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It's official. I'm too sick to work anymore. I have to go on wellfare to cover my living expenses and get medical care. I feel like pure trash.

I have no idea what I'll do with my time or how to explain to people why I don't work.
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what's the sickness, anon?
A chronic liver disorder. It's treatable but makes me extremely weak.

In the process of dealing with all that i was referred to psychologist who informed me that i also have ASD, which i guess isn't surprising.

Is it possible to hire an escort just for Kissing?

Don't wan't to have sex with one, really, but I need the contact and I'm really curious about Kissing?

Will prozzies just find that weird and not do it?

Is it MORE expensive than full penny?

Will they be able to teach me stuff/kissing tips?

Will they just let me kiss for the full hour?
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that is really really REALLY disgusting.
>endless streams of DNA swimming in that mouth
Just idk, I'm blanking out right now
it doesn't work like that, anon

When looking online for an escort you want to search for those offering a "girl friend experience", this is the code word for allowing kissing / cuddling, aka than walking in, getting naked, busting your nut and leaving.

Even with GFE providers, you're still done once you nut, regardless of if you've paid for an hour and you've been there 5 minutes. Sure, you can try to stay and cuddle, but its always awkward as fuck.

Most providers are willing to kiss for the 1st half of the session, but will get bored and want the deed to be over. Be upfront about what you want when you walk in, but don't discuss any details over the phone or online.

Godspeed. Pay a bit extra for a clean one and learn to lick pussy while you're there. Others will tell you kissing / pussy licking is a good way to pick up herpes, and it probably is, but who cares. We're robots, gonna kill ourselves soon anyway right?

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I can't get over sakurasou help me robots. I posted a thread about how i felt empty when it ended and decided to rewatch but i just can't stop. I'm nearing the end again, i know what happens yet i watch, unable to stop myself. My guess is that my love from sakurasou comes from my dream. Constantly surrounded by people as or more intelligent as/than me.
I know what will happen once i finish this watch too. I will rewatch it without getting bored again and again. Please let me out of this shithole i put myself to.
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go to bed and be over it, if that doesn't work try again
anime isn't real
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>anime isn't real
but the feelings it's giving me are too real
i'm still barely over Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso but the only solution here is to move on to another show already dumbass

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My few of friends moved away, I have been alone for two years, I don't have any friends

How do I make friends?
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I suppose nobody really cares at all
go to a bar get a couple of drinks to loosen up and make small talk
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Get a job, and/or go to college, you can meet people there.

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Should I date a guy who says he's into spoiling girls? I'm a fembot and not skinny lol so this is a rare thing. I just don't want him to ever force me to have sex.
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I know!
how about you get the fuck off of my board you roastie slut. okay???
Only if you like him duh
I don't like him. He's stuck up and entitled.

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my cat just got killed by a lynx
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RIP ktter.

We have a lot of yotes in my corner of Wisconsin so I'm glad my cat has no interest in going outside.
here's a story to cheer you up
>visit dad in bc
>little bro has 2 cats, twins
>one day im sleeping and one cat bothers me while asleep
>it limps towards me and just lays down, all defeated, next to my mattress
(there was a box spring, it was low, but it couldn't jump up)
>give it a pet and fall asleep
>wake up, he's not there, mom and dad not there either
>they come back with a box and my dad storms into the house
>mom holding it, looks me in the eyes like she's in shock
>just woke up, eye crust and everything, "what's in the box?"
>"the cat"

find out a coyote fucked it up, it escaped but it had severe injuries and couldn't survive, it was punctured internally by a bone or something

>work a few days later
>after work go grab a beer with my only friend
>friend ditches me to smoke weed
>drink at bar alone, why not
>get smashed and return home by foot, takes an hour
>see coworker, underage, who doesn't work when I do but had a few shifts together
"hey what's up anon?"
"my bros cat was killed recently and my family seems upset about it"
"oh shit! i have some kittens if you want to drop by"

>drop by, see a shitload of kittens, take the friendliest one
>walking back home with it crying and im like everythings gonna be ok lil nigga
>get home, grab a beer from fridge, walk into bro's room with kitten behind my back, hiding it
"what's up big bro?"
>toss the kitten lightly on his bed and leave
>screams of joy are heard
>got to return back home in 3 days
>kitten grows close to my bro only
>return home
>falling out with dad
>haven't seen any of them in 6 years
>your caught fought a lynx and died in glorious combat
your cat sounded like a fucking cool cat, sorry bout your loss anon

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Post your traumatic experiences

>be 16
>have a small group of friends I hang out with to smoke weed and other shit
>one day, someone brings acid
>we all drop
>suddenly the loud guy in the group panics and says he needs to get home immediatly and is about to leave
>me being fucked up, decide to hitch a ride back to my house
>as we are speeding down the road with the windows down something from out side hits his face
>he freaks out and takes both hands off the steering wheel and starts swatting his face
>car goes off the road and ramps off a ditch and crashes into a metal shed and I blacked out
>When I woke up I was upside down and climbed from the car and was wondering where I was and where my body was
>old farmer and his wife came and sat me down to take care of the huge cut on my arm
>after I reassured him I wasn't going to die I asked about my friend
>he said "Weren't you alone?"
>tfw we found him in the corner of the shed missing a good chunk off of the top of his head
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>tfw fucked up the tittle
yea but did he dead
is he is he dead?

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>"Anon, Juan proposed! Isn't that great? Oh, and he wants you to be one of the groomsmen so you'll get to be in the wedding too!"
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>hook up with juan's qt latina cousins/sisters at reception
Gringos on suicide watch
oh look, Juan got the discount-throw away food from the "white people" grocery.

good for him.

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>that kid that would take ketchup packets from the cafeteria and place them under the toilet seat in a bathroom so when someone came in to sit on the toilet seat the ketchup would explode all over their legs and pants

(that kid was me)
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>that kid who squatted over the toilet seat to poo, not making contact with the seat or flushing

(that kid was me)
le bump

Is your name Isaac?

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>have to be up in 4 hours for an 7 hour shift
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>have to be up in 9 hours for an 8 hour shift every single day for the rest of my life
Truly this is hell on earth, i wiah i was a NEET
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>Have 2 word essay due in 4 hours
>kill me
You just finished you essay, you welcome.

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Yes, i'm a whore.

No, i didn't tell him yet.

I want to die. Did it count if i was drunk? I don't think so.
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Don't you have anything better to do than to bait this board every night?
Timestamp or out
>I accidentally cheated on my bf

there is no accidents in whoreland

ah... uh... well... hmmm... gee i guess i never really thought of it THAT way
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That's some high quality bait there mate


It kills me inside a little bit every time I see it.

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>God damn Anon, you're the greatest vote I ever had.
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>>God damn Anon, you're the greatest vote I ever had.
what did she mean by this
>you're the greatest vote I ever had.
what did she mean by this?

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>tfw no basketball textured dick bf
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I have a small, smooth, pink, moist dick if you want it?
ewww holy fuck that's such a weird looking peenie
that really doesn't look normal at all

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>tfw spent prom night alone playing videogames
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I remember prom night, I was looking out the window looking at people my age having fun and being social
>dad keeps pressuring me to ask any girl out to senior prom
>I don't mind going alone since all I do are autistic dances at parties the whole time
>he'd rather have me stay home on prom night if that's the case
Why are all the girls taken by chads reeeeee
Genuine question. What is prom?

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