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Fuck my life. My brother's GF moved in with us about 2 months ago and I can't believe it. WHY WHY WHY must you bring her home and actually have her stay with us it is not fair. Why must you remind me that i am 22 years old and never had a GF, never kissed a girl, and still a virgin. I hear them have sex atleast 3x a week and the sound just kills me inside. My brother is 19 and I thought he would turn out like me but something happened and he changed into some fucking normie and now is happy as he can be. HOW?!?! HE WAS A FAT LOSER LIKE ME BUT WHY DID HE DECIDE TO LOSE WEIGHT, GET FIT AND BECOME SOME HANDSOME FUCKING NORMIE. WHY COULDNT YOU JUST STAY THE SAMEEE. WHY DO YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE THAN ME. WE GREW UP THE SAME. I am so mad and jealous. FUCK FUCK FUCK I want to say something but the beta in me prevents me from doing so. I want everything he has. He has a beautiful GF, license, he is doing well in school, good looks, great body. FUCKING WHYYY. I lie to my parents that i have a GF because I don't want them to think i am some loser but they fucking know that i am bullshitting.

She has lived here for 2 months and I haven't said a word to her. Fuck me what do i do.
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Get over it or move out you fucking creep. Stop hoping other people lose their happiness instead of doing nothing about yours. God I fucking hate scum like you.
Just be nice to her, having a girl to get advices for getting other girls is always good
Fuck off you dumb roastie normie, what are you even doing here

So yeah. I guess I could consider me a robot. I'm and 18 year old and have depression and social anxiety. Not many friends. I'm kisless virgin. I never thought I could find me a girlfriend, like ever. That changed a month ago when I met this girl on a mental health app. We started talking and soon got together.

Everything was awesome while the releationship lasted. She even asked for a dick pic (didn't want to send nudes though :/). On Sunday she sent me a snap that wasnt obviously meant for me. I suspected before she was texting with other guys so I confronted her about it and while she denied everything, we broke up.

I couldnt get over it, so today I messeged her """ex"""" on the said mental health app. He said though, they were still dating. I asked for how long and he said 3 months. At this point I'm obviously furious because my suspection was right and the whore was messeging other guys behind my back.

He asks me for proof i dated her, I send him all the intimate convos I had wit her and shit, when we talked dirty lol otherwise he won't believe me. So I do and you know what he says? You know man, she did this before and I don't really care I got her nudes and shit, I'm like dude, she is cucking you. He gets all crazy saying well at least I have her nudes and I'm like... yeah dude you got some random's slut nudes man and she's also cucking you. Then I leave him alone, bcs there is no rational discussion with him...

So anyway, yeah, this is the story of my 1st ever releationship and it makes me hate fucking bitches. Do all of them do this? Are all of them fucking whores? Even if I eventually overcome my depression and social anxiety, will some bitch just fucking cuck me like it's nothing. I'm really down rn, man. Just fucking kill me.

pic related, the slut
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That is a lot of shit to read
>Are all of them fucking whores?
do you even have to ask?
wtf underage, learnt to greentext next time; she looks like pump and dump material

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what's the best way to remove moles without surgery?
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Lemon juice home remedy
Shit load of vodka and a chainsaw
I cut mine off and make sure to take a little skin with it, that way when the skin grows back it's ALL skin and the mole doesn't revive.

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>>mfw I realize I will never make friends with a fellow fembot who likes wwe
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>You finally find a qt WWE loving gf
>You're about to finally lose your V card to her after SummerSlam
>Just when it's about to go down you hear the door burst open
>Braun beats the shit out of you then fucks your gf as you watch

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How does one start traveling the world? I want to quit my job and backpack around all 7 continents, but I don't even know where to begin. Like what are visas and stuff? And how do I go about getting it. Do I need a passport ? How do I get the money of other countries if all I have is US dollars? How does one even get around if you don't speak the language of that country?
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>all 7

You mean six, you aren't going to Antarctica

If you're this clueless, don't even bother in the first place because you're probably going to get robbed and beat to death by locals or even worse.

Just go to a fancy resort like all the normies do when they travel. It can be fun, but just don't act like it's "expanding your mind" or some stupid pretentious shit like that.
I travel often.

I didn't quit job, so I can't give advice there, but I do get good vacation hours and decent pay that allows me to budget for travelling like every 6-8 months.

Yes. You need a passport. Get one.

Visas depends where you want to go. Most EU countries don't require to get a visa before but you are not allowed to stay pass 3 months. Check out travel page on the dept of state for which countries you need a visa before. If you do, you'll need to go to offices, pay fees, wait period, etc.

Exchange houses are the obvious way to get currency. Today, most major banks allows you to use international Arms. Research the which cards have fees, which banks partner with global banks, etc for best use of your money.

