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>mfw /r9k/ has gone from Alt-right Normans back to its Alt-left robot roots
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You will never guess what i put in the options field
You're a faggot and an idiot. Robots have never been about politics. You leftie faggots are pathetic and jealous of /pol/'s ability to shitpost so hard to be noticed my mainstream society
Probably a literal faggot like that one that claims /r9k/ supports lgbt and we have a "cherish tranny community" and the only reason we want the faggots out is "because we're from /pol/".

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umm im a fembot and i met a guy who says he's antisocial but he's definitely a normie. he's hispanic but white. what are the odds of being pumped and dumped? im a virgin and want a boyfriend.

is it better to mess with robots or normies?
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I don't want this board to succeed so you should go for normies instead
Fuck off you dumb slut. There are no fembots, you are not welcome here.
High/huge risk of being a pump and dump tbqh, sorry anonette
>come to swedistan and take my virginity pls

ITT: images that you relate to on a spiritual level.
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newfags can't blankpost
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Lighting the fire you think to yourself, "What the fuck have i become." However it is too late to save them from themselves.
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can only say that this sends me back to a time when i was in love with people on tv

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>I'm attracted to my only friend in every sense of the word.
Is it better to be alone than to be in this situation? I worry he knows.
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It would make him feel flattered, happy, not only would it boost his confidence to know that his female friend was attracted to him but he would likely enjoy your company much more then. And then you could make moves on him in private and encourage him to do more with you. Just sometime say "I think you're really sexy.."
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It would make him feel flattered, happy, not only would it boost his confidence to know that his female friend was attracted to him but he would likely enjoy your company much more then.
Anon that's the problem, I'm a guy.
Nothing matters in the end, that's why it matters now. If you get zero gay vibes from him then respect his boundaries and continue being a friend of his. It's not like he's going out with other guys and "Friendzoning" you. If he's not into guys you just have to accept that, but you should probably clue him in that you like guys eventually. Depends how close you guys are and if he's homophobic or not.

I'm sitting on the porch
Wind blowing through my hair
The ducks are frolicking in the pond
But I just can't seem to care

Life goes on around me
I don't participate
I go through all the motions
But what I really do is wait

I dream about the day
That you'll come home to me
Nothing else is important
Why can't people see?

I don't want to go out
I don't want to have fun
I don't want to do a thing
Until all is said & done

They took you in the summer
Now fall is almost finished
Winter will be here very soon
And then the year will have diminished

You have no idea how much I cry
I never let you know
It's so hard out here without you
But I'm not allowed to let it show

I must pretend all is fine
Everyone thinks all's okay
But what I never ever tell them
Is that I cry for you every day
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Why sealpug.. why???
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lemonsad 2.gif
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there's a sealpug shaped hole in my heart

of course you go tripfag. god you suck.
Wait a second, that's not sealpug. That's hoverpug!

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>just lift bro, it works for me
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look ma i made another manlet thread

hoo wee when will those manlets learn huh?
>tfw no cute manlet bf to spoil and be a mommy for
t. height starts with "5"

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>she literally told me to pursue her
>I did all this cute shit like write her an ironic song and film a video of an entire audience telling her to go out with me
>oh was she ever so excited to get the attention
>finally ask her out

what has she done to you, anon?
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Make me feel more isolated then ever before.
>she literally told me to pursue her
Shoulda turned around and walked the other way right then and there. Bitch is just playing with you.
Yup. I've heard about woman fuckery before but it never happened to me. Now that it has, I understand why robots hate womyn.

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I wish I wasn't so addicted to weed. I need to save some to save my money and not run out but Jesus I'm trying to go to bed and my mind is just screaming at me for hours "just one more bowl, just smoke another one just smoke a little bit, just a few more hits" it's screaming at me so bad I can't even think or close my eyes (yes I'm really this addicted to weed)

I wish I had a girl to just hold me through these times
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Wait till you need morphine to sleep at night you lil bitch
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>addicted to weed
Ummmm no sweetie that's just called "having no willpower"
My addiction to pot is more real than heroin addicts I've met

can any christian anons pray and ask God what I'm supposed to be doing with my life?
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I prayed but he said OP is a faggot so sorry man I can't help
I don't think you understand how praying/religions work
He won't answer if you sin

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How does dis make you feel little black boi? Black women love white cock.
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ebony shemales 3.jpg
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Black bois have a new role
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sissy black 4.jpg
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Black bois will still have a place in our new society
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Jdjdjdddjdn kind kid KS jd

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1499281490726 (1).jpg
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You guys are just a bunch of haters.





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lol youre really convinced this is a good way to bait people huh?
>this is Jake's wife

Logan Paul is hotter.

Femanons were you molested before puberty?
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Please respond. Someone had to be molested
Yes. When I was 6, my older sister who was 13 at the time molested me.
Yes, when I was 9 years old by a guy in his 30s.

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Only attractive people have gf's and are succe-
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Money + status.
I can get a woman too if i am willing to be a beta provider for some dumb cunt.
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yup so there you go its possible. he even has 2 kids
I swear to god when I first saw him I was amazed by his ugliness and couldn't stop staring. I have never seen a 0.5/10 before.

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>decide to meet other robots on the zeemaps
>finally feel like i will meet other people who are as weird as i am
>turns out im the weirdest one there
>some of them are legitimately scared of me
>feel even worse
anyone else have similar stories?
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Just how weird are you?
I've spoken to 2 people on /r9k/ before. The first ghosted me after less then an hour. The second... well, I panicked and ghosted them out of my own fears after an hour of speaking as well.
Don't feel bad, OP. Most people on /r9k/ struggle to form bonds with each other.
i have come to terms with the fact that i cannot discuss the full extent of my weirdness in real life.

but here you go:
>savage prolonged bullying and isolation as a kid
>parents ignored me or tried to force me into doing things i didnt want to do, regularly humiliated and slapped me for things that i couldnt control
>killed small animals and started watching sadist pornography before i was 10
>was humilated and punished for showing sexual interest in girls
>moved countries three times during vital developmental stages, my ccent madde it impossible to fit in, so i have never had childhood friends

more to come

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Anyone else /straightedge/

I can't stand normies who drink and smoke, it's pretty disgusting.

>inb4 triggered DUDE ALCOHOL LMAO Normies invade the thread
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Yea. I get kinda bummed when I find out some artists I listen to do drugs. But when they don't they earn Respec points
My hatred of alcohol probably arose because of my alcoholic mother. I love her a lot, but it irritates me when I see her drunk. Her bitch like attitude and her constant babble wanting to start fights with my calm father makes me despise alcohol.
Lmfaoooooooo ur such a nerd vigin loser bro can't handle alcohol looooooooool.

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