with the clarity and precision I had once had due to the severity of my newfound sickness."

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