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How do you feel when you see guys who are as ugly / attractive as you but have loving, supportive girlfriends in contrast to you?

Sad? Envious? Angry?
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You're clearly doing something wrong besides being unattractive if that's the case
I'm not even deformed or obese or anything and have never seen someone my level with a gf.
Dissapointment in myself obviously.

>as ugly
I see dudes with girlfriends that are way uglier than myself. So i can't even blame it on my looks. Feelsbadman.
a sad bitterness that, depending on the day, can boil over into rage once i'm home

i used to feel hope, but i feel like i'm too far gone at this point to feel hope anymore, i won't let myself, it just hurts more in the end

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>tfw want to smoke but parents are home
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>tfw want to smoke but my kid is home
>tfw don't want to smoke but do anyways
Typical underage lain poster

Daily reminder that you're not in prison and have the freedom to do whatever you want!
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a large swath of activities will put you in literal prison
thus you are de facto in a figurative prison
>have the freedom to do whatever you want
>brainlets actually believe this
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If I'm not in prison then how come I'm prison gay?

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how do you become more alpha?
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Get a weapon. When people see you with it they will think you are alpha as fuck!

Well, at least they wont dare to tell you otherwise.
WTF is that?!

It's called cupping. Supposedly it's good for your circulation and it acts like a massage.

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Why don't we ban girls from pooping?
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Why don't we nuke china and india for literally shitting everywhere?
They might explode.
I want a girl to poop in my mouth!

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*Stares at you for a long time*
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Is this a gay porn or something? Sounds gay to me.
it's about a trans guy getting found out and murdered.
I got dub-dubs.
It's a gay movie says Kek.

>Life is going well
>Making new friends
>Making money
>In a fantastic new relationship with someone who really loves me
>Feel hollow inside and want to an hero more than ever

Why can't I escape this feeling?
I'm so tired of life and I'm so depressed
I just want to be happy
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External circumstances posessions and accomplishments do not lead to happiness. Its like counting to Infinity, its impossible.

You need to shift your paradigm and realise that happiness is or should be your default state, and the reason you don't feel it is because of emotional baggage and unresolved issues.

The path to happiness is not acquiring more stuff outside of yourself, its going within yourself, letting go and re-owning parts of yourself that you have repressed.

>Default state is happiness
Are there really people like this?
Be depressed and empty till you die faget

>picky eater
>cant cook
should i kys myself?
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You should learn how to cook
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I can cook for you and in return you be my bf and give me shelter!
I doubt you are in the same 3rd world country as me.

Which character embodied r9k the most in this film?
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I barely remember, but the badass wannabe was a chad and the wrestler was a faggot. That that leaves the other guy.

muted for speaking the truth
the nerd and the weird one

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Reality is far more horrible than you ever imagined. Every single time you fall asleep, you are dying. Then you are "reborn" the next day (someone different inherits your memories).

It's like if you went through a teleporter that deconstructed you and rebuilt you on the other side with different atoms. Technically the same person came out the other side that went in the first side, but the original person is dead.

I am going to die tonight. So are you. So is everyone. We go into this death unknowing and unaware of our fate. But every single night before your brain turns off, it screams in pain and horror. And every single day you wake up forgetting the death you suffered the night before
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if only :/ :/

You have been muted for 1488 seconds, because your comment was not original.
question is what makes YOU you
If transferred your memories to a different would it become YOU
How do you know you aren't dying ever time you lose focus? Are you the same person you were when you woke up? You either panic pointlessly or live like it doesn't matter.

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Who's got pectus? How bad? How bad did it affect your mental health?
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I'm extremely skinny and mine is barely visible.
I count on the fact that gaining weight will make it completely invisible.
>Hearthless scum!
not as as bad as the OP. but I'd say I have a moderate case of Pectus

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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Those sunglasses are not cool.
they definitely are
fuck your gay anime, jojo so fucking overrated

Femanon bodies were meant to be vessels for the KNOT
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Leaf, please.
Meh. Better dogs than niggers I suppose.
actually they were made for a human males erect penis. but sure have your fantasy faggot

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who here /jobsearch/?

>apply for warehouse/inventory type job
>they have me make a shitty, awkward video talking to myself as part of the interview process
>now invited to an inperson interview where ill apparently be questioned by a whole team of managers/directors
>likely to be rejected as i always am because of social anxiety/awkwardness and because of all the other people interviewing for the same job
>all this for the privilege of slaving away at slightly above minimum wage

any tips for interviewing?
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>who here /jobsearch/?

YEs. I have the same problems

>any tips for interviewing?

Yes, dont be an awkward, trembling, sweaty mess.

I have a degree and Im stuck making near minimum wage doing jobs that don't require a college degree.

I couldn't even get an offer after interviewing for an unpaid internship that required a degree..
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Just be calm. Don't overthink things. Obviously they want you there.Other people also applying for the job should not worry you, they feel the same way. When I did interview for my most recent wagecuck job so just used terms I found on Google that make me sound smart.
Commerical Awareness for example means knowing the wider outreach of the company. Look up some things about the company. Seem interested even though you are not. Also have a goal. Only reason I worked wagecuck job is so I can buy car, go back to school and leave shit city.

What degree do you have?
BA in political science with a minor in history.

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>$16.78 in my bank account

I'm not gonna make it robros
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>only 1k in my bank account
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>mfw I have 10(ten) more dollars in my account

get cucked OP lmao
Literally how do you get to that point

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