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What is your favorite font anons?
I am not sure if I like avenir or geneva better. What about you? Post the font you like. No comic sans fags allowed
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Courier New
Jokerman ;^)
No comic sans?
Ill take impact please

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>there's three of them
how do you feel about this, fellow robots?
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there's three of who?
Its a shame they're all degenerates

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>5day 4th of July weekend

Well robots what's your plan for the once in a lifetime extended holiday weekend?
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I actually have school monday.

You outside of the US? Everything is literally close Monday and Tuesday

I live in the USA and I'm working on Monday. Not even a retail worker.

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What's the most uncomfortable/akward thing that happened to you today?

>mfw forgot pepperspray in backpack during airport security check in
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>be me, 18
>Study fire prevention school
>About to go to very frequent tourist location
>Too see how its prevented against fire
>There are those frames to detect any metals
>I had telescopic baton and knife in my backpack
>because my city is not very safe
>had to push my bag through rentgen
>it was full of other shit
>mfw they let me through
>mfw they didnt notice
>mfw security in my country suck
I took out my wallet and thought my debit card was a credit card, and that I left my debit card at home when I used it earlier, and that I wouldn't be able to do my banking and my dad would get pissed.

But I was wrong, it was my debit card.

Today wasn't bad, all things considered. But there are hours left yet

uncle's funeral
plus lots of family people staring at my autismo

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why dont you make porn?

look at those white guys living in filipinas and thailand, they make weird videos fucking hookers and shemales and well, they are happy

just do it!
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because no one wants see my blob of body while a girl bounces up and down on my jock
It's not easy to get into porn as a male.
>tfw small dick
>tfw premature ejaculation

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What do you think happens after you die?

Afterlife? Or simply nothing?

What's the most logical possibility?

Suicidal robot here, wanting to know others opinions to maybe help me across the line.
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Eternal nothingness.
And that's scary as fuck.
Nothing, you just stop.
Everything stops, and finally you are at peace
I am ok with death. It will be an end to all the bullshit.

Let's see those home screens! What phone do you use Anon? Any launchers? Icon packs?

I use a Axon 7, running Nova Launcher and Moonshine pack myself
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novalauncher. Dont use it for much other than an internet connection for my laptop and reading lns.
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Looks good, desu. Here is me.
>Nova Launcher
>Icons are mixed between CandyCons, Coffee, Cornie, Moonshine, or Polycon. I don't even know.
>tfw iphone

androids look comfy as fuck

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About to become a wageslave working graveyard grocer shift at a walmart, anyone here done it before? how was it?
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If you don't kill yourself after six weeks, you'll have broken the world record
get a 3rd shift warehouse job. never work with customers for wageslave wages.
Better than a lot of things.
Just pop in your headphones and put shit on shelves. Easy as fuck especially if you're not an annoying extrovert who can't work alone.

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Any guys here waiting on something?
Food, a package, call back?
I'm waiting on a Casio World Time right now to come in today.
I'll be like Big Boss soon.
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the sweet embrace of eternal nothingness forever
I'm waiting for my mommy to bring me home some food.
I asked her for some cake and tendies.

Not really, just sitting here at 1am, can't sleep, looking at the catalog, nothing of interest. Pondering whether I should just go lay down and watch Moyashimon, or blow a couple of hours looking at porn which inevitably will lead to fapping and then sleep.

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tfw madly in love with best friend's gf
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shit man, thats orginally rough.
would you cuck your BFF if given the chance op?
Im thinking that's kinda the goal because this is the first time I've ever actually been in love

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What's your daily routine like?
>wake up at 5pm
>drink coffee
>eat food at 10pm
>lay in bed on my phone at 3am
>watch jewtube videos on phone
>fall asleep around 5-8am
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>wake up at 1pm
>lie in bed for another half hour
>get up and piss, maybe jerk off
>make bowl of cereal
>on computer at 2pm
>check jewtube, twater and steam
>do this until I get bored
>3pm, go onto 4chan
>start with a little /v/
>spend the next 3 hours alternating between boards
>have dinner
>watch some twitch streams and play games around 9pm
>shut it down around midnight
>stay in bed until 2-3am on tablet browsing r9k and listening to music
>wake up at 1pm
>lay in bed and go on 4chan on phone for a bit
>shower when i can be bothered at around 2-3pm
>lay in bed for half an hour and go on 4chan
>3:45pm dry hair, get dressed
>go downstairs and eat somethint
>4pm go on computer and browse 4chan
>get tired after half an hour and lay in bed and go on 4chan on my phone for an hour and a half
>6pm eat dinner
>rest of the day play vidya and go on 4chan with snacks in between
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>wake up at 10-11am
>fuck around on internet for a while
>cold shower while listening to hype music
>go to gym and lift heavy ass weight
>come home and eat
>shitpost until bedtime (around 2am)

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>love this stuff
>eat every day
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Oh fuck. It's been a while since I started eating meat, so I decided to load up on cheese, yogurt and milk, and I think it was the happiest I've ever been, eating blue cheese.
Isn't the blue stuff just mold?
it is mold but it is delicious mold

i fucking love blue cheese

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>type out a long and detailed post
>stop for a moment before posting
>delete it and close tab
haha, everytime
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why didnt you do it this time?
Write out detailed post anon posts just before me saying the same thing better than me in like 5 words
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have confidence.
im 36, i miss my wife and kids soo much

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>find out my little sister watches Eromanga Sensei

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>implying we know what the fuck that is
It's an incest anime. I feel like /R9K/ should know this
nothing wrong with that, you're pretty lucky.
my sister doesn't like anime, i would love to get a gf who likes the same things as me.

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I have a final exam in 12 hours that I'm probably going to fail and as a result I will be dismissed from college and my life will go down the drain.

what to do now?
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This comment is original.
if your life will go down the drain because you will be dismissed from college because you haven't studied, then it shows that your current life was built on pillars of sand - because you haven't prioritized your studies.

maybe it's okay for everything to collapse right now, because you're not in the place you actually want to be because you're not doing the things you actually want to do. you just need to get through this rough period while remembering that dropping out of college is literally not the end.

this is your way of showing yourself that you actually want and need to do something else right now. now it's up to you to find out what that is.

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