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I jumped off the Agg train a few months after she blew up on here, but I watched a few of her current videos and can people please explain the evolution for cute Tumblr lesbo to delusion mentally ill drop out?
was it that edgy cripple that did this to her?
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No she has always been this an angsty teenage drop out and what she put on was a charade to garner attention and it worked until she got monkey pawed so hard that she regretted it and had to flip on a good percentage of her fan base
what a hideous creature
not original but extremely correct
Why does she hate people from /r9k/ most of the people from here are nice to her right?

>be me
>15 year old boy
>wake up one day and find out my dad passed away that night
>i immediately feel the sadness of never seeing him again
>the funeral was 2 days later
>the whole family was there to show their respect
>as time went on things got better
>i began to look ahead and move on
>but i noticed something
>my nipples began to disappear
>i went to the public pool
>other people had nipple
>i asked a friend to see his nipples
>he looked at me very confused and showed me
>i showed him my smooth chest
>he said its not normal
>i ran home and asked mum
>she asked me to sit down
>she said my dad use to sneak in my room late at night and suck on my chest >to make two gigantic hickies where my nipple should have been
>not for any sexual reason
> just because i was born without them
>so i would fit it
>he just wanted me to feel normal

I miss my dad
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why did you delet the other one
was ther a mistak
Title wasnt nice

What do I say to this QTp2T?
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help im taking on water
I'm making the fucking story bitch and you're going to follow it in detail.
you guys always overthink waaaay too much about texting and how to "seduce" a lady through messages
unironically BEEEEE YOURSELF

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>tfw missed the shuttle for early morning orbit therapy
>have to spend the rest of the day as a 5'11 manlet
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>tfw 5'11.9" manlet
This is now a 5'11" manlet thread. Turbomanlets and lanklets OUT.
>tfw 6' in the morning
>tfw 5'11.75 for the rest of the day

>"I like nerdy guys, heehee..."
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>nerdy guys are so cute teeheee
Whats the guys name pic related? I see his face very often here on /r9k/
Nick Bateman

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how do I delete a fetish from my mind
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Just turn it off and on.
by immersing yourself in a far more powerful, addicting, filthy and degenerate fetish. Its the only way to forget about a fetish. In reality, you can never escape degeneracy, you only go further down the rabbit hole. A fitting place for rejects like us.
Look at really bad exmples of it. Like if you like scat, go to deviantart and look at the most poorly drawn scat pics you can find, stuff that kills your boner. When you see some hot poopy that makes you hard, think about the gross poorly done stuff that looks like it was drawn by a 3 year old.

Bad art has a place in the universe. This is what it's for

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In the post apocalypse, will there be need for an anime master among survival groups? The internet won't work and soon the electronics will all be dead and people will need entertainment, right? So they could use someone to retell the plots to anime. Even if they aren't really strong or skilled in any way, they could use someone like that for morale support or something.
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Entertainment doesn't matter if you're fighting everyday to live. The best you could hope for is a court jester situation with a Neegan/Governor fellow. But they'll probably end up killing you for entertainment.

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I'm a paranoid schizophrenic and I have several bipolar disorder. Ask me anything you want.
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Chocolate or plain milk?
Do you get auditory hallucinations? What do they say? Can you actually have a conversation with them?

I get visual more often but Ive had a few auditory, mostly just someone saying my name when they didn't or small stuff like that but one time I got super angry at my sister and there was a voice telling me to kill her.

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Do any girls here want to have phone sex over Skype? No webcam needed I just want to talk to a girl and pretend she's hot while I jack off.
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What does it feel like to put your peepee in a girl's poopoo?
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Like shit


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>Fembot here
>blackbot here
>cyborg here
>feels thread
>hello wagie
>tf no bf/go
>killing myself
>pol fag
>reddit fag
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What is the big secret r9k?
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>Jacked pornstars.
All the ones I can think of aren't particularly /fit/, let alone jacked.
Which Penny Pax video?

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Ok I'm on to it, I've found the truth.
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very redpill broo
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Never touch the stuff OP, fish fuck in it!

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Wrong board Todd
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feeling like a robot includes the feel not give a damn when new walking simulator with stupid shit and shitty dialogues hits the stores

sorry man im too old for games
>rs 2k7 was 10 years ago
Todd is an avatar of the devil, the Lord of Lies.

Its almost Saturday robots! You know what that means boys!!
Get the jergens out and grab a sock!!
Fellow pornography patricians, it is once again the time for our nightly countdown for BLACKED.com new release to be uploaded on the site every Saturday at 1am eastern time.

Anybody heard any twitter news or rumors?
Who will be featured?
Creapie or facial shot?
Perri Piper again?
Annette Shwartz?
Dani Daniels?
Male talent??
Shane "man hammer" D-Sol?

The most wonderful time of the night, every night, right now. Here it is, the nightly BLACKED.com thread. Time to get comfy.
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Elsa Jean getting DP'd by diesel, Mandingo, and Boz. Some rough af shit

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