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>think about hitting on girl
>remember you have nothing to offer her
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offer her death anon :^)
Not true, anon.

You not asking in the first place, will ruin all chances of ever escaping the virginator.
> thinking you have to offer a wet hole anything

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What makes you unhappy right now anon?

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literally no idea
I have a ton of support both financially and with family, but I'm still sad as fuck
was just crying for no reason a few hours ago
no job
no money
no drugs
>What makes you unhappy right now anon?
Nothing really. Mostly just stressed about school, work, and family.

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Seals with women.jpg
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U mad, landboi?
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When will Chad of the sea stop stealing our women?!
sad reee
1st is a fucking alien
2nd you can see how much foundation she slathered onto her face, even at this distance and low resolution
3rd has a 6-head

>Even dogs get more pussy than you

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Who else loves their girl so much??
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Me, of course, and originally.
Both of your should be permabanned

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>tfw no pretentious Hayley Williams gf
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Fairuza Balk is a cute
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Jesus man her mouth is huge
I know right
Been a fan since I've seen her in Oz, and she was hot in The Craft

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Stick thread

Who here respect almighty stick?
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is it true that stick win everytime??
Stick and I are one being.
Can confirm just beat my own head with stick

now three stick

Anyone else hating sunglasses?
Humans did not evolve with the need for sunglasses, and survived just fine for millions of years.
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I agree with you. If you wear sunglasses you are worse than Hitler. You are the lowest of the low.
We survived just fine without central heating and anime, doesn't mean those aren't a vast improvement you nigga

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How's your diet going?

>Successfully kept to 2,300 calories a day for a whole week
>As a reward for being good today is treat day!

I'm eating a whole 400g pack of custard creams and then having a family sized pizza all for myself.

Gotta keep my metabolism going so that I don't enter starvation mode.
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brehhhhhhh that sounds unhealthy
Was 215lbs at 5'8 and got down to 145lbs last month, but slipped a little. My goal weight was 135lbs to 140lbs. Now I'm at 155lbs after easter and feel like shit. I just feel fat as fuck and disappointed. I even bought a bunch of slim fitting pants and underwear and scared to even try them on to see if they fit. I don't know what people think of me, but I see myself in the mirror as a chubby fuck , but friends and co-workers always tell me I'm skinny and should eat more so i Just don't know.
>this blatant false flagging

Fuck off, where my real fat robots at?

>trying a new diet I made up myself
>called "keepin' it hundred"
>basically eat things that are only 100 calories or less

It's going pretty well I think. For lunch I just had 4 slices of bread (100 cal each), a couple ham slices (100 ea), cheese, and light mayo. Diet soda. Small bag of chips. Small slice of chocolate cake for dessert (not sure of calories but it was a small slice).

Still pretty hungry but I eat small less than 100 cal snacks throughout the day.

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1. Use a name in the namefield.

2. Share your problems, ask questions.

3. Be listened to and cared for.

Side Quests:

a. Tell an anecdote from your life to get other people's perspective on it, whether you're unsure if this is normal or not, or just how abusive something may have been.

b. Function as a member of some group therapy we're doing together; you too can care for others and you are encouraged to do so.
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>Sidequest a: Anecdote

I noticed today that I tend to distort facts rather than outright lie, since I remember hearing at some point that deceptions are more efficient if they contain a kernel of truth. A shred of honesty being forced to service a larger deceit. I realised that I do this by default from time to time, most especially when faced with something undesirable.

Today I had to quit my job. I was very anxious about it. I'd imagined all kinds of unlikely worst case scenarios, and decided that the most efficient way to do so would be to use the other events that are going on. I mentioned previously that my gf's mother is in hospital and it's quite serious. Thus, I played that up and said I would have to quit on that basis.

I also did the same for more frivolous reasons: I could have been starting my new position on Weds but then I realised I have Slimming World coming up so I trotted out the same excuse.

Of course, I could easily run into an ex-colleague since I said I was moving away. It was a fairly pointless lie.

I was reading a book on philosophy to kill time in hospital. The crux of ethics, it claimed, lay in resisting instinct and fear and behaving in a way such that, should everyone behave the same, the result would be a desirable world. This made me think of Machiavelli (no surprise I suppose) and his assertion that morality is not egalitarian. One person must necessarily obey a different sort of morality than another, and if both behaved according to the same compass, each would suffer.

