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Why are so many robots against swallowing your own cum? I do it almost everytime, it's an easy cleanup, tasty, and it's healthy for you.
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Because I can't cum, stupid normalfag
bro science sais eating cum induces more estrogen production
>better safe than sorry
How is scooping up my own sloppy cum easier than wiping it off and flushing it down the toilet?

this is from the new homepage.

Is anything safe from the cuck agenda?
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Fucking heresy
You can see the confusion on both of their faces
It's just two people playing a game, you fucking paranoid racist.

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If you could fuck a Stacy, but you had to spitroast her with Chad, would you do it?

I'm a 19 year old kissless virgin, and my Chad friend wants to double team this Stacy we both know. The idea of it sounds hot but I don't know if this is how I want to lose my virginity. If I end up fucking this Stacy, she'll probably be the hottest girl I'll ever fuck.
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Losing your virginity via splitroasting is risky. If you lose your nerve and can't stay hard you'll look like a cuck.
yeah do it. make sure you get the vagina end so it really counts
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if you think you'll be able to look your friend in the eye after doing that, by all means. but think about what could happen
>accidentally lock eyes with Chad friend when you cum

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konosuba is just full of sex jokes. megumin and kazuma are the only good characters. why does everyone like the show?
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>megumin and kazuma
Here's the answer. Also Chomusuke.
and the cat yes.
I remember the first season where they were just working and getting fucked

I saw a bit of myself in the characters and th e humor

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>brother sold me a bottle of cough syrup yesterday
>do the math and it has 1800mg of dextromethorphan in it
>also some sudafed but its such a small bottle i dont care
>drink half expecting to trip balls
>just get intensely nauseous and sleepy
>sleep roughly 16 hours having fever dreams the whole time
>got up sometime to vomit and take a massive diarrhea shit
>looked at the bottle again this morning and realized my math is off
>only had 360mg dxm in the whole bottle
>and also something called Chlorpheniramine which is terrible for you, like super bad
So i ingested 180mg dxm which is nothing, and 60mg Chlorpheniramine and Sudafed.
Been 24 hours now and I'm still nauseous, sleepy and have a weird feeling in my feet and chest from the Chlorpheniramine.
I'm so fucking dumb lol
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DXM has always been a shitty experience for me. Nausea and diarrhea, and itching on higher doses.

Haven't done it in years.
Its the additional chemicals, there are cough syrups that do not contain these or as much but OP sure dun goofd

>fever dreams
I thought only I had these. I also have these after a night of drinking more than my usual amount.
Shit is weird as fuck.
>fever dreams
>on dxm and a decent amount of some deliriant
Yeah. Was a fever. From no fever. Idiot.

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I'm the biggest piece of shit on earth.

I could tell you my story you would urge me to end it fast.

Please /r9k/, how do I kill myself with minimal risk of ending crippled.

I don't fucking care about life advice and such, I've had enough, so please tell me how I can do it.
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Shoot yourself in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun. It's really hard to fuck that up.
Get a sturdy rope and hang around for a while.
I can't own a gun

How do I tie the rope?

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Do you have a sword in your heart?
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i have cum in my pussy
the fire which burns in my soul will not allow anything to solidify
That's nothing to brag about.

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Hey /r9k/

What fields would you guys consider it's useless to major in?

>inb4 gender studies

pic unrelated
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I'm getting a degree in English studies how fucked am I?
None. Follow your dreams , we're all going to be jobless soon anyway because Trump doesn't understand economics
Liberal art

You can fuck one pornstar for as long as you want. Who do you choose?

> Cherokee D'Ass
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Tiffany Mynx.
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-.- .- -.-.
Larkin Love.

If I can only have one porn star, I might as well get one that's into freaky shit.

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Ive been listining to lots of banda lately
it's been a nice, rainy day today
This song cheers me up

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Would you date a girl with a weird face? Would you be too embarrassed to be seen in public with her?
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Shes cute m8
Why would I care? The public is not having sex with me, she is.
She is cute
Her face is not really weird
Weird or not if the face is pretty I like it, I don't care to be seen in public

So. Whose naked right now.

anon I'm naked
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Does wearing a blanket count as not naked?
I guess that's naked
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Almost, I'm in my underwear.

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Is it weird to go to these places alone?
>The mall
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No, no and no.

It's only weird because you are brainwashed to thinking it's weird
those are the best time to be alone

free to do whatever you want

>ill go here and spend as much time as i want browsing
>ill watch this movie and won't have to tolerate my friends talking to me
>i can take as much time eating as i want and don't have to keep talking to people

>have class in 3 minutes
>its a 4 minute walk away
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Are you retarded?
oregano asdflk;;as;ldkfj
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>can easily make it if you run
>tfw look like an autist if you run or even walk slightly faster than usual
>try to go slow to avoid attention
>end up being 10 minutes late
Walk in late. DGAF.

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Why do normies act like life is a game and if you do so and so you get rewarded with sex or relationships? Isn't 'bettering yourself' what everyone is pretty much trying to do in life? No one actively desires to ruin themselves when they wake up in the morning. Ideally we all would like to be better but let's be honest we all won't. And the context of better is always shifting.
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You have such simplistic views on life, its not about bettering or making yourself worse. No the whole point in life is to affect the system that is mankind.
Wtf are u talking about

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The difference is that there are people who want to become better, but don't do anything about it and just mope around all day, never actually trying to improve, and people who want to become better, so they actually go out and TRY to better themselves. No offense OP, but you kinda sound like the first option.

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