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This has to be addressed.

I walk around my college campus, society in general, and most girls look like pic related. Out of all the bullshit
that bothers me about society and women in general, this one is always in my face even if I'm not in an defeated mood.

They walk around with no shame about themselves, at all. The Tinder memes are true as well, just make an account
and look around your area, almost all the girls are fat. Fat as shit. Even if the girl is in shape compared to
the 90% fat asses, she is still way too fat. I'm not even some skinny chick elitist, the amount of fat on the
average girl is disgusting. You can just sit on a bench on campus and watch them, noting what their day is like:

>wake up
>think about chad while showering
>find clothing (yoga pants always) to make globular mass look smaller
>find starbucks
>buy the most sugar-laden "caffeinated beverage" available
>call friend and complain about something
>get to campus
>walk around staring at phone
>go to classes and find a chad to stare at
>in class be on phone and/or laptop
>find friend to gossip with after classes
>go home/apartment and try to locate a chad
>sleep and repeat

(part 1.)
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At some point in the day these slobs are stuffing their faces. I mean how else could they all get so fucking fat?
There's all this MRA bullshit, a lot of which is admittedly observable, about the 80/20 rule and the Chad Doctrine
and so on. With all that crap already going on, let's add this fact into the equation: the vast majority (90%+)
of girls, women these days are fucking FAT, UGLY and DISGUSTING shameless slobs. Even when you go into a gym the
majority aren't working out, on their phones or are in general not doing any real exercise to lose weight, they're
just "being there", "being seen". We constantly hear the party lines of "just man up", "go get a girl", "got to go
through a few to find the right one" and other wise platitudes. Well HOW THE FUCK am I supposed to go get a girl
when almost all of them are fucking disgusting? Women these days literally have their cake and eat it too.

It's easy to go on and on about how guys need to be this and that, to be Chad Cunningham III etc. But what about
all the women these days? They don't make effort AT ALL. To be pretty, to be attractive (physically or psychologically),
they're shameless and vapid, vacuous creatures. I suppose I'll make my point with this: it's easy to fall into
the trap of robothood when all the women around aren't even worth the effort of contemplation.

(part 2.)
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If you were beautiful, you wouldn't need to be angry about the prevalence of fat chicks. Beautiful women consider you the same way you consider fat women. No reason to be so angry about other people's lives. Just let it go. The stress is only making you age more.
This poster is female, and a possible Vyro orbiter

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When does talking to girls become fun? How does Chad do it? I messaged a girl and talked to her for ten minutes, got bored, and played vidya instead.
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That's how I feel about talking to anyone. You never stop being like this.
Talk to girls who aren't vapid normals, it's difficult to find them but it is possible.
are girls who are into kpop normies?

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Are any of you on MPA? Just curious how many femanons here have/had eating disorders.
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tick tock goes the biological clock anons
tell yourself you don't like kids anyway, it will ease the pain
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>he's a filthy natalist
Betas are superior to Chads, due to their lack of muscles and facial hair, but many of them have ridiculously high standards.
You shouldn't complain about not finding a girlfriend when you require her to be
>white or asian
>large chested
A woman with that beauty will most likely not share your interests.
Go for the average girls.

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Got some fresh advice from a duck, pulled right from the front pages of our favourite website.

what do you think of it?
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i think you nigger shouldnt shill your shitty website here
This is directed at blacks, right? Every welfare family I know has at least 1 black parent.
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who ever knows with reddit

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You're fucking gay stop posting this retarded faggot
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>muh originality

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AZbots report in. Who comfy monsoon here?
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Me comfy monsoon here
File: IMG_1093.gif (621KB, 440x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw monsoons haven't came
Why is it taking so long?
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large (4).jpg
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think its going to rain soon
tempe here
comfy monsoon weather makes me happy desu

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Guys, my mom died on Friday, and if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to someone about it. I'm kind of tired of going through the same generic "Oh, I'm so sorry. If you need anything, I'm here for you" thing with all of my relatives and friends.
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Have you tried the Bacon Queso Burger from Wendys yet op? It will take away any pain you feel
No I haven't. Neighbors have brought us a lot of food over the last few days, we're pretty well stocked on baked ziti and pasta salad.

