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How do I stop feeling like everything is pointless? Even when I'm productive, I end up feeling like everything was just one big waste of time.
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I have trouble with this myself sometimes. I just keep setting the goalposts further, hoping that achieving my next goal will make me feel different, or that I can die in the endless struggle.
>tfw we won't die until we finally found the will to live
I wouldn't say I'm looking for a reason to live. More like I'm looking for a reason to die. I hate myself too much to just give up the ghost without proving to the world that I'm worth something. If anything I do doesn't kill me, then it wasn't a good enough cause. People take my sentiment as optimism, but really it just means that nothing I do is worth enough to have died for.

Anyone here been chemically castrated? What's it like?
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It sucks but what's worse is they tricked you I to doing it.
Chemical castration needs a nicer, more image-friendly name.

As of now, it gives the mental picture of dipping your balls in a vat of acid.
Im mtf. I was "chemically castrated" as part of my hormone treatment then castrated for real as part of my srs

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>Leave 4chan completely for weeks
>Feel good and motivated
>Visit /r9k/ just for 10 minutes and instantly angry and depressed again

This fucking place sucks
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>When your emotional state is dictated by a website and not the shitty things going on in your life

This is how I can instantly tell you don't belong here.
Did you really feel better and motivated or are you fucking with me?
Fuck it im going to give it a shot. Go fuck yourselves, robots.

Here's mine

Thank god for crypto
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Pretty much the same. Looking at my accounts can make my day just a little less shitty.
I've also started credit card churning. Got a nice 300 dollar bonus coming.
How much do you start up with anon?

Can you guys keep me company while I have my birthday dinner?

I'm so alone. I love you r9k. You guys have been my only true friends for so long.
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Happy birthday, Anon! Enjoy the Nando's
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w-wrong pic

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ITT: When was the last time you shit yourself
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3 weeks ago. But it was more just a mild shart. Yes i am an alcoholic. Also iwas alone at home so the FUUUCCKKK level was very low. 1/10 story my last shit pants was
A couple years ago. Roll out of bed into my chair, turn on computer, suddenly I have the sensation that I need to fart while playing vidya. It wasn't a fart. I proceeded to crab walk out of my room to the bathroom next door while holding up the ends of my shorts so as not to release any spaghetti on my brown carpets to get stepped on. Cleaned up in the restroom knowing the rest of my day wouldn't get better.
at work a couple years ago

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I only had sex using my butt, I am still a robot, r-right? I mean, buttsex is not even real sex, and I didn't put my penis on anything.
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bump, please guys, I need to know.
did it feel good anon
i wanna know
It did! It's even better than using a dildo.

Why haven't you tried singing in a choir, robots? Who knows, maybe you could even find yourself a gf that way.
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my voice sucks though
Because I can't carry a note longer than 2-3 seconds
My girlfriend's in choir though, she has a lovely voice
I hate singing, and anything that consists of singing.

I don't voluntarily listen to anything with singing in it.

Choirs disgust me.

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Instead of saying, "I didn't know that existed." normies say

> OMG I when did this become A THING?

Other shit that pisses me off:

> bias (instead of biased)
> we're goin eat (instead of going to eat)
> because...reasons!
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Why are you talking to normies?
just shit I see online all the time...even articles in the New York Times or other news sources

> "Donald Trump Does XYZ Because Reasons!"

> "Apparently Adulting Is a Thing Now!
>be emulating normie in my head
>think in terms of "things"
>focus on the "knowledge of things"
>you have to see your mind as a pool
>it's full of useful references (or not)
>you add one item to the pool
>everyone is doing this

I'm scared, hold me

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>girl from class messages me
>she only wants to talk about class
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>girls message you
Get out, normalfag
Let her fail lol. Don't be the beta that does her homework for her.
>working on presentation with group of 4 from class
>one girl is t h i c c qt blonde
>get along with her really well
>get hints that she's into me
>too pussy to ask her out to lunch
>semester ended last week


What was your senior quote?

Or what will it be, for those still in school.
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Just a generic "I had a nice time" quote. 90% of my senior class tried to be funny and it's dumb desu senpai
We didn't get one.
It's for the best, they generally aren't funny or good.

Still in school here. Haven't decided yet but I think I'll go with that one. Sharpay was my Disneyfu. She was absolute perfection in human form. Gabriella was a shit.

Should women be tortured?
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Why not? Look at how they treat men. They're just begging for it.

Cut a few of them up and the others might start to get the message.

Hell yes, how should we torture them?
With whatever you have at hand when one of them starts mouthing off. At least bust her jaw so she recognizes where the problem is occurring.

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Are spongebob memes the most normie of memes?
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>complains about normie memes
>says normie
gj op
No its very normalfag though about a much as saying normie
no those ironic "i wanna killmyself cause i have crippling depression xDDDD" maymays are the most normie. Im fucking sick of them. they have no idea.

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Why haven't you passed on your genes yet?

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I don't care for it. It's pointless once I'm dead anyway.
>a size able amount of women want a society where men who aren't male models are castrated at 13. All women support some sort of eugenics. They are angry his genes were passed. They hate him and his child.
With my mental illness, why would I want to bring someone into this world and have them possibly suffer like I have?

I dont want to take that chance.

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Picture 2231.jpg
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time for the usual liquor thread
got some meh tier rye whiskey here
post your poison, robots
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I want to go buy something to mourn poor ol' France with.
It looks like you got a cute haircut.
I saw the thumbnails of your threads over the years, so i have just 2 questions.

>Are you a NEET or working? If you work, where?
and if you work
>why do you use the cloths to cover the windows

I did the same but i am eternal NEET so for me it made sense to not spend money on such bullshit.

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