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Any news on what Chris chan is doing these days?
Last I heard was that he got an infectious wound from his crotch piercing and treated it as his new vagina. So what's the aftermath of this? Is he still alive and well?
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He's doing just fine. Bothering semi-famous women who don't want to talk to him as usual and getting more into being a brony than ever before despite MLP's declining popularity.
please stop using male pronouns. she identifies as a girl
The most recent thing I heard is he went to bronycon and is asking for money.

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I really hate my voice. Is there anything I can do to change it?
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whats wrong with it? let's hear it.
Drink a a lot of hard liquor and smoke a lot.
First post it so we can hear it.

Then, drink hot water (not boiling, but hot) everytime you drink water. Smoke twice a day and drink hard liquor once every 2 days

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Anyone else have a good size cock and love to show it off? I love it when guys and girls drool over my cock, and go into detail about how much they love my thick long brown penis.
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Show off where? How? You can't just whip it out anon.
Don't be a goober. I show my cock off online for people to see. I never have the balls to fuck any of these people, but the rush I get from cock compliments is arousing on its own.
So why haven't you posted it in this thread yet?

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I ain't clicking on that and ending up on some watchlist.
It's bestgore, pretty vanilla website. Just watch the video and witness that innocent young girl's fear. Jews are responsible for human trafficking and pedophile rings, the two are connected.
just download it and post it here

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Let me see yours /r9k/
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I literally do not know what half of those are.
I do unironically use tumblr though.
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Ask a girl who lives in the middle east and will be taking her own life because of that anything.
where do you live and why do you want to take your own life?

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Why do Americans do this?
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Well, is all but the last sentence true? We plainly don't make things better when we topple governments, so the nigger sentiment isn't wrong here.
its not just us, but the reason "we" do it is because "we" are greedy.
Yeah, (((Americans)))...

When I'm drunk I'm a socialist/communist who loves everyone (except for SJWs and capitalists who I know screw me over), when I'm sober I'm a centrist leaning socialist trying to make everyone happy, when I'm angry/hungover I'm an alt-right Nazi who wants to watch the world burn (except for white people). What the hell is wrong with me, does anyone else experience this?
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When I'm sober, I'm an "Alt-Right Nazi".
When I'm drunk I'm loud about it.
Yeah when I'm angry or upset I'm an authoritarian fascist and want to enslave people and be Stalin, when I'm sad or emotional I become a loving communist who wants to save the world and when I'm normal I'm a little to the left of Bernie and I want pragmatic solutions for the greater good. I don't do politics when drunk
The difference is I'm always authoritarian, but when I'm drunk it's the sort of authoritarianism for the people (like socialist dictator Thomas Sankara who I've always idolized) but when I'm angry I want to use the government to kill all Muslims/liberals and shit. Right now I'm drunk and I just want to help the Muslims fix their religion.

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What are the chances of finding a virgin qt thats saving it for marriage in Australia? I am yet to meet a single girl that's conservative.
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mate there are no virgin girls past the age of 15 in Australia.
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>tfw literally all I want is this and to listen to sweet nothings whispered in a cute bogan accent
I grow weary of living.
This, fuck this country. I run a martial arts branch and I had to overhear 3 girls gossiping about some boy they all hooked up with, and how they want to get with his friend next
They're only 12

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What do you do when you want to kill yourself, robots?
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browse arcanine
Does it help?
i write in a journal. also, i have created a daily routine for myself that includes the journal and various self-improvement tasks

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>be 10 years old
>grow up on farm
>dad has really thick book on raising poultry
>read through it tons of times, find section on artificial insemination
>read paragraph on semen collection, get a boner, and an idea
>walk to chicken coop and pick up our light brahma rooster (I was a big ten year old)
>do as the book said
>massage back and tail until the phallus was erect, then squeezed
>milky white semen pooled around his vent, dip my finger in it and have a taste
>start to jack off, and don't even last more than ten strokes before having a prepubescent dry orgasm

I was ten years old.


