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Is living in a van a meme? Nobody can actually sustain this right?
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With some initiative and planning yes
Also find a place to shower or riverbathr yourself
In LA, Chad lives in a van and fucks lolis there

Hows everyone's day?

Mine is just not doing any well.
Pic related.
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Originuruu kyaa
>posting nicknames on 4chan
women think they are entitled to friendship

women cant understand rejection hurts ( hence why they freak out and cant fathom, then lash out when a guy says no like in ops pick) and you cant turn attraction feelings off magically.

Sorry you had to go through that OP she doesnt sound like much of a friend

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Some of you may be familiar with tsuki/systemspace, some of you may not, but basically it's a small vip imageboard, there's about 1000 registrant slots left, there's some neat lore and a focus on lain and maybe suicide


We are being overrun with people from some youtuber and it's been shared on some other places, and we're getting a few undesirables
This is not official, i'm not a mod or tsuki representative, but maybe you could check it out and perhaps improve the norp-robot ratio a bit, otherwise the rest of the slots are going to be filled with underage faggots and we have to abandon the board pretty much
It's still very worth signing up, since they will most likely leave if there are enough of us
Thanks alot
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Sounds nice

>five years ago suicide cults were getting shut down left and right, it took genuine effort to find one
I wonder what changed
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Am I retarded? How do you upload the drawn image in registration? I would like somewhere quieter to discuss anime since this place has become even more of a pigsty since the election but I can't scroll down and or find any clickable objects.

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*looks at you with a shocked face*
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for Chad ONLY

It is pretty creepy to stare at someone, anon.
"How good does your shit smell that you immediately assume I'm staring at you?"

Because I wouldn't be because I'm not a sperg fuck.

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How can I go to a major city with nothing and start my life over?
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Starting to wonder the same thing myself.
You cant
You need at least some money to your name
Unless you are a women or a Chad, don't bother
Get a job there before you move.
Live in a hostel / backpackers for the first few weeks until you find an apartment to rent.

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Is it normal that I reread my posts several times after I've posted them?

I must reread every post I make at least three times after I've posted it and then an additional two times every time it gets a reply. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.
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Not just you.
When I post in a thread I usually never look back, not even to see the responses to my post since I'm too socially awkward to have any kind of conversation even on 4chan.
Do you do it because you're afraid you made a mistake, or for some other reason?

I always re-read my posts a couple times to check for typos. The problem is I have a tendency to quickly type something and click post without checking, then I obsessively check it afterwards. I feel horrible if I find a typo, but by then it's too late, and deleting posts seems pointless now with auto-updating because the posts remain visible to anyone who already had them loaded.

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Pssst... the narwhal bacons at midnight XD
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This board has been taken over by rabid reddit-defenders who probably have the alien bumper sticker on their cars.

It's really disappointing.
At least we got the 2010-2012 era redditors. Most redditors right now don't even know that secret catchphrase.
Hi plebbit! Look what my girlfriend made!

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I've had 2 serious gfs and I can tell you from first hand experience, it won't solve your problems in the long run. Instead of complaining over tfw no gf, do something good for yourself so you can be happy without a gf, that's the key to getting one in the first place and being even happier

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them
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Mate it's pointless trying to help them
How do you stop wanting a gf?


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So you've lost the love of your life. The person you thought was the one you'd spend the rest of your life with.

How was the person after her?

It's been a month since I've lost her. My heart is still so broken. I so desperately want her back, but I know I never will. Still, I've started to eat, I've started to exercise. Life goes on after all, even though it's all so bleak and empty. I won't be ready to date for months, if ever, but I can't help but think that it's only going to be disappointment from now on. I'm so afraid of my future.

Did 'the one' really turn out to be irreplaceable?
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Are those her tits? If yes then you fucked up.
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Hah, no kidding, but no.
currently dating girl after 'the one'

its shit, nothings changed

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i've had enough.png
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I think my dick is dying.

I can almost never get 100% hard anymore. My primo spanking material doesn't help, every fap session is a battle to stay hard long enough to cum. I'm only 25, why the fuck is this happening? Is this what a lifetime of lethargy and shitty eating has wrought?
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You have reached minimum t. Become a trap or an hero
Stop fapping, you probably have the most serious iron grip symptom ever. Seriously, just stop fapping for 2-3 months and it should be okay.
limit fapping, eat healthier, cut all shit food from diet, exercise regularly, realize your depression is pointless and it's a waste of time even feeling like shit. My dick is nearly 9 inches when fully hard but heavy drinking and depression I get weak boners so it's like 8.5 tops and just droops down, well I used to, followed the above advice and things slowly getting better, I'm 31 years old too.

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Why does Agatha hate men so much?
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She's a lesbian? the fuck
i beat her pussy into submission
Don't bully my jewish girlfriend

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Why are men so insecure & childish?
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Why are women so slutty and arrogant?
Be more specific.
I'm what you would call. A men. I might be able to help you.
>tfw no slutty arrogant gf

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Help me understand why there are guys who give ugly women who even look bad in make up tons of money and fame ?
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nigga fucking hold muh dik or its gonna kill that body
desperation, nothing less, nothing more.

that Youtube gravy train is over though.
because these women are sluttier

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Need it for cooking
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Aged Semen
Dandruff and/or dried smegma
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cumin, amazing on lambs.

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Any girls here? I'm gonna kick your ass!
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Same dude. I fucking hate women.
Here i am! hehe o no don't beat me up! Hehehe :3
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Take THlS

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