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What's the difference between playing Katawa Shoujo and having a real girlfriend?

Aren't the feelings just as real?
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I already have an imaginary girlfriend, so dating sims and visual novels are just fine for me.
Feelings are never real.
Well, one is a perfectly normal and healthy part of life. The other is weeaboo faggot shit for losers

I was watching a porn clip when pets suddenly show up. The black dog disapproves, while the white dog seems to enjoy the show.
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I hate/love that.

It's hilarious but it also makes me feel so awkward like "dude stop your kids are right there".
I can't even jerk off with my dog in the room. It feels wrong.
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This really makes your neurons twitch

Beard or no beard?
Long hair or short hair?
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>Beard or no beard?
light stubble

>Long hair or short hair?
long hair only if you have a masculine face
doesnt beard make your face masculine?
Depends on style of hair growth

Fembot (female) here. Please insult me. Make me learn my place again.

Pic unrelated. And that's just the problem.
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>Pic unrelated. And that's just the problem.
post a pic of yourself you fat uggo
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Her friend sahar is prettier

Sahar has a pudgy face. Kelsey is way cuter.


No but please keep saying those things.

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Which century do you wish you were born? You can choose the future of course.
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>Which century do you wish you were born? You can choose the future of course.

I choose 2200
It will be an interesting time, I think
70's so I could grow up through the 80's. I was born 1985, too late to experience it properly.
Girl on the right with an asian guy. Nothing is hotter than seeing a White girl getting Asian cock

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A-Anon, w-would you like to join my discord? rmUATuu
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Is it whites only? If so, yes.
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Maybe. What is it about anon?
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Why do you pretend to write like you have brain damage?
Do you faggots seriously think it sounds cute?

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>Another live facebook murder
God damn what is wrong with people today? Anything for likes, even at the cost of someone else's life and you own freedom.
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I don't bother keeping up with news anymore

There is a video that's pretty gross and infuriating but basically two girls beat her to death live on facebook. She was clearly down for the count and totally bloodied but one girl started kicking her in the head and then held her head and started punching her some more. Obviously there's no way you're coming back from that kind of beating.

The annoying thing is though, because the aggressors are female, they're only being charged with manslaughter.
just google the name on ops pic, seems legit. 2 underage girls beating another to dead.

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Why are Indian and Chinese guys seen as unattractive by women?
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they're not, there is just a demographic of indians and chinese who get a job in the city, get internet for the first time, see a lot of porn, get the wrong idea and start sending unusually phrased messages

they're good boys, no harm done, but you know how women are, they get "creeped" out by it all
are you memeing? they're not. also indians and philipinos beat their gf


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This app lets you see what you'd look like as a girl

post em
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I don't have a smartphone you normie
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General Rule: If you're female version looks fuckable, you're low test. Hyper-masculine faces can never translate to a female.

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Is pretending to be gay a viable way of getting pussy?
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hotoshi oiishi
Only if youre attractive and charismatic
For Lauren Southern all you need it to be black. Just ask those 2 WR's from her Langley BC highschool football team she banged/got eiffel towerd by in senior year. Or you could ask her about it.

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>Anon, you have to help me. My breasts are so full and swollen. You have to suck the milk out before the pressure gets too much for me to handle.
How do you respond?
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Okay. I guess I'll do it, but don't they become swollen again? You wouldn't mind offering me your milk every morning, would you? I'll let you have coffee, too. But you have to milk me first.

How does it feel knowing you can produce milk just like a cow? Would seem weird to me.
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35367879875 (8).jpg
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chestlet detected

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I matched with a girl like 3 weeks ago. I never messaged her because I think she is too hot and I think of myself as inferior.

Today is the last day of classes. I saw her walk past me and she briefly looked at me but I could tell she wasn't paying attention.

It was her. 100%. I'm a lot taller than her too (she is short). Must be about 5'0''.

Should I message her? What the fuck do I say?

Almost thought like

"Happy LDOC! <Insert one sentence conversation breaker based on her profile info>.

Is that good?
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Go for it. What do you have to lose? Tinder is nice because you don't get rejected in person.
Thanks I'll go for it.
Is my message ok?

"Happy LDOC! <Insert one sentence conversation breaker based on her profile info>.

Whens should I send it? I'm in EST

anyone else waiting it out for a miracle to happen?
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As much as I don't want to acknowledge it, yeah, subconsciously the only reason I keep going is because I'm hoping happiness falls into my lap against all odds.
Miracles don't just happen you have to pray and have faith.

Pray, have faith and do a blood sacrifice to the devil. Then you will get what you want.
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They are called miracles because they don't happen

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Hey /r9k/ can you help me with my assignment? I'm having trouble coming up with what to put down.
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It's the downfall of human nature.
>this gon be lit yo -crying from laughter face- 100
on a more serious note, what brain dead stacy/cuck professor associates war with instagram
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Wew lad
A fine example of modern education

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Through some means you have finally become emperor of all the modern world. All hail the emperor!

Your authority is unquestioned by any nation, and all people adore you, following your word as commandment and law.

How does a r9k-ruled world look? What are your laws? What do you change? Remember, any policy, any rule, any thing is how you wish it to be unquestioned.

I can't be the only robot that's daydreamed of this a thousand times, give my your visions and thoughts, o' emperors. What are your wishes?
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Fully automated luxury space communism
I would get a cool middle age castle in mountains. And give states self-rule, so as long as they don't fuck up, I don't need to care about them and can NEET it up in my castle.
Death camps for all normalscum, mass depopulation, deep ecology, creating a sustainable existence for remaining humans in minimally ecologically disruptive habitats (namely ones already degraded and low in natural biodiversity)

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