Was I sexually abused at some point? What the fuck inspires a ten year old to do something so depraved and degenerate?! Share why you think you're here today. Why are you so fucked up?
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You exposed your consciousness self to the unconsciousness of sexuality despite not having undergone your psychosexual development. In short you molested yourself since you exposed yourself to sex or sexual acts at a too young an age
So I done for before my life even began, well shit.
I wish I knew anon. Maybe it's because I was sheltered, homeschooled and an only child. I guess the animals I had to care for every day were the closest things I had to objects of affection.


It feels like cyborg normies have taken over /r9k/ for a long time.
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ive been fucked in the ass a few times but have never fucked another guy in the ass. so i'm still a virgin kind of. feels bad.
You are most certainly not a virgin.
I'm a faggot myself, but people like you make me sick. No, you are not a fucking virgin ever since you had your ass stretched out by a stranger.

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Do you believe that someday you'll get laid, /r9k/?

normies fuck off
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Never. Past 22 it becomes exponentially more difficult to lose it with each passing year, and I'm 27 now.
>deluding yourself further into your insecurities

haha absolutely dude, that'll work for wonders for ya!
I lost it at 26 to my ex. I'm a morbidly obese loner with actual autism. You LITERALLY have no ecxuse.

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You can be perfect, friend.

Rise above your schlubby meat sack ways. Give yourself over to absolute perfection.

It begins today.

1. Alcohol. If you drink, the greatest step toward perfection is to stop drinking. Never drink again. You are no longer a drinker. You don't drink.

This will improve self control, reduce excessive calorie intake, and provide greater mental clarity.

2. Sleep. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. If it is late where you are, go to sleep now. Turn off all the lights and close your eyes.

Set an alarm for 5am.

You may not fix your sleep habits immediately. But we're not going to do that "wake up 15mins earlier each day" bullshit. Tomorrow, you're getting out of bed at 5am.

3. Wake early. Wake at 5am. Don't press snooze. Just exit the bed. Once your feet touch the floor you've done it. So just do it.

4. Breakfast is now 2 scoops of protein powder, a cup of frozen egg white (or a raw egg), water and add oats if you have a blender.

5. Go to the gym. Arrive there by 6.30am. doesn't matter what you do there. Just be in that building doing anything for an hour. We'll improve gym activity later but for now just be in that building.

6. If you have to, go to work. Try and reduce the number of days you work to 2-3 days. We're going to need the time to focus on self improvement.

7. Meditate. You need to gain control over your own mind. Sit. Feel the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on you. If you get distracted, feel again the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on you. Imagine you have an eraser and begin to erase the boundary between your body and the atmosphere. Do this for 5 minutes.

8. Lunch is steamed chicken and steamed vegetables. Food is fuel. Add some light spice if you have to.

9. Read. Autobiographical or non-fiction is best. Canon classics are good too.
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he still looks like an incel on the right
what's for dinner, fixer anon? what do i do on my days off?
Are you from r/theredpill? This seems like good advice, but I'm not fucking giving up drinking.

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Since every femanon is either a trap or only interested in chads, I've gone undercover on Tumblr to look at the opposite spectrum of mentally damaged women. So far I've messaged six Tumblr roasties who live near me. One ignored me and I dropped three because they were even more fucking awkward than a robot. The fifth has been nice to talk to, and I'm actually planning to meet the sixth once I go back to college next week.
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I use it for it's only worthy attribute: porn.
How do you know they live near you, how did you find them? What do you mean when you say they were even more awkward? Do you live in a big city?
>they were even more fucking awkward than a robot.
give details? would love to know how they act on there.

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>tfw /cuteboy/ trap
>clean guys with 5inch+ dicks without diseases are in such high demand, but so few of them left

Why is life such suffering? I just want to be pumped full of warm cummies and cuddle without worry.
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I meet both of your requirements anon.
There's plenty of them, take me for example, but they're not fags.

Homosex is wrong, anon.
Forgot to add, I'd also enjoy lovingly pumping your boipucci full of cum and then cuddling after.

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