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What are these roasties going to do when sex robots become the norm?

>Yet Senger, a co-chair at the Austrian Society for Sexual Research (OeGS), said that she was shocked by Fanny being more popular than real prostitutes and called it "a real autistic tendency".

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watch it get removed/banned for """encouraging misogyny"""
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>Sex robot prostitutes
Hold up. Why would you not just save the money you would spend on visiting the thing, and use it to buy one outright?
It's probably much cheaper to pay for the thing for the night than to save up and buy your own.

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>cuddle naked with female friend on couch
>get erection and some seminal fluid leaks out

how do i prevent this? we just want to hold each other without it meaning anything and it's comfier when not aroused.
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I thought it was just me.
What even is this? Why does it happen?
It means you are heterosexual
Hard to believe, i know
It's natural to pop a boner sometimes while cuddling. Your girl and you shouldn't mind it. It's just the body's reaction to intimate physical contact. They come and go.

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This is a thread for all your gay thoughts and other gay related things.

Keep it to one thread.
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Post boyfu
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stupid faggot, since your fellow sodomites are shitting up the board with 10s of shitty, unispired gay threads already, this one just amounts to yet another one.

It's been shown you fags are unable to act normally and feel the need to spam your gay everyfuckingwhere.

So stop making these already gayfaggot pos
>tfw no piano playing bf

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What is a true robot?

I'm 18 and ive kissed 2 girls. 7.5/10 and a 4.5/10 but nothing more. Id rate myself about a 7 or 8/10 as that is the usual response I get when I've asked for rates on soc. I'm confident in the way I look but I'm not the best socially with girls. could probably get a nice girlfriend if I was more confident but the confidence just isn't there and I get nervous.

Am I Robot? What is a true robot?
Pic unrelated for now
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No, you're not a robot. Now get the fuck out
haha im a bit shy am i a <robot fellow 4channers ^_____________----
What would you consider a robot?

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>the state of modern women
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Sam really improved
Wow judgmental much? She was just having a little fun and it's not like guys don't do the same thing. Remember anon it takes two to tango.
>Rating (1-10)
Fuck I need clarification
Is this looks wise or just a rating of the intercouse.
It can't be looks right?
There are several 1's and 2's in there.

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Therapist Image.jpg
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Alright anons. You HAVE to answer the following questions if you've been to therapy or think that you need help without wanting to pay or attract attention to yourself. Feel free to give feedback to the other group members, anons.
>What Mental problems do you know/think you have
>How many hours did you sleep today?
>Two feelings today?
>thoughts about doing drugs/drinking/cutting/suicide today?
>Anything thats been on your mind lately?
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>what mental problems do you know/think you have?
never been diagnosed but i'm fairly certain i have clinical depression, anxiety, maybe OCD. it used to be impossible to eat anything unless i was convinced it wasn't poisoned or old or that it wouldn't make me sick.

>how many hours did you sleep today?
around 10.

>two feelings
alternating between horny and completely numb, empty.

>thoughts about doing drugs/drinking/cutting/suicide?
i tend to hit myself whenever i get fed up with my own negative thoughts, the temptation crossed my mind earlier.

>anything that's been on your mind lately?
i'm a big hypocrite for suggesting and supporting friends seeking professional help for their problems but never taking the initiative for myself.

>>What Mental problems do you know/think you have

Depression. Social anxiety.

>>How many hours did you sleep today?

15. Quite proud of that effort.

>>Two feelings today?

Just got up so not much time for feelings

>>thoughts about doing drugs/drinking/cutting/suicide today?

I have $0.25 in my wallet. I can't afford to do any of those things.

>>Anything thats been on your mind lately?

I've decided I no longer care about friendships or relationships. Being normal no longer interests me. I'm studying. But I have no life goals. I don't know who I am anymore or what I want to do with my life.
>What Mental problems do you know/think you have.
Some slight neurosis. I read people easily and get uncomfortable with their lying/fake emotions/character.

>How many hours did you sleep today?
About 5-6.

>Two feelings today?
Melancholy and loneliness.

>thoughts about doing drugs/drinking/cutting/suicide today?
Yes, i'm happy i don't drink any more.

