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>have a dream where i have a gf
>feel alive and complete for the first time ever
>wake up and realise it was all just a dream
>reach for my bottle of whiskey to dull the pain
>its empty
why are we here? just to suffer?
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sad snake.jpg
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>why are we here? just to suffer?

>Dad is mildly abusive and is a gun fag
>Mom left him and got custody
>admired dad when I was little
>Grew up a bit and visit dad
>Realize why she broke up with him
>Dad pulls out vape
>Dad's gf pulls out vape
>Dad's gf actually is really cool
>Dad drives his gf to suicide
>Told me it was a brain aneurysm
>I believe it
>only find out years later
>re-mourn because I really thought she was cool
>Dad gets with another gf
>also pretty cool
>starts hating dad
>only see him every other weekend.
>Dad gives new gf gun that his old gf committed suicide with.
>what the fuck pops
>new gf not dead yet
>y e t
pic related. Vape dad uses.
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your hero sounds like the hero we deserve
you should learn his trade and follow in his foot steps. use 1 roastie to continue your legacy and then set forth on the righteous crusade.
in 10,000 years your name will still be spoken
fuck me
your dad*
he's quite the hero to me, obviously

You want it allll but you cant haaaaave it!

Iiiiiiits in your face but you can't grab it!





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This political theater of FBI director and Don... all for show. A show to cover up something else, the real tragedy that almost, almost caught on.

Out of sight, out of mind? Is is better to let the dead rest in torment so the living can push onward?
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if u play the jrpg
u know the seal of the
final boss alwyas
is breaked

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>Manager at job interview didn't hire you because you're too good looking and gunning for a management job

>Robots and failed Chads challenge you everyday because they project their failures into you
>girls think you're not marriage material
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>Fat and ugly women keep being weird around you
>Tsundere Stacy's literally hurt your feelings to hide the fact they want the D,
>Can't completely hide your massive dong in your pants
>Have to get a haircut every two weeks because it's so thick and grows so fast
>Going to the gym everyday is a pain in the ass
>Always getting texts, always expected to go out, very little alone time

Being a Chad is suffering bros, you guys are lucky.
prove it faggot. fkaowrp
>>Going to the gym every day is a pain in the ass
t. Never been to the gym
Working out is one of the only things (if only thing) that gives me purpose

wtfguys am i really just forever alone?

I am like...basically approaching chad levels in many ways except female contact. what I mean by that is I have a job, just got a new much better job, look pretty ok, have some level of social skills, so...where is gf? I am not a loser, I'm a good person, I'm not even entirely beta and yet no gf yet

any fembots wanna talk to me and see if we can work something out because I'm getting very bored of being single desu
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File: 1495335266162.gif (2MB, 1000x737px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Did /pol/ take the role that /b/ used to occupy? /b/ hasn't really FELT like /b/ in years and yet /pol/ does; the memes, the checking digits, the notoriety, being offensive. I even remember when everyone used to say "go back to /b/" when someone made a stupid post, now everyone just says "go back to /pol/". And pretty much every controversy with the site now is associated with /pol/, whereas it used to be /b/.

Do you think I'm right, and when did this occur, and why? Did most /b/tards just move to /pol/?
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/b/ has been trash for a long while now. Not directly as a result of /pol/. Its regression has just become more apparant now that /pol/ is the place for happenings.

/r9k/ has become worse as a result of normies and a shift in board culture. There is still some gold here and there but the infection needs to stop before this board becomes obsolete.
this anon, the internet has become worse with normies !
>tfw haven't visited /b/ in probably 7 or 8 years
here I go

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Who else /shitty dad/ ?

>got divorced and left kid with ex
>never do anything with him
>have really high expectations for him and am brutally critical when he doesn't meet them

feels good man
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I hope he rises and kills you
No bump trip test
Shit I fucked up, forgot to sage

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>tfw there's a valid reason to own a fidget spinner.
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>not fingerpicking
weak af familia

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Does anybody else watch videos like this on YouTube and pretend your on a road trip?


I buy snacks and have conversations and stuff like as if I was on a real road trip with a friend. It helps keep the loneliness away for a while.
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Pretty comfy stuff famalam.
I'd chill with you brobot, post contacts ?
damn I love the nevada desert, it's a robot's dream

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>be me, scrawny and 6"2'
>not bad but not good either
>unironically wants to die
>shitposts to let out my suicidal tendencies
>Used to be the "Rawr Xd" kid and now is just jaded and wants to die.
>LGBTfag and fag friends
>pretty chill
>probably has mild autism
>Dad left
>Mom is pretty chill
>Best friend lives 2 blocks away
>lifes alright
>still want to die
What should I do
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do you wanna die because you're sad or do you wanna die because you're assured that you'll be more powerful in the afterlife

because in the latter case you're already fine
What if it was the first but now its the second but then you realize that's retarded and there is no longer an escape? Should I die anyway? I don't want to. Fuck at least if I were sad I would have a reason for it.
Not op sorry for blog posting

Anyway don't most people want to die, secretly? Nobody does anything about it they just let the flame turn into a low smolder that makes you realize there are things worse than dying, but they can't admit it so they go through the motions anyway, with only nostalgia to give them meaning.

>"Holy shit, Is Anon smiling? He normally doesn't do that."
>"Yeah, that's weird. Is he going to shoot the place up or something? We better get outta here just in case."
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Why is a 6'8" lanklet afraid of a 70 y.o. fat man?
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It's all a show, it's meaningless.
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Because trump commands respect with his personality and his body (6'3). Not that robots could ever understand this.
she's not wearing pants

Really bored trying not to stress myself today
because crying hurts

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risa franku

File: IMG_1684.jpg (10KB, 231x176px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>repulsed by vaginas
>love makeup and clothing
>appreciate dick

>>>not gay

It's not fair
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