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i think that children of divorced parents should have the option to live with their fathers after the ages of 8-10
women dont seem to have the mental/emotional capacity to raise teenagers
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I was raised by my mother and father, but mostly my mother and I can't deal with anything to do with heavy emotions I just break down and spurge out.

If I'm seeing someone I feel the need to tell them how I love them every single day and I need constant reassurance of their love for me.

My dad always pushed himself with working and had anger issues I didn't really pick up on these things too much, but there a little bit.
dunno. both my parents had good and bad traits. combined they could do a decent job raising us but they split up early.

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>And then he said.... HES SMART BUT LAZY!

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>anon, these flowers feel arousing, my vagina is now sufficiently moist
>i will now initiate sexual intercourse with you
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Step away from me your freak
>tfw no alien gf

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Maraschino cherries are pretty good.

I see them randomly on sale at the store, so I say why not, I buy two jars.

things are like candy, I sit back and snack on them, they are like little candies made of fruit. before I know it, I ate the whole jar.

"this are pretty good, I'm gonna look up how to make them, cant be too hard"

first search I do, tons of articles on how these cherries are basically cancer in a jar and shit like that
>you should only have one per meal
>loaded with sugar
>some are made with formaldehyde
>more decoration then fruit after processing

and I ate a whole 16 oz jar over two hours.

fuck... why does everything I like try to kill me?
I cant just have something nice and not feel like shit afterwards for indulging it?
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is shoving my cock into my own ass red pilled?
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>is shoving my cock into my own ass red pilled?
You can't do it
Its impossible unless you have a truly impressive member
t. dicklet o

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Anyone else here not that sexual, it seems like guys here masturbate every hour me though its more like once a week, am i Low test?
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some people just have lower sex drives than others, lots of things can affect it. jacking off 5 times a day definitely isn't high test

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>says shes would be a good mother
>has a tatoo and piercing other then ear
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>"I'm not like the other girls"
>"I have a strong character and strong-willed"
>"all I do is watch Netflix"
>"I hate hypocrites"
>favorite film is from Disney
>doesn't cook
>favorite song is either from Ed Sheeran or is Reggaeton
>has tattoos and/or piercings
>looking for something serious and no sex pls
Using Tinder has been boring, unpleasant and exhausting experience.
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>favorite film is from disney

was hanging out with a friend today and he gave me 4 capsules of Kratom. Was expecting a nice relaxed, euphoric feeling but I didn't feel anything. Who else uses Kratom here and how much should I take so I really feel it
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you have to take it on an empty stomach.
that means 4 hours after your last eat

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>tfw roastie sister is complaining about me "masturbating too loud"
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Masturbate louder, or have sex with her
i'm actually planning on jacking off with the speakers on. if she has a problem with it she can move the fuck out
Tell her she should masturbate louder to drown out your masturbation sounds

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>buy turntable because because want to look cool to my house guests
>didn't know have to deal with complicated stuff like setting up powered speaks, prearmp and calibrating tonearm
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The whole appeal of vinyl is that it sounds worse. Dont put too much thought into making it perfect.
it's like there's no point in buying a vinyl if you don't have a suitable place to put it.
Hey anon, I'm really into records myself. Look up some YouTube guides on how to set up your turntable, that's how I got started. Once you learn the basics it's pretty easy, even though it can be a pain in the ass. Playing records is one of the few things I life I still enjoy.

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Why do you guys hate me so much? I have feelings too
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I don't. It's bait.

Some fat women are masquerading as everyone.
I doubt you're even black.

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Sad reacts only
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was he in the wrong?

orginales spurdio
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>orginales spurdio
This is against the rules

Please read 4chan.org/rules#r9k
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fug ive beeen found
Poor bastard. That's a good example of extreme wagecucking

>get sent to an african shithole to work lead a bunch of niggers
>get bitched at by the boss because shit never gets done
>can't even go home and make love to your wife
>can't fuck anything because all the prostitutes in the continent have aids
>only asian female in your crew is most likely getting blacked

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So what's up with all these pol threads? Did the mods there go on a ban binge again?
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Tumblr threads*********


Pol-gins going on another virgin murder suicide

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>tfw no robot neet bf to ride my girlbenis
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You have described something a huge amount of robots would enjoy, you have no reason to not have one.

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