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What are some good robot novels? I've already read Notes from underground, naked lunch, stoic philosophy, heart of darkness, and many others. Throw some suggestions my way
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Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell

great book for fellow r0b0ts
The Temple of the Golden Pavillion, great book, the protagonist is a depressed stutterer who is treated like trash by normies.
got a link for that there book?

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Post random confessions you need to get off your chest even if you don't particularly feel shame for them.

Just today I was doing my usual routine when my roommate is out of the apartment at work (I'm recently unemployed due to downsizing.) which is dress in women's clothes and take pictures. I don't get off, but for some reason I like it. I wear these little red shoes that you slide a rope across and under a buckle. I'm wearing blackout tights that go up to my bellybutton almost and hi-cut black panties. I have a black and white checkered skirt on, and a long sleeve shirt. I know I'm alone for all day, and suddenly get the motivation to listen to deep hypnosis videos like I used to. I get in bed dressed up and laying there over the blankets listen to an MtF video, then a bimbofication one, then one that has the viewer stroke their breasts to enlarge them and drain their brains. The last one turned me on s lot and when it was over I felt like I had came 3 times based on liquid amount.
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I own a gun
I'm still in the trance and eagerly trying jack off because of how horny I am, so I hope over the bed railing and pull the skirt down to pull the tights down. I keep stroking standing and it feels like a mini orgasm, I do it again on my knees then fall on to my back for one big real orgasm and cum all over myself. I finally feel like I've snapped out of it but the mind emptying section still makes me feel like I'm not thinking at all. I use the word bimbo when thinking aloud a lot for an hour after. Just now I listened to a different bimbo video and was completely enthralled by it, and I jacked off while in trance which broke it again. It's thrilling but somewhat scary, and I don't know how to feel other than just to tell meandering internet strangers.
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I've had it for years.

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Femanons give me

1 good reason why you haven't scheduled your labiaplasty appointment? You do want to have a pretty pussy right?
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poor as fuck and they probably too ashamed to even reply to this thread.
I dont need it :-)
thank you for the advice, anon!
That looks so terrible holy shit.

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You wake up in Yemen.
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>You wake up in Yemen.
it is light outside. What shall you do now?
Then i blow up the end

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Ask an anon who just got back from fucking an escort anything
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How much and for how long

>Fucking spaghetti squash order

Did you shower? Go shower
Why did you do it?


>Teleports behind you
>Crosses legs

Sort yourself out bucko. And that's that.
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You dick small
>just clean your room, how can you do anything if you cant clean your room?
Memes aside, I actually do enjoy his videos and they inspired me to try and fix myself.
I've done nothing but fail up to this point.

Why is it that in 2017 having a foot fetish is still considered "weird" or "creepy"? Normies accept gay people and transfags who think they are a different gender, but mention liking feet and you're a fucking weirdo for that. Foot fetishes are literally one of the most normal fetishes for men to have, but no one wants to admit it. This shit is crazy to me.
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I dunno, but even I have nicer feet than those.
Whatchu mean homie. Her feet are literally perfect.
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The story of Cinderella which is an age-old fairy tale was all about a guy who found a woman with the perfect feet. She was even so whoreish that she wore SEE-THROUGH glass shoes. The dude literally went to ever single house telling women to try on the shoe to see if their feet were small and feminine enough to be his waifu.

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>grandpa is in his last few days (leukemia)
>always talked about taking me hunting
>never got around to it
>wants me to have his first ever shotgun
>going over there again tomorrow

its a sad feel bros
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Sorry you're going through that, man. I just lost an uncle Sunday, and my grandpa a few days after last Thanksgiving. I'm here if you wanna talk.
Sorry chief :(
Damn bro srry to hear that :(

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Why is there such a stigma here lately about WM/AF?

It's like robots finally have a chance at love yet they're still ridiculed by normies because asian women aren't bimbo stacies and are "too easy".

is there no way to win? Is the game of life rigged?
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>not born in slantville JP
why even live?
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>tfw i know the word for thin but not fat ;_;
hosoi no hantaigo ha?
>be white guy
>go for azn girl
>have hapa daughter
>she goes for white dude
>have white looking hapa grandson
>he goes for azn girl
>have azn(er) looking great grand daughter
>she goes of a white dude
is there a comfier demographic destiny?

up and at em wagies edition
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Fuck me, the sun is uncomfy.
Would any nice kind people like to buy Subnautica for me?

why dont you buy it yourself?

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Anyone else feeling this way?
>ywn cuddle with your oneitis
>ywn be able to emotionally support your oneitis
>you never cross your oneitis' mind

I was so fucking close to a relationship with her whatthefuck and she just stopped talking to me fuckfuck
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Might I add that this is the first girl that I have genuinely fell in love with, everything about her is perfect to me even her imperfections (if that makes sense) and I would gladly even just be friends with her but she just cut her connections with me and she tweets some weird shit now and I don't fucking get it
Women are evil whorish thots move on she doesn't care about you
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sunset wojak.jpg
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I'm really sorry OP. That sucks, it really does. And I'm not gonna go into a tangent about Chad stealing your girl or anything. Truth be told she wasn't even yours. The fact that you were close to a relationship with her shows me that it wasn't really love. You were simply idealizing this girl in your head without realizing that she has her imperfections. What you felt was infatuation or liking someone. Even if you liked her a lot, it wasn't love. I believe in you, much love brother.

