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>go to community college to get life together
>every class is filled to the brim with obnoxious stacies and their beta orbiters

What the fuck do I do guys
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Just go to class and stop worrying about everyone else faggot. Most of those dumb asses are going to stay in there anyway.
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>never go to class
>mfw I still pass

pretty comfy desu, i'm studying for an english degree.
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>english degree
have fun waging at starbucks, normie

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>be me
>summer camp
>camp educators decide to organize a "Send an anonymous gift" activity
>had spare money so gave 3 random people chocolate tablets (I used human proxies to send them and made sure they haven't told them my name)
>go back in my room and start playing my GBA games on my phone
>one of the educators peeks in my room
>"Anon,you've got a gift!"
>take a look at it
>it's a paper-made teddy bear holding letters
>I immediately guess that the gift is from a girl
>still wanted to confirm my deduction
>"Mr.Educator,can you tell me if the person that sent me this is a boy or a girl?"
>he grins
>"it's from a girl,Anon."
>I start taking out the letters out of teddy-bear's hands and start reading them
>they are all normie-tier life advices like "be yourself" or "no one is special like you"
>back then,I haven't started lurking on 4chan so I was genuinely happy about them
Cont. inside the thread
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>fast forward to the end of the day
>we are about to find out who were the ones that gave us the gifts
>everyone of us gets up and describes the gift that they have received and the person that gave them the gift stands up
>I also stand up when the 3 people described the chocolate I sent them
>I am the last one to describe his gift
>so far,only 3 people haven't recieved any gifts
>I get up
>"I recieved a paper-made teddy bear full of motivational letters"
>everyone goes silent
>a girl gets up
>9/10 girl,chocolate-like tan
>open up my mouth to thank her for the gift
>she cuts me off and tell me the most painful words I have ever heard a girl say to me
>"the gift wasn't for you"
>she goes on about how she described the person she wanted to send the gift to but the educator might have fucked up the details and gave the gift to me instead
>I offer to give the gift back and the letters too
>even as a kid,I noticed a disgusted glare out of her eyes
>she refuses
>wanted to insist but felt like I shouldn't push it
>after that,we all go back to our rooms
>while in the dark,I decide to use my phone to read the letters again
>the more I read them,the more I tear up
>the letters show how much of a nice person she is
>remember the glare she gave me
>i have a rage fit and begin ripping every letter in pieces
>I cried myself to sleep that night
>next day,bright red eyes from crying all night
>the educators tried to cheer me up by telling me normie stories from their childhood how "girls would accidentally give them gifts"
>since that day,I have learned to never trust girls for what they are
Pic related in the first post is the teddy-bear. I still kept it as a memo from my childhood.
Sorry for shit quality. I don't own any cutting-edge smartphones with double cameras on the back
Also,in case mods can't read the subject of the thread,I'm currently 20.
God damn OP that sounds bad.

Women? Sex? What's so great about those things? Just focus on your training Anon!
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Okay, sounds good, Goku
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T-thanks Goku. You're the man.
I gave up on training because of my autism and white people

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Well /r9k/, what's your verdict on this stupid new meme that /pol/ has concocted?

Is having a daughter the ultimate form of being a cuckold? You raise this sweet little girl for 18 years or so, paying for everything, just for some Chads to come around and fuck the shit out of her and get her knocked up.
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Not if you're a good father
>Guiz is having sex with women cuckholding?
>Is putting my penis inside a womans vagina pretty much the same as getting cucked?

>Guys is having children with a woman gay?

>Guys is sucking on a womans clit basically just as gay as deepthroating a penis?

The mental gymnastics you gay people have is astonishing.

It's 2017, it's ok to be a bisexual degenerate, now fuck off.
worse if it's a nigger

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Can a qt mexican girl please be my gf?

I promise I will be very polite and treat you very nicely :3
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>yfw you'll never rescue her in the nic of time from zeta death squads ready to peel her face off.
If you don't stay away from MY women, it will be your face that will be peeled, pendejo.
You still didnt find anyone yet OP?

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>white co-worker begins spouting IQ statistics
I want to stab this fucker in the face so much, not only is he an obnoxious white faggot that can't stop pestering me but now he's a racist obnoxious white faggot

If he continues this shit I will complain to HR that he called me a nigger to get rid of him
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>committing more crime
>proving statistics right
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So you're a dumb nigger, then?
statistics be rayycist an shieeet

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I just took 10 of these (30mg vyvanse)

What am I in for?
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I took one of those in ibiza
Getting shit done
But my gf is coming over and we're supposed to fuck. My dick has never been limper :(

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>work at McDonalds
>no gf
>5 ft 7

why haven't I killed myself
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>use you're McDollarydoos to get a gym membership
>actually go to gym
>No longer fat
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can't fix ugly, bro. Now drop and give me 300.

Yea that's shitty. Work on little things. One by one.

Start by not eating trash, at all.
Go to the gym. That helps your confidence.
Stop wasting your freetime
Find a hobby that is productive/constructive.

It takes little steps, one by one, and don't be harsh with yourself as you are trying to improve yourself.It will not be hard to feel much better about yourself. Trust me.

Would it be possible to pay a girl to act like my ex-girlfriend?
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With enough money.
Bitches do anything for money, and lying is what they're good at.
No, you use tumblr. Go ask some fag there, retard.
how much, and how do they have to a act?

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What the hell is wrong with kids under 10 these days?

They're all glued to a screen 24/7 and have a meltdown without their minecraft videos and fidget spinners.

Not to mention they're all sensitive little snowflakes.

Who's fault is this?
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The reason is because the republicans lost the last 10 years.
This is all because

OP is a fag
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>tfw you`re almost mid twenties and you act like this

now that the dust has settled, who wins?
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I had no friends, so PSX for comfy JRPGs.
Nintendo obviously. Why get a ps4 when I can just play pc games or xbox
PS1 obviously

hello robots, I need help to memorize a Shakespeare sonnet, number 45. you will be given many tendies and good boy points.
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you just be yourself bro
Memorizing shakespeare? What are you in 8th grade?

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There's postcolonial studies, women's studies, queer studies but there doesn't seem to be any study you can take that resolves around bitter virgin losers.
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You guys are massive pussies. There's people who interact with the most dangerous parts of life but you guys are literally afraid of even the most basic shit. 1st graders have more balls than you.
that's a surprisingly good point. then again going off how reclusive the average forever alone is and how embarrassed they are by being total losers it would be hard to have a big study.
No shit why are you here again? You think robots don't how pathetic they are? Do you get off on telling losers how much of a loser they are?

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I need a qt Aryan girlfriend right now!
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BDM 3.jpg
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All Aryan girls are being dicked by Ali and Mohammad. Pic related is lost anon, face it.
But are you deserve on?
Probably not but I'm working on it.
But can a beaner like me get one?

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I love you /r9k/. You've been there out for me for all those years. Lets have a nice, comfy music thread. Where we could all sit and enjoy this moment.
Here's some nice music for you, guys.
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my comfy go to.
sounded pretty generic at first. when it built up steam it had some interesting melodies and rhythms, not necessarily my style but I think it's pretty good objectively speaking

throwing in something as well

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