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What's wrong with Mexicans? Why the fuck would you tattoo your fucking face?
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Mexicans have a sense of loyalty between them especially if it involves gangs in the U.S. Tattooing their face means they're committed to whatever gang they're in.
So basically they're walking targets for other gangs

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I made a slow/small discord /93nnJz, no normies, roasts, people looking for orbiters or orbiting allowed. Join for the comfy
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bump this
also nice dubs

bump to keep this going! keep your discord collection concise!

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>catching feelings for a tinder whore

What the fuck am i supposed to do with this? I'm not so stupid as to think that she's not fucking around with other guys, no matter what she says.

I"m a fucking idiot.
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>I touched her soft hair in a playful manner while walking past her. It was okay to do that because i made it look like it was done to grab her attention in a noisy environment. One could say that i am a coward or a sneaky rat but i disagree. Majority of people are never open about their intentions and it's not like i have any dirty thoughts that are too dirty to have.It's not like i can be honest with her or anyone else anyways.It would do no good to pubically display my weakesses. She is just another person who entered my life for a short while.
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Yesterday was a special day for me.
I managed to talk to a female who was roughly my age without being introduced to her. It may sound uneventful but such things rarely happen to me. I am not sure if i enjoyed it as i was nervous most of the time. I wonder if the way she looked at me could be an idication of fondness. I am bad at reading people and on rare occasions i get a bit cocky and think that someone mind find me attractive. On the few good days i can look decent enough to be liked by someone. But my personality is defenetely not attractive in the slightest. Luckily i do not think that the personality matters much to women. Based on her good looks i would assume that i am below her minimal standards
>tfw I have molested a woman's hair in public before

I know most guys go to clubs to get laid, but I'm not stupid, I know I could never get laid. Instead, I use the opportunity to squeeze into the crowd and smell and touch a girl's hair. So innocent, and yet I would be treated worst than most perverts if they knew what I was doing.
What? No she is a college not a random chick and i know her name.

I say i had a good excuse to touch her hair since i needed to tell her something anyways.

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>Used to watch anime all the time
>Can't even keep up with a single show in 2017

Anyone else know this feel? I want to go back to when I was happy with Bleach, Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist.
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I know the feeling, I've pretty much all the highest rated anime that interest me, so everything has basically been downhill for anime.
As such, I have to find a new hobby as a replacement.
How do you fix it?
I don't think there is any "fixing" it. Although there's usually one or two anime that come out each season that I keep up with, but aside from that, I just have to move on to something else.
I've pretty much already rewatched every anime I really like 1 or 2 times, so I'm basically burnt out on it.
That's why I've resorted to reading.

When did hot become the new word for average?
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When the majority started looking like this.
she looks like a melted foot
Is that Belladonna?

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Anyone else hate their parents so much they fantasize about beating the shit out of them and robbing them?
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No that's just retarded.
However I would like mine to pass away right now so I can get some inheritance
If my father's wrongful death lawsuit ever pans out i'm definitely killing my mother whether or not i get anything out of that. That cunt doesn't deserve a dime of that money.

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>too stupid to hold a conversation with a chick for more than 20 seconds
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i don't know if you're too fucked up in the brain, but i'm a 26yo kissless virgin and talking to people in general it's just asking them about what they do or what they're interested in. this way i can speak with people for hours and hours
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>tfw I'm not stupid but just can't hold a conversation.
Normies are fucking boring.

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>tfw remember your old Youtube comments
>"Ponies AND atheism? My two favorite things!"
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>"Please fuck me till I cry daddy"
I used to comment on MRA and atheist vids all the time in middle school lolololol
>"Feminazis h8 men"
>"Religion is childish"
Lol isnt this gif so funny guys?


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>get prescribed xanax for agoraphobia
>take one
>this is the best feeling I have ever felt
>physically cannot stop myself from taking more
>I am suddenly on a train heading to new york not knowing how I got there
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Benzos man.

Kek praise them

Is there any step-by-step guide anywhere on how to become a normie?
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Self Improvement thread so we can finally achieve normiedom and stop crying ourselves to sleep every night.
>Hygiene tips
>socializing tips
>talking to girl tips
>workout tips
>self esteem tips
i'm tired of this life...
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Should I start taking the zoloft my psychiatrist prescribed? I'm nervous about it.

>Hygiene tips
I can give these if anyone has questions. I'm pretty clean and have a solid skincare routine.
Have you tried speaking with the manager, handing him your resume, standing up nice and tall, and sealing it with a nice, firm handshake, champ? That's usually all it takes.
>Should I start taking the zoloft my psychiatrist prescribed? I'm nervous about it.
honestly, take drugs only if it's completely necessary, first give the best of yourself before taking the easy way (if you don't mind side effects)

>I can give these if anyone has questions. I'm pretty clean and have a solid skincare routine.
please go ahead

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>someone browsing right now heard about this place from BuzzFeed and came to see for their self
Say "hi" to them here
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Hey, I heard about this place from 9gag! I heard you guys are good with "teh lulz" and came to check! I hear you are called "robots" around here!!!! luuulllz
hello there and welcome to our comfy board how are you today friend?
Hi can we meet for coffee

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Please teach me how to sexually please a female.
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If I wanted to get fingered, I could do it myself. Use the penis.
Gotta have da bbc thats the only thing that can truely satisfy a woman
Nina Hartley has instructional videos on it. I have obviously never put the knowledge to practice, so I don't know if it really works.

There are some neat tips in there, though, like understanding that the clit goes well beyond the surface and thus it's a good idea the stimulate it by roughly massaging the surrounding areas.

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my self esteem is completely obliterated.

this place is all I have, like stockholm syndrome
It is too late for me now, anon.
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You are in the sunken place anon. You are being brainwashed. Everytime you refresh the page, your habit loop persists and the addiction does aswell. You have to wake up and stop feeling marginalized anon. Be proud of yourself, you are alive. There is no real social interaction here. Leave.

Godspeed anon

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