>Anything thats been on your mind lately?
I've lost 45K which i gotta get back quickly or else i fuck up my brothers future.

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>he drinks coffee daily
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my last couple of years have been smoking weed late past midnight, binge eating a ton of junk food, then drinking coffee the entire next day slowly shitting out all the crap from the night before, then repeating once night rolls around again
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>he eats daily
>he breathes daily

How the fuck you amerifags get blackout drunk on 4lokos?
Eastern Yuropoor here, I drink a bottle of wine and I only get a bit dizzy
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It's more alcoholic and cheaper than wine.

A bottle of wine is like, nothing.
Recipe is changed now but 4loko's used to wreck people after a can or two.
Cause amerifats have zero alcohol tolerance. They pretend they do because of some small Irish immigration generations ago.

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Basically, I never got laid with a non-pro girl until I was 24. My teenage and early 20s years were just a life of fucking misery.

Now I live in Myarmar (Burma). Lots of hookers here, those same 18-25 year olds who I lusted after when young but who rejected it. So what I do is I sabotage the condoms prior to sex so they break and I can blow a nut inside the girl.

I do this as revenge for all those years of pain that women forced upon me. I've got real fucking good at this too. I fap before I meet the whore. This is so she won't notice when I cum in her as there won't be loads of fluid. I have perfected my technique of concealing the condom after I've blown my load in the girl, so often they don't even realise that it 'broke'.

The idea of getting these whores pregnant and fucking up their lives some more is such a turnon. Feels like justice for all the times women rejected me. I suffered, so they should suffer too.
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it's that easy to avoid child support in myanmar?

and why is the country's name always followed by "(Burma)"? Is that the official name, are they both official names, did they keep it in parentheses as a reminder but forgot about it, I don't get it. Google wasn't helpful
you're taking your anger out on people who never wronged you

Myanmar is the official name. Buma was its former name.

Anyway, the whores wouldn't even know I impregnated them. I'm real good at disposing of the 'broken' condom quick before they notice, and because I fap before meeting them, it's not like there's bucket loads of cum streaming from their pussies. I make sure to blow deep in them, and that way it doesn't dribble out noticeably.

When will there be another big war so all the normies, Chads, and Stacies can be sent off to die?
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With drumpf in office it'll be inevitable

easily within the next couple of months

Stay comfy while you can, robots, the draft is coming
there is no longer wars
only "conflicts" or nuclear genocide
Drafts always go out to the uneducated

Although literal criminals can get into college nowadays, Im sure therell be some way around that

All white "men" under 6 feet should just transition to women, they are useless as they are now. Agree?

T. Black bifag
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This but for all """""""men""""""" you racebaiting negroid
T. 6'2 white bi
They're still 3x more useful than a hundred niggers.

That's why niggers were enslaved- it was the only way to get anything good from niggers
You misspelled fag nigger

Show me your Paint 3D memes.
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Alternate version of the picture.
Transparent version.
File: USAball.png (68KB, 859x405px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've finished my accutane treatment and what was left of my face where disgusting scars all over my cheeks from years of not taking proper of my acne.
How to deal with it? It's so disgusting to even look at myself in the mirror.
Any other robots with similar settis?
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Yep, i have lots of deep scars on my cheeks always, pic related. Ive had acne for years. Scars should go away if you dont have acne anymore, i dont think scars look bad its the pimples that piss me off . But if it bothers you im pretty sure you can get some laser treatment. Have pics of the scars?
Is there anyway to get rid of this?
>no more acne
>stray pimple every now and then
>red and purple marks for weeks or months after its gone


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when did you first come to this board?
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2017 but I'm not a newfag
Back in may i think ... could have been april though ... not completely sure
Started browsing when I was 12, explains a lot about how I turned out

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>round face
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>skinny, which makes me a skanlet
>weak facial features, weak chin, weak eye brows, ugly eyes and so on
>weak child like body, my chest is flat, it looks like it didn't develop properly, so putting on thicker muscles won't change much
>take all sorts of antidepressants
>certified mild autism/personality disorder
>low IQ, too dumb for academical studies
>jawline is still defined

>pube beard
>low-T looking face
>gay arched eyebrows, people tell me to stop plucking them but in reality I have never groomed them at all
>only redeeming quality is height (6'3")

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