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>we totally aren't fags guys! E-electrocute the gays!
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Thanks for linking this video, it always gets me pumped to go to the gym and save the west.
bringing this post back up for more responses
>implying that video wasn't awesome
>implying you will ever make anything your life as good as that

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Where do I find a boy who wears anime girl clothes that I can abuse
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right here my man
Do you live on the west co(riginal)ast
I do.
Canada tho.

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Nice thread anon.

Fuck off robit
Here you go OP its a fembot for 6 seconds


A pretty pale blonde girl sat next to me in a long lecture yesterday (3 hours). (Pic not related). Honestly most beautiful girl I've never seen. Even though I know I'll most probably never have a shot with her, it's good knowing that beauty of this magnitude exists in the world. It didn't even look like she was wearing makeup, if she was it was very light.
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In person I've seen a woman so beautiful I was in awe, and was simply glad she existed, even if I'll never get her
I only saw her out of the corner of my eye during the lecture and didn't think much/didn't notice her. But at the end when I got up to put my stuff in my backpack I literally dropped my shit on the floor when I saw her. She's polite too, when I passed the signin sheet to her she said thankyou. But /too alpha/ to say you're welcome.
Hitler was right for wanting every girl to look like that

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Cosa fate quando siete particolarmente tristi e arrabiati?
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That's italian, you mouth breathing dumbots.

Practice marksmanship. It's very soothing.

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I posted this pic on Reddit a few minutes ago after making it. I've realized now that, no matter how hard I try, I can never be a normie. I'm 21 years old and had never had a gf, was bullied throughout school, and almost made it to college but became schizo and went to the loony bin instead.

Are there any others who have been in this situation and made it, and if so, how did you do it?
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I've been in this situation and become a reclusive drug addict.
once you get there you can't make it unless someone does a miracle for you and somehow pulls you out, assuming your brain isn't too damaged already which it probably is

i was in the same situation, started uni and had a huge mental breakdown once i started to realize just how much of an alien i was, then took some shitty pills and managed to do 4 years only studying, no one talked to me in 4 years so i can't imagine how i looked

it's hopeless for people like us, best thing you can do is get on neetbux and find something that gives you some pleasure
What are your definitions of normies? Also no one use the friend thing on reddit.

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she smiles at me i hold her close and in this moment time has stopped i shouldve walked away i shouldve let you go maybe im better all alone
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well congrats you have abysmal shit taste

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Why do i no longer dream?
How can i start dreaming again?
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Hard to say. You might not be getting quality sleep. What's your diet like? I have vivid dreams every night
I had a dream recently where I got cucked by my ex.

>started in a park
>Keep walking through until I come across her and this guy who's her "friend"
>she has shorter hair and looks more tumblr
>they talk about nonsense before she kisses him then he leaves.
>she turns to me and says
>"Hey you don't mind if I see other guys right?"
>mfw dream me kisses her, says "I'm okay with it" then kisses her again
>woke up in a hot sweat

Am I being told something subliminally?
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going with the flow.jpg
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I had a dream a while ago just like that picture, it was in a forest and the lighting was the same. It was snowy, and I was wearing a snow jacket, it was night and my family was there, I remember colorful lights in the distance. I walked off alone and just savored the bit of the air and the malleable crunchy snow under my boots. And I closed my eyes in the dream and just felt the cold on my cheek, and when I opened them I was awake in a comfortable temperature room with a big smile on my face that didn't go away.

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>6 years ago
>mom looking at some of my old pictures
>"anon... you used to have such a nice sparkle in your eyes, but it's not there anymore.."
lines that kill you
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You had a sparkle because you didn't fap 3 times a day back then.
She's just concerned and is trying to get you to talk. She cares about you.
>mom comes in my room
>"is something wrong anon? You just don't seem to care about anything anymore"

Shits been wrong since I was 15 thanks for just now noticing. Now fuck off.

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Turns out Christian God hates Texas.

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>tfw mixed robot with no cute black bf
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If that is a woman then I like. If that is a trap then I don't like.
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looks like a girl too me, not sure though.
Probably a trap. Chest only exists in an alternate dimension, appears to be a lot of fat in the stomach, probably wears the mask to hide their jaw, covered legs are suspicious by default.
Sick afro though.

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>ITT: Beta shit you did to get girls when you were young

I unironically drew a picture of an Eye, bundle of Wood, a Chair, and a female Sheep then presented it to a girl on Valentine's day

>I would cherish you

It was the gayest shit ever but I thought that's what girls like
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Orbited, really. Bought her shit. Seized on every opportunity to be there for her and show my worth as a mate. Christ almighty in hindsight I'm glad I'll never pass on my retard genes
How does ish you relate to a female sheep?

Should have done Eye, Wood, Cherry, Shoe

Fucking brainlet

Fucking brainlet

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redpill me on your alcohol addiction. How bad did it went for you?

I started vomiting a lot blood in my sleep 4 months ago caused by esophagus damage and quit drinking immediately. Now im starting slowly again and need something to creep me off.
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How much did you drink before the esophagus damage? I usually get drunk every friday and/or saturday and maybe have a beer after work on one or two workdays a week. Is this bad? I never get drunk if I have something to do the next morning.

I'm drinking to die. 70 cl of vodka yesterday, 20 bottles of beer today
OP that esophageal damage likely means end stage cirrhosis. It is an ugly and uncomfortable way to die.

t. Guy with liver transplant due to alcoholic cirrhosis, over 20 yrs sober now

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How do I get a girl like this bros??
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go to sleep and dream of one
Some shitty app whit depressed ppl... tinder?
Your relationship will end due to her lack of self control and you will both believe she did nothing wrong and it was your fault.

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>/r9k/ is assaulted by normalfags
>retards post facebook, twitter and 9fag memes
>oMg I'm so le funny 4chainer xDD
How do we get rid of them, robots?
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Not at all.
What are you trying to salvage? I first came here 3 years ago now and I hate 4chan and I hate /r9k/. Both the 4chan anons and the twitter, facebook, redditfags are bad.
Besides, anon, lets say you get rid of all these people. Robots still hate each other. They are young men that hate each other, for being young men. You thrive in your hatred.
The only solution is to leave all of this completely.
You dont we get rid of you I've been on 4chan about a month after it came out, you are the 1% that bitches and complains go to wizardchan and jerk it to traps while I fuck my wife and the rest fuck their GFs

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