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>/pol/tards claim liking this is gay
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We're all a little bit gay so it doesn't even matter

I'm a /pol/ak and i dont think its gay at all.
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I mean, for all the time we spend tugging our own dicks we have to like them even a little bit.

I like chicks with dicks but not men with dicks because i am not attracted to men, and what makes the man is their form, not their dick, otherwise we're all niggers.

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>tfw no Robot bf to worship my feet

Tell me I have nice toes and I'll be yours forever.
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You have hand feet.
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What does this mean please tel me now
Disgusting faggot, kill yourself.

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Let me tell you guys a story. This story is why I believe there is a higher power and he loves me. This is the story of how I got a trap gf.

>be NEET for one year after graduating high school
>it was heaven, but when I turned 19 parents forced me to go to University or else they'd kick me out
>had no job so figured why not, I'm smart just real lazy
>move to big state uni
>my first semester is uneventful
>my second semester was last spring
>had hope to get laid or find qt girlfriend first semester
>no luck, uni is full of Stacies going for jock Chads
>anyways be taking Chemistry Lab
>this shy, kinda cute "girl" is my lab partner
>barely talks to me but she's brilliant at Chem
>now I remember, it was around February
>at this point I guess "she" got comfortable with me and one day reveals she's transgender
>I'm shocked because I genuinely thought she was a girl
>feel turned on since I masturbated to trap porn every once in a while
>she is scared if she tells people they will judge her but based on her instinct she trusts me with knowing this
>tell her I accept her for who she is and there's nothing wrong with being trans
>she tells me she barely has no friends and I'm one of the only people she feels comfortable with
>what the fuck is happening.jpg
>tell her I don't have many friends either and that we should hang out
>she agrees
>that next Friday night she comes over to my dorm
>Chad roommate is out partying or something
>we eat ice cream and talk
>find out she's into many of the same things I'm into, anime, vidya, hobbies in general
>we start watching a movie
>halfway through she tells me she's cold
>I'm feeling like a cheeky cunt so I wrap my hand around her
>we cuddle together while watching the movie
>the entire time I'm conflicted on whether or not I should kiss her, "she" is after all just a dude on hormone
>movie starts to wrap up
>say fuck it, I've had no luck with real women
>turn and look her in those beautiful blue eyes and kiss her
To be continued
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>be full on making out
>at this point I realize I forgot to describe her
>she has black hair, blue eyes, and is petite kind of like the trap in the OP pic
>she jumps into my laps and wraps her legs around me
>making out feels so good I don't even care that I'm kissing a female(male)
>I can feel her getting hard
>tell her I want to suck her cock
>yes I know it's super gay but I'm attention starved
>she asks are you sure
>I say yes and pull down her pants
>her dick is about the size of mine, 6 inches, and she's uncut
>start sucking her off mocking blowjob videos in porn
>to my surprise her dick feels really good in my mouth
>I blow her for about 5 mins and she cums in my mouth, I swallow
>at this point my cock is rock hard
>I don't even have to ask her, at this point she pulls down my pants to return the favor
>starts sucking me off
>I cum in like a minute
>we then continue to make out slowly, wrapped up naked under the bed sheets
>it was probably one of the nicest moments of my life
>I felt so warm and full of love
>we are talking and she tells me I'm the only guy who wasn't disgusted by her being trans
>apparently she had tried to hook up with other guys but they left the moment she revealed she was trans
>ask her to sleep over
>she happily obliges
>in the morning Chad roommate congratulates me on finally getting laid
>eventually start seeing trap again and again
>the 5th time we hang out, I take a moment to look deeply into her eyes and then passionately kiss her
>tell her I want her to be my girlfriend
>she tears up
>says she's afraid I'll become ashamed of her if people find out the truth
>tell her I won't and people won't find out anyway because she's so passable
>she agrees to be my girlfriend
>1 week later we finally have sex
>feels amazing
>we both have high sex drives so we are constantly sucking each other off or fucking each other in the ass
>she prefers i be the dominant one though and that's fine with me
To be continued
>eventually introduce her to my parents
>they don't suspect a thing
>take summer classes just so we aren't separated from each other
>and at this point I'm madly in love with her
>and so is she with me
>loves to say I love you to me over and over while we make out
>start lifting to be a better man for her
>actually get some gains
>she becomes clingier and more obsessive with me
>fears that I'll break up with her for real girls
>assure her that I want nothing to do with roasties
>ask her to move in with me for Fall semester
>she's extremely happy and says yes
>moved in just last week
>extremely happy I get to be around her more, especially sleeping every night
It's funny isn't it. A man striving to be a woman provided me with more physical and emotional intimacy than any real woman ever could.
>This story is why I believe there is a higher power and he loves me.
Stopped reading there.
If there is, why are you on this board?

>meet girl on discord server a couple weeks back
>we talk and have fun, thankfully she doesn't like VC and we haven't done it because I'm super shy
>asked to exchange pics yesterday out of curiosity
>she hesitates and says she hates sharing pictures but she can take one (I get this because I feel similar)
>tell her she can block out/hide her face
>she sent me this

This board has left me questioning everything and well honestly, what do you think fellow robots? She feels extremely feminine and stuff to talk to but she's deliberately avoided sex things and stuff (which I assumed was just because she was pure and a virgin). Is this a girl or a girl(male)?
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Hands look like a dude's anon
Post her discord I'll ask as a stranger
>Veiny wrists and hands
thats a man

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