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NEETS that abandoned Tendiedom and found a job...
was it worth it?

Did life improve?

Would you go back if you could?
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I can speak as someone who quit their job to start their own business. I saved 70k as my 'war chest' for when I started out. My life improved a great deal.
Jesus Christ, yes. I'll take being a wagie with money over being a neet and poor any day of the week.
No. I was depressed before, now Im depressed and fucking tired.

I want to die.

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Rate and comment desktops, robot edition.
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You have way too many icons. Do you really need to have every game you currently own on your desktop? You should move everything you dont use at least once a day to a folder in documents and only keep current projects on your desktop, most things can be launched from the start menu search too (or did they remove that in 10, i forget.)
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Do people actually use desktop shortcuts?
You have pretty normie taste in games
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>league of faggots
>cs go
Uninstall these and you're good

I like having desktop shortcuts, as long as they're not organized in a big bloc

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Can you learn how to lucid dream consistently so you can live your fantasies and adventures in your dreams? If yes how do you do it? Feel free to share experiences and stuff.
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ask on >>>/x/
but /x/ seems full of weird people
Tried, now I get sleep paralysis. Don't fall for the meme.

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what video games do/have you masturbated to>
hardmode: no Tomb Raiders
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>tomb raider
>hard mode
Sims 4 with naked and sex mods
Any game with a customizable female protag

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What's the endgame of life?
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the picture you just posted

>plastic water bottles
I... I literally drink almost only that. Can you redpill me on it (I'm asking seriously)?

>started learning bass guitar 2 weeks ago
>already got my dick sucked

thought I was gonna be a khv forever.Why haven't you started learning an instrument yet?
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guitars are boring to me, will girl's care about my VST collection? maybe if I make some lit trap beats they will.
OP: Not sure if it will have the same effect. Honestly learning virtually any normie instrument is a great and reasonably easy thing to do if you want to make it with girls. It's something interesting to talk about and if you blag it well it can make you seem really cool.

Not sure it was that great a blowjob though desu, the inside of my foreskin is actually kinda sore today like it's been torn or something.
>already have a near professional mastery of guitar
>never had grill

just fuck my shit UP fampai

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>tfw bought some dank
>tfw took it home but this time the smell of it was the strongest I have ever smelled
>tried to hide the smell by putting it in my sock and walking past my parents really fast
>hide the stuff in a room and go to the bathroom to wash my hands
>come back the room stinks
>tfw had to spray cologne

What are the chances my parents smelled it when I walked past them? Also have any of you guys been caught?
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Guess all the sonters are sleepy huh
lmao /kidproblems/

I just bring in the weed and vape openly at home.
Lucky man I would move out but the rent is expensive here

Off to bed now wagies, you want to be well rested for work tomorrow edition
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First for a detailed investigation into ebin's masturbation habits
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This image is actually more familiar to me than the OP pic in the blank slate version.
is keith flints owner/friend/puppet here?

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what can we do to make this board better?
beside kicking out normies, roasties etc.
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>what can we do to make this board better besides doing things that would make it better

Kicking these people out improves the board infinitely. Nothing more needs to even be done after that.
all posts with "fembot"/"femanon" in them should result in automatic bans
After that if the board isn't fixed then it's time for all the fetish shilling threads to go.

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i dunno.jpg
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It's my birthday on the 14th of this month, and now that I'm growing up I just wanted to know, what advice do you have for me?

My 3 years of experience of being on this site has shown me that if I do not act, now I may end up in a doomful predicament. I want to avoid any possible regrets and avoid ruining my future. I do not want to become a 25yo+ neet. I do not want to be single by the time I'm well into the thresholds of adult hood. I do not want to regret not taking action when I should, and I definitely don't want to let down those around me.

Even though I'm getting older I am still young, 19 to be exact by tomorrow, and I want to use my youth to good use. What skills should I gain now to better my future? What mistakes should I avoid, so I don't wake up with regrets when I'm older and what mistakes have you made that you wish you never did?

Sorry if I sound like a fag, but I'm just asking for help. Feel free to give advice if you wish.

Goh blesh!
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Would help to know your current situation, what you're trying to do, and what you're doing to get there.
I'm currently doing an apprenticeship, which is kinda like a paid internship, as a real estate agent. I'm trying to go uni in 2 years, and hopefully, I don't become lazy and actually get work done.
Sounds good, as long as you're enjoying it. Or at least as long as it doesn't suck the soul out of you.

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who here ugly

>super horny all the time because of testosterone or some shit idk, more so than any other time in my life even when a teen
>realize I need a gf or a fwb, doctor even told me explicitly that I should get a gf
>neet due to medical problems so can't meet girls at university or the like
>decide tinder is my best option since craigslist seems sketchy as hell
>have tinder for literally months, swiping on a fuck ton of girls, probably have about a 1-5% match rate
>even tinder cows don't want me
>every girl who says they want to meet just ghosts me after I ask what time we should meet
>see screenshots of chads getting girls hitting them up first
>see other conversations with average to above average guys easily convincing a girl to meet after just a few messages while it's like pulling teeth for me, and even then they just ghost me
>realize that I am super ugly and that's why girls don't meet with me
>realize that personality is a meme that only matters when girls are picking between guys they are already physically attracted to and even then if one is better looking she will just go with him regardless of 'personality', literally only matters if you are super autistic in which case you are fucked
>realize I am destined to be super horny all the time due to millions of generations of sexual reproduction
>realize I am so ugly that I will eternally have these desires unfulfilled, doctor literally told me to get a gf and I'm too ugly to
>become even more depressed

so, who else here ugly, share your green texts, attempted hookups, ugly feels
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at least you tried man. im too much of a pussy to even try tinder.
i think it's time to get that life-sized sex doll anon! :)
can't since i live with my parents, my mom is super christian, and if they found me with one they'd think i was insane and either kick me out or try to get me institutionalized or some crazy shit despite it being the most basic human urge. I'm basically fucked, the only way I'm not is literally.

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I want to become a necromancer. How do I do it?
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First you have to give me your social security number and NIP.
Gotta fuck a corpse, anon.
Necromancer sounds like a 30+ y/o virgin in prison for life.

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What are you robots listening to?

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pre good
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listening to tame impala's innerspeaker album
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Tartarus blocks 1-6

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>dads cousin dies a few days ago
>dad calls me up, wants me to attend
>feel no emotion whatsoever since I never knew her for my entire life.
>he calls me again the next day
>"Anon, the funeral is planned for tomorrow"
>make up some bullshit excuse like "I have nothing black or dark to wear"
>he can tell, that i dont want to go
>"Anon, are you going to the funeral or not?"
>20 seconds of silence
>he hangs up

I dont think he wants to talk to me for a while now. I feel like such an asshole and i probably should.
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why attend theirs if they won't attend yours ,
It's to show your respect, to your father's cousin. He is basically an uncle to you.

You should do so at the very least to desensitize yourself a little bit to funerals. Your mom and dad and uncles and aunts are all going to die one day too.
Ring your father back, say "I'll go dad, but mostly just to support you as I don't feel like I really knew ____ which is why I was a bit unsure before."

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just get me off this ride, having brown eyes is the worst fate
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Many delicious foods are brown. Blue is the color of water and I'm sure everyone would prefer a nice hunk of chocolate cake over a glass of water.
hey, atleast you're diverse
>Blue is the color of water
you special ed?

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