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So, what is YOUR major malfunction?
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i'm constantly chasing a fantasy that will never come true
also i have a harmless but creepy fetish
i'm also chronically depressed and have an extremely negative mindset that spirals down into an endless cycle
Depression, social anxiety, gender dysphoria
I have a large cock and bunch of clingy exs chasing after me

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>been sitting in my room for 3 or 4 years
>no video game console
>spend literally just about every waking second producing music
>been doing it non stop and constantly researching it on youtube when im not doing it
>go through other amateur producers on youtube with low views
>i just dont have that feel for it
>they can do more with 2 notes than i can with a whole song
>they make 2 fucking notes with a bass line sound better than me having like 4 melodies

god damn it god fucking damn it, im so poor why the fuck cant i have one thing jesus christ.
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melodic rock was a mistake

>tfw you get away with playing two extended improvised jazz piano solos in a top 40 radio song


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Haha post funny images in this thread lol
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IoI is that Walt?
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hehehe you know your stuff. thank you for visiting my thread!
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lol is that scoob's master?

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Why do people not care about local politics, yet care so much about national and international politics?

The average man is literally completely hopeless at affecting politics above the local level at all in his lifetime, while local politics is something you can actually have an impact on, not to mention it affects your own communities that you are involved in.
Any investment in national or international politics will amount to literally nothing.
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My local politics are affected solely by national politics.

I.e. Usage of solar power in the state of Nevada. We live in a rain shadow, aka a place where there is never any clouds and the reason why Vegas sits in the middle of a desert. Fun fact: Vegas and Pahrump don't get their power from the Hoover Dam. They get it from coal power plants. The top-of-the-chain owners of the power companies have their hand in the law, and have made using solar power a pain in the ass. We could save money, increase land value, and save the environment with one swift move. But there's one problem:
Lobbyists and the establishment. Hence we need someone to give those guys the boot (and I'm not gonna suck Trump's dick here, he hasn't done shit in regards to that as of /yet/). Lobbyists are gone, corrupt media disappears, appropriate companies from out-of-state get funding and move over, and ban, problem solved. Issue is, that's way over our heads, and you're not wrong. So nothing will ever happen. He national level of politics is the only battleground worth fighting, if anything is worth fighting for at all.
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>caring about politics at all
It's not going to change anything, locally or otherwise.
It's up to the corporations and large businesses, and their owners, to change something since it is quite apparent that they have a significant influence on laws and what not.
The chance to change something (without using extreme force like physical violence, which would basically be terrorism) in any politics is quite low, so why bother?
>local politics is something you can actually have an impact on
>he actually believes this

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Ugly people of r9k, and I mean hideous bordering on physical deformation, what is your life like?
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It's boring and uneventful. I try not to go outside as much as possible.
Socialists deserve to be thrown out of helicopters.

They actually want to be poor and enslaved, it's hilarious.

>step out of shower
>dry off, look on mirror
>i am a big guy, but i look good today
>scoop a crab apple sized dollop of pomade from the jar
>slick my thinning hair back
>put on gold necklace i bought at the thrift store
>wife beater, hawian shirt, cordaroy shorts
>no big deal
>got invited to a party by a work friend
>have not gone out in quite some time
>43, but my friends at work think i am 30
>arrive at party
>realize it is actually a work meeting
>should have known, considering the party is at the building where i work
>boss asks me if i am ok
>"wha-why do you think i am not ok?"
>he rolls his eyes and turns to the group
>so nervous, feel like i have to piss
>go to bathroom, nothing will come out
>coworker walks in and stands next to my urinal
>force out some drops
>walk out, look down, huge piss drop on my tan shorts
>leave the building, head to my car
>shaking my head and screaming to myself, ashamed at how i acted
>look up and see my boss outside my open window, he asks if i am ok
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>go home and tell son that all he needs is a firm handshake
>pull up to house after driving circles until the time a party would end
>"how was the party, sweet heart?"
>"good, played some cards and really connected with some of the guys, they invited me to the fantasy football too"
>"thats great, i am proud of you" she says
>"i have a few work things to do, write some emails and fix some spread sheets, goodnight"
>head downstairs
>watch alex jones videos from 2003 until 4 am on my 8 year old toshiba laptop
>i can hear my adult son is playing civilization 3 in his room
Damn I liked this a lot. Where'd you come up with this

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Hey robots, cyborg here. I'm in need of help.
I'm turning 20 this september... And well I'm a virgin. I know many of you people have it worse but I'm just looking for advice.
I'm very lonely. And by that I mean opposite-sex lonely. I tried the depression online test that sometimes gets posted here and the result was severe depression with moderate stress.

I'm ESTP which means I don't really have a problem with social interactions. The problem is my self-confidence has been insulted out of me throughout school. After elementary school I went to study engineering and didn't really make any girl-friends since there were none in our class. I've never been in a relationship and I've only made out with a fat drunk girl while also being drunk.

