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will my dick ever be able to please a girl?
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originally oregano no
Throw away your plastic bottles right now.
if she is into you yes

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no RULES.jpg
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>tfw you just BLACKED a girl earlier today
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i never realize that guy was black.
do you think she's gonna press charges?
He can't change his race or choose so stop being fucking faggots.

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>mommy is attracted to dad
>fucks him
>has son who grows up to look like dad
>loves him more than anything
>won't fuck him
Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this logic?
What's the problem...same offspring is hardly an excuse anymore in 2017 since condoms are a thing
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stop making people feel unsatisfied because their mom doesnt want to fuck them. Its deranged. THeres children where you douch.
Incest is gross, and only hot to virgins.
Staring into your mom's face while you put your penis here just sounds vomit inducing
keep me away from women who look like this
>I would rape the shit out of her and I m not even into rape

Pic related is a half asian chick I'm gonna bang, bros

How do I get GOOD at fucking girls bros?

Is being a sex machine a MUST for every man?

To make me feel not so insecure, I feel that most young bucks in their 20s aren't that great at sex either, pathetically enough
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Just fucking do it man, just do whatever the fuck you wan't that's the way.
>Is being a sex machine a MUST for every man?
Most of us just joke about that kind of shit. If you look at porn most people are watching it because they don't get any, head over to any porn website and look at the comments people talk big but they're there because they are not getting laid. Most of it is a joke. You're just falling for a joke having sex for no reason other than just the sake of talking about having sex. It only impresses teenagers, most people really don't give a shit or look down on that kind of behavior.
>half asian

Good on you for picking the superior white mix.

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I want weebs to die so much
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*hugs u*
is oke dont worry, none hurts u now anymire ass long we together okay?
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Say that one more time anon :3
fuck u weeb
(i just want to see the next picture)

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ashley jones.jpg
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Eliza is a bitch and she's not cute at all.

Ashley will always be /ourqueen/.
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How are your tastes so shit. Crispy is obviously besy girl.
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fuckfuckfuck aaaaaaaaaa

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Let's see some robot desktops. No WIndows/Mac normies allowed, of course.
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changed the theme back for reasons i cant remember
that's a really convincing windows 10 theme, damn
Shitnux is the poor man's OSX

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>one chance at life
>born Armenian

Is there any point
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At least you can grow a beard.
I like the Armenians, they gave us KWTK and System of a Down.
no just end it

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When I get lonely I write music.
It's shitty but it keeps me busy.

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i listened to it anon. it's good somehow
Hey that's actually really good anon, there are certain moments where it sounds a bit too discordant imo, but that melody is more than worthy of being developed into a proper song :)
>Bass and piano

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Not Welcome:

The rest
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Hello. What do we of talkings about?
heya roed groed med floede
>no netherlands
Come on man include us

Why is this a thing, and does anyone really find it attractive or enticing in any way?
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I am a man(male) who has one.
It's for bondage purposes. You attach a leash to it.
I want to cry a little inside every time. Why the fuck women think its worth having, or that it does not make them less attractive.

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I want a normal life.

I have no friends.
I don't talk to anyone outside my family.
I am introverted.
I am 18 and still a virgin.
I never smoked weed or drank alcohol.
I never went to a teen party.

What should I do?
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the fact that you mentioned "never smoked weed or drank alcohol" and "never went to a teen party" means those things are important to you. That's ok, drugs and parties are fun, so either do it or get over it.
I had those issues and then I got raped by a granny because I'm cute.
I'm a man now!
Bee urself...
Nah if you don't like your actual life you gotta search hard for a grou... Idk I said nothing

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33 year old man here. Totally independent have been for about 7 years. Own my car, rent my place, have a job ect.

But my mother won't approach me as an adult. She literally treats me like my 20 year old NEET self and I hate being around her as a result. What the fuck is wrong with her?
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What kind of stuff does she do and say?
Story time
Most parents are like that. My mother treats me like an adult sometimes but my dad treats me like I'm 7 years old. Most of the people I know are treated like that by their parents too. Some receive extreme babying I dont know how they can handle it.

I was out ice fishing with my brother and she was texting him and telling him to bring me home and warning him "not to get me drunk"

So I get home at fucking 11pm and she was "up the whole night worrying about me."

And my Aunt pinched my cheeks that morning to.

dubs decide my replies
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So, how much do you charge?

Tongue-punch my boipussy and I'll love you forever
Hi, gina
Mind if i eat your vagina?

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Femanons, if you aren't posting pictures of yourselves or talking about sexually charged topics then fuck off.

I'm not even playing around. Just fuck off. I don't care about your favorite video games or why you hate chocolate chip ice cream.

I want you talking about how badly you want to be raped because of your daddy issues and posting pictures of your tits.
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Fuck you bro.

What are you gonna do about it? I'm bumping your thread now what are you gonna do about it?
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>I'm a tough woman!

I'd like to see you try that shit with a guy IRL.

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