Still, as a blunt instrument the above seems a reasonable starting point when deciding whether or not something was ethical.

There was also the Ring of Gyges question: if you could get away with anything, what would you do?

My own answers were that I would not do things like wrongly imprison an innocent man, or betray a friend, or beat a child. However, I would torture and kill until I was satisfied (that was more of a shared decision).
I've got no friends and even my relatives don't like me that much because I autistically spurt funny racist stuff and make fun of everyone around me. Now, I'm not an asshole and I like when people make fun of me too, it's just bantz but normies just can't handle it.
So I come here, spew my fucking bullshit on this North Korean pineapple farming forum and it just amplifies my shitflinging skills, furthering my distance to ever getting a real social relationship.

This is fun too, but I'd like there to be some autist like me to argue and talk about the Irish conspiracy theories with.

Was anything the matter with saying that you found another job?

Do you feel more powerful when you successfully lie to someone?

> However, I would torture and kill until I was satisfied (that was more of a shared decision).


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ITT: What Ryans do you know and why are they always failures?
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My brother, he is 24 and still collects transformers and has a star wars themed living room along with a spiderman themed bedroom. He is a college drop out and works at a movie theater. He has a qt thicc wife who works in the psych field and basically takes care of him financially while he biys griceries and cooks dinner etc. Is he a failure cuck or did he win?
My name is Ryan, whats with this hate hombre?
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My brother is 23 years old. He works a minimum wage job while living in my grandmothers house. He wastes all his money on weeb shit with an entire wall full of anime shit. Although his name is Bryan but whatever it's close enough.

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I'm bored at work /r9k/
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You like New Order?
I'm bored at work too, sup
Never heard anything from them tbqh
Working some boring students job, you anon?

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I know you said no more of this, but I sincerely can't, I need you.

I'm writing this with a deep pain inside of me, I have almost no strength for anything, my eyes are red because I cried a lot and I'm kinda broken right now.

You think that leaving me you won't hurt me, and you probably think that's the right thing to do for both of us, but I have to tell you that you're totally wrong..you're always fucking wrong with that, every time you leave I get destroyed and all my hopes dissapear everytime you leave I feel like I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up. I know you need me too and you can't deny that, you know that despite of all our problems, we're made for each other, you know that we're just two lonely souls who suddenly found each other. I can't live without you, M. I know you can't live without me either, and if you deny that, you're a big liar.

I'm in love with you, eveyday even more since the day I met you, it's more than I love you, I think of you as the woman who I want to spend my life with, I'm sorry because I haven't been honest about how I really feel about you, but it's a deep love for you which tells me that I need you in my life otherwise, I'll be lost forever.

I honestly want you to come back and talk about everything, you promised me that you won't leave, now you're about to break that promise. but you're still on time, I sent you an email yesterday, so if you're reading this thread again, read it and let me know.

I'm dying without you.

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the creepy part of this is
this is a letter from a guy to another guy

>>>/lgbt/ faggot
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Okay it's your opinion, anyway.
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punpun whoever the fuck you are, reply to the poor guy
not all robots should have to an hero

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You guys do realize that /biz/ is actively getting rich right now, right?

Do you want to stay a poorfag?
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No, but I already am self employed and will inherit three houses I can ask rent for. I'm set for life at 30.
>check for 50k I inherited under my mattress for almost a year now
Too afraid to touch it since I'm dumb and it'll be gone in an instant.
biz is 33% NEETs looking for get rich quick schemes, 65% wage slaves saving up so they can fail at trading stocks and investing, and 2% richfags.

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You are not a truly robot if you are about to lose your foot and don't have money for surgery

I Just want to end it guys seriously
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what happened. taht sucks man
What the fuck is that anon, are you really gonna loose your foot?
That just looks like a fungus tho. Why would they amputate? Just change your socks more and clean your feet well in the shower

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If you could have any 2D girl sit on your face, who would it be ?
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Ms. Misato san
Pochaco, without hesitation
Asuna. But she already does that, so...

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