Also, a kid I used to play D&D with looks just like Reviewbrah, so seeing him always makes me laugh.
My Dad died last monday and I know exactly what youre going through anon.
It feels insincere when you hear the exact same shit from everyone you know

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You'd feel a lot better if you stopped eating tendies or pizza and went vegan.
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Probably true. I got a frozen pepperoni pizza cooking right now though. Also i haven't slept in 30 hours and I've jacked off 3 times today so I got more issues to worry about than just what food I eat.
>You'd feel a lot better if you stopped eating tendies or pizza and went vegan.
I am vegan

can confirm I feel a lot better than when I ate meat

obviously anecdotal, and obviously there's confounding factors, I became vegan at the start of many other changes in my life as well
I went nearly vegan for about 40 days and I did not feel any better

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I can't remember the last time I felt energized

I've been like this my entire fucking life. I always ALWAYS feel tired FUCK

>just lift bro
I do, fuck off.
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>do you masturbate constantly?
>do you eat junk food constantly?
>do you sleep enough?
>do you exercise enough?
>do you drink enough water?
>do you eat enough fruits / vegetables?
No, I barely ever masturbate. It is a chore for me. Whenever I do I bust the largest nut in the world because it happens so rarely

I don't eat any junk food. My diet consists of eggs, salad and Cheerios (I'm poor)

I've slept over 9 hours the last three days and I still feel like shit. I will sleep for over 12 hours and still wake up with black circles under my eyes

I jog and do free weight and body weight exercises a few times a week. I walk ~5 km total daily for my work commute.

I'm pretty sure I drink enough water. I carry around a water bottle and consciously try to stay hydrated

I've been like this literally my whole life. It's like my body has the fuel efficiency of an old SUV or something if that analogy makes sense
Correction on the junk food thing: I drink diet soda a few days a week

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comfy russia.jpg
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can we get a /comfy/ thread going?
here's a cool pic
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Man, I'd love to chill out and eat some pasta on a roof that high up and just watch the world slowly kill itself.
Here's some original comfy pictures I got last week
that's a lot of cigarettes

Real life is shit.

People say you need to enjoy fiction sparingly, to concentrate on real life and improving things there. But it's shit, in real life:

>Friends are flaky, they'll talk shit behind your back or blow you off all the time
>Women are untrustworthy and slutty, even the ones who seem decent aren't a sure bet since all it takes is one drunken mistake
>Nothing worth mentioning ever happens to most people, you take shit from everyone around you day in day out and fill your days with meaningless routine

FUCK THAT. I spend as much time as I possibly can immersing myself in fiction. Video games, anime, books, movies, music. It's the only way to cope with the misery of reality, my disappointment with other people and the harsh dullness of life.
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It's 6:40am already wake up you fucks
p legit, but you're never gonna find the good people by being shitty too

p much equivalent to a prisoners dilemma situation
>>Friends are flaky, they'll talk shit behind your back or blow you off all the time

I did this to a """"friend""", a guy I had known in college. He kept going after girls that were obviously keeping him on the hook (usually had boyfriends too). He was too wishy washy and he only ever talked about stuff that happened in high school.

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>know only outtie belly buttons all my life
>yesterday friend where's high cut top
>she has an innie
>instant boner

FUCK. It looks so good, goddamn.
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woops *wears
are you surrounded by obese americans? how have you never seen an innie bellybutton
File: 1496017203240.gif (2MB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>know only outtie belly buttons all my life
How is it even possible?

Well? How's it gonna all play out, anon?

Personally, I want to get married asap to a beautiful woman, have many kids. Send the boys to West Point, and have the daughters married off to alpha males. I want my descendants to be powerful leaders in society.
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Join the military,get to atleast general rank,get out,run for office and become president. I will be the best president since george washington and reagon.

I don't have one. Not anymore.

I gave up on marriage - I'm too undesirable, no one would ever really love me (no one in my life ever has). Besides, I can't share personal details. Never done so. I couldn't ever be a good husband.

I couldn't be a good father either, especially in times like these when Murica is going so downhill. Better my unborn kids stay unborn; I'd be committing a crime bringing them here.

I actively hate my job. It's stable, steady, safe. Utterly dehumanizing. It's also the best I'll probably ever get. I had ambition once, but I know I can't reach that. I don't have that antagonistic, arrogant drive. I want to get along, to smile and enjoy life. Careers in modern capitalism are about ruthlessly destroying others regardless of others' feelings. Not something I'm really cut out for, so I just subside.

I guess I live for day to day little pleasures. I like to creatively write. I work out to see strength gains. I photoshop surrealist bullshit. I practice archery. To be honest, I don't have anything else. No family, no friends, no dreams and no hopes. I'm just here finding a little bit of enjoyment in my days. It's enough, I guess. Not a great life, but life's not really all that great. I get by. I guess I'll get by for the remaining 40 years of my life.
waiting to die

THE most infuriating phrase I hear is "life is short"

no, it takes wayy too fucking long to play out

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jeff seed.jpg
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How do you even compete against someone like pic related, realistically speaking?

He's great physique, perfect genetics, and a charismatic personality. There's just no one alive today who could even give him a run for his money. He is quite literally the ubermensch.
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I beg to differ originally
Dude the guy in your pic isn't natty, he's roiding hard.
poke a vein while nobody is looking and watch him deflate

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How do we stop the black menace?
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Why would we? Then that poor woman would be out of a job.
Finish what Hitler started
>posts picture of two pornstars

fuck off kike

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