When I posted on /soc/ I got rating from 5 to 7. And I think that I could be a very unphotogenic 7.
I'm chubby with stretch marks on my belly (dermatitis and fast weight gain when I was 16) but I'm losing weight. (6'1, 95kg).

What can I do to get a girl to be my close friend? I'm just looking for cuddles and affection. It hurts. A lot.
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Better yourself and you'll attract grills anon. Go to the gym and lift. Eat well. Find a hobby. Be social and find people with mutual interests. Good luck.
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I love skateboarding. But there are only a few people who skateboard in my small 60k city. I have friends. But they are all guys. I am really social but I can see that girls are not interested. You know, I saw ugly guys with girls and yet I'm here, hugging my pillow. And I guess I'd cry as well if I could.
sorry for the self bump guys

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>cum on my hand
>wipe it off in my hair
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you ever just look at who you were at a certain time and wish you were still that person?
i wish i was still obsessed with school shooters and nazis like back in middle school, sigh
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Not really, everything went downhill in my life since I was a kid, but I feel like I'm a better person overall than back when I was 17, or 18.

Again, things only got worse, but at least deep inside I know I'm a better person.

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What's "reddit spacing"?
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tfw no idris elba bf
fuck off cebcuck
It's when you spread your asscheeks to make some space, then type whatever your ass says to you to type.

What do you like in a woman anons?

>gothic types
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Not like the other girls
>Kinky lingerie
>Thigh highs
>Knee socks
>Dark hair
Small boobs (A-B)
Skinny to athletic
>likes receiving oral

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>Saw a kid pretending to be a dinosaur on his own.
>He looked so lonely.
>So I decided to join in.
>After a while his mother came by and told me off.
>Turns out he had cerebral palsy.
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It's the thought that counts anon.
It was still a nice thing to do
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laughing nope.gif
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that's a fail, but still funny.
at least you weren't intentionally trying to insult him.

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what's up with the lack of mass shooters lately? it seemed like there used to be a new one every month, but the latest we got was that barneyfag that only killed like 3 people. I wanna read some autismo manifestos already!
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Trump is president so alot of the potential mass shooters are hopeful for the future.
at least I am, I didn't commit suicide because the election gave me a burst of happiness
I don't know how much longer I have. I'll probably snap soon. But I'll probably just kill myself. I'm too depressed to have the energy to kill a bunch of people. Plus I can't buy guns for a few years because I was put into a psych ward. I'm too lazy to build any bombs despite having the know how and easy access to the materials. I'll probably just put my chemistry knowledge to making drugs, DMT and perhaps meth and acid if I really feel industrious, and then gas myself with helium in an exit bag.

Probably hike up a mountain with a backpack with a small helium tank, surgical tubing, and a plastic bag and a rubber band for the suicide. A sandwich and water. And some shake n bake meth and dmt with a methpipe for both of them. Out in the desert somewhere away from people. Sounds like a nice way to go.

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The chads unleashed the secret weapon with out us knowing yet!

>the chads and stacys decided to divide the /NEET/ using politics

>giving the Normal robots, Sperglords, Cyborgs and Extreme propaganda and making our own mascot to betray us
>using traditionalism to attack the robots normal weakness of loneliness and having a family, to make anger the robots against woman and "degeneracy"
>giving fembots social justice to think that they can get their dream chad BF by enslaving him
>giving poorbots communism so they could attack other robots to think they might have a point in life by discarding rick people

>and last but not least kek, used taint our mascot, and allow normies to use it again.

We must disregard political views, and rejoice together the rise avainst the normies and start a better beta uprising!

Tell me your experiences resisting the normies!!
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I just experienced something amazing today.

>Wake up
>See myself in mirror
>My hair and length of my facial hair seems perfect, like model-tier aesthetic
>My jaw looks more muscular and chad-like than usual
>My skin is also 100% clear, not a single mark or pimple or anything (DONT KNOW HOW)
>Go outside
>Walk past many women during the day
>Had dozens of women look at me directly and hold eye contact for so fucking long (RARELY EVER EXPERIENCE THIS)

I just got home and double checked myself in the mirror and my facial aesthetics are definitely looking 2-3 points higher than usual (I'm a 5/10 on normal days).

I don't even fucking know how I achieved this, it's all stars seemed to have aligned for me (perfect facial hair growth, perfect hair lenght growth, perfect clear skin, jaw looking more muscular and defined than usual)

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fuck off chad this would literally be impossible for me with my manlet height (5'9"), balding, and weak beta chin.

kys you're self
>have disgusting hair
>hair is either frizzy and makes me look like an old lady with a perm, or overly greasy and makes me look like someone who belongs on a list
>wake up one day to flawless Robert Pattinson 'tousled' style hair

I'd kill for that. Try being 5'7".

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