You will find English speakers in almost every major city. Anything else will be difficult. Use translator apps or something. But for me, that's part of the fun

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>When she texts you a fucking essay detailing how unimportant you are to her and how little she cares about you
>When she got FAT as fuck
>When her friends tell you she's been ditching their calls for months, she seems to lock herself in her house every single day
>When she sends you a bunch of snail mail apologies and heartfelt poems and you end up using them to clean up a spilled drink
That's what you get for being a cheating whore dearie
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>When she got FAT as fuck

I'd consider that a gain.
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>a gain.
You smooth motherfucker.
>get into lifting because l'm a lanky spaghetti
>ex starts talking shit to me for trying to better myself (and also because she's fat)
>goes on for weeks
>end up breaking up with her
>her and all her friends talk hardcore shit to me (death threats and such, usual break up)
>ex sends her brother to find and beat me up
>he starts punching me out of nowhere after l get out of my car
>run away
>fast forward 4 months
>ex adds me on fb
>tries making small talk
>tells me how much l grew in the past months
>apologizes for what her brother did
>asks me if l want to come over to her house
>do so
>drink all the milk in her house and leave

How's your bulk going /fit/ ?

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Go to McMansion in nicer part of Houston to meet with potential guitar student. Tell them I charge $45 for 45 minutes. They ask for a discount.

Why are pajeets so cheap?
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$45 sounds like an awful lot tbqh
I take private singing lesson from a professional singer and singing teacher for 40 euros per full hour. Unless you are a guitar genius giving master classes your prices are off the wall.
There's a lot of prep time. I customize every lesson to the student's needs.

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Who here pretends to be a normie?
>when asked about girlfriend just give vague hints instead of saying no
>when hiking alone pretend going with friends
>reply enthusiasticaly to strangers and pretend to be sociable.
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i pretend to be a girl
right here little lad
its an abstract feel
this is me nowadays except I don't give hints 'cause they can always figure it out
you can't fool them

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why are modern humans so weak?
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Technology causes atrophy for whatever it's being utilized to compensate for.

We outsource our abilities to our technology.
Look at how thick those bones are. Prehistoric humans must've been tanks.

For example, people who walk with shoes have weak feet, but people who don't wear shoes find them restrictive and a hinderance to performance, since they cannot use theirs toes to grip.

Basically modern civilized people are degenerate fops.

I mean the robots in here can't even walk out into the open air without having an anxiety attack.

Mmmmmmm.... MMM....... MMMmmmmmmm mmm.
Guurrrrr haddgrrrrr... plb plb plb plb.... GAAahahaha...
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File: 1493728542519.jpg (16KB, 185x243px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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lately i've been feeling more and more like hasburgo retard.

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>Pastor found the poo prism
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>Sister found the yaoi chains
>Moms physical needs boyfriend found the cum caverns
File: 144109619434.jpg (35KB, 535x577px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mother found the piss pentagram

Any tips on how to activate these bad boys?
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construct additional pylons
are you the same guy a few weeks back who broke his tooth on them?
just dont ever eat that shit again nigga
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try this , my good man.

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In this thread we share books on how to improve ourselves.

Ive read: The power of now by eckhart tolle
also reading 48 laws of power but its pretty shit so far

requesting some good books for confidence
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The only self help book you need
File: self help book.jpg (37KB, 570x379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
self help book.jpg
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This comment is corriander
I liked "Mastery' by the same guy who wrote the 48 Laws, but you wouldn't like it.

"The Daily Stoic" is very good. You don't have to just read one a day, I listened to the whole thing in two days (I prefer audiobooks because I can do my job while listening to a book.)

"Grit" isn't really a self-help book, more of a study of what makes high-achievers good, but it's still good for insights into what to do to be an effective professional.

"Ego is the Enemy" is OK if you have an ego problem, but I'm very narcissistic and it didn't make too much of a dent in my ego. Still it contains a lot of examples of egotistical people you want to avoid emulating.

These books definitely helped inspire me to achieve more in my career. Self-help books are widely regarded as a meme but that's just because people don't actually follow through.

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What happened to that robot the got caught posting pictures of his sister by her and the mom? You in here? Update please....

Pic related
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How do you know he got caught? was there a thread?
He won't be posting. His mom took his internets away.
at least post the pics of the sister

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maid wojack.png
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>Firefox can longer properly .webms on 4chan
>try playing a .webm in safe mode
>try reinstalling Firefox
>still can't play .webms on 4chan
>can play .webms on any other website with Firefox. It's just that playing a .webm on Firefox is an issue
>.webm on 4chan play just fine on Chrome

"video format or MIME type is not supported"
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firefox still works for me (latest version windows)

try upgrading to latest version from the official site, and checking plugins
works fine for me. latest version, w7x64
Uninstall, delete user profile folder (Google how to find it on your system, backup bookmarks and anything important because this will wipe everything), reinstall fresh. Webms work for me to be honest.

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