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About to go into an inpatient mental ward, any tips?
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walk right up to the biggest motherfucker there and deck him right in the face
Are you going willingly
Follow every rule they give you and don't be disobedient. They can really make your time suck if you act out.

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what would an /r9k/, but only for women, look like
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I'm not sure how this is even a question.
Cmon we've been over this
Seeing the roastie in that picture makes me want to PHYSICALLY, SEXUALLY and VERBALLY HARRASS her, since she would not be able to do anything about it.

Robots, I am starting to think that troll poster is right.
If you flip the tables you can start to understand the female perspective.

It is EASY for them to get laid.
They live life on god mode.
And we are shit-talking them for taking advantage of it?

If every girl wanted to fuck me, I'd gladly do it.
If people wanted to give me a free ticket through life, I'd gladly take it.

Fuck you guys, I want an easy life instead of working for mr shekel as a wagecuck.

There's more important things to life than working paycheck to paycheck and being lonely & treated like shit.

If I was reborn into a woman I'd be rich as fuck and live easy.
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Woah bro! You're a fucking genius! Remember Yeezus! The greatest rapper alive!
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>live easy.

partially fake and gay.

everything happens because they have the vagogo.

but I wouldn't name it an "easy life".
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whatever makes you feel better anon lel

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hows my new anime?
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I like the characters. So, what's the story?
the less sides you have the more powerful you are
It's not the story, it's like a random concept. Tell me more about the characters and their relations.

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>it will never be summer of 2007 again
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only true robots know the feel of being a chief bandit and setting up meso explosion to kill gobies.

R.I.P time to kill myself
i dated the first girl i met from 4chan in 2007, found out i only get along with 4chan girls but they're also fucking insane. 10 years later i still haven't learned my lesson. dayum.
Post maple story soundtracks anons

Best one right here

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Hi, my name is Ramon.
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At least there was people to talk to when this board wasn't filled with predditors and imyurians. You fucking faggots I hate all of you underage scum infesting this site like the Halo Plague. If Fathe Nicholas presented me a shotgun I would have a feast on this site.
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You must have lots of friends. I bet you sit alone somewhere, with nobody to help you. That will be your downfall. You can't go killing everyone, everyone will stop you. You're lucky you're allowed to be alive at all.

But that's just a theory... a game theory
Thanks for providing a trip. Gonna Filter Your LAame Ass Now.

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robots, how fucked am i, and what do i do?
> Be me texting with a 7/10 from tinder for 2 weeks
> We talk a bunch every day, she texts if i dont
> Go on a date, everything goes great and at the end she says she definetly wants to see me again
> she hugs me
Then i decided not to be a beta fag once
> take her hand
> say that i kinda expected more
> say i wanted a kiss, hold her
> she instantly says "i dont kiss on the first date sorry"
> incredibly awkward hug follows
> says bye directly after
> we go home
>She texted me a few messages after saying i looked unpleased at the end
> say that "i wouldnt mind kissing on a first date"
> she tells me she forgives me
It's now 2 days later and she doesnt text me at all anymore.. Did i fuck up badly not beeing beta for once?
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Hm doesn't sound too bad..she knows you're a man and have your desires, I think the fact that you tried to kiss her actually flattered her, who wouldn't go for a kiss after a nice first date? Your text afterwards sounds a bit needy tho..you should text her again, if she's acting weird and you're sure that she's cool and understanding you should maybe apologize in a sincere way, saying that you're not that experienced with women and didn't know to handle that awkward situation..don't expect that to work with every woman tho
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not a beta.
just the usual retarded autistic sperglord
Just set up the next date some women have stupid rules met a girl who wouldn't fuck me on first date but was doing ass to mouth with me the next night

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Why won't asian qts date black men?
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They know not to throw away their genes

Says who ? Don't make me posts the you know what thang
Post it
original oregano

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wut wuld u do 2 her pudding hatch

No Drink thread? Drink /thread

What are you all drinking tonight /b/?

I'll start off with Irish cream (pretty much baileys)
It's cheap and gets me drunk so fuck it.
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Been up since yesterday drinking beer, cider, wine & schnapps while snorting line after line of some raw coke.

My friend passed out a couple hours ago, I'll probably crash soon but I wish you a merry night, good sir! Have fun avenging me.
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Stay safe anon. Sleep well pupper.
Just the 3rd beer of a decent brand.
Will probably be my last beer for the next month, because that shit is making me fat ;_;

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>Hop in, anon! We go for drive to Kiev for to pick up perogis for babushka!

What do?
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Seize their means of reproduction.
hop in and play on my gameboy
>"Does babushka want grand children?"

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>go outside
>holy shit, so many attractive women!
>make fake okcuoid account
>wtf, so few attractive women

What is going on?
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Women don't need Internet to get some fuck op, they get fuck from people in their extended social sphere, or even compete strangers. Hope this helps.
Women that are both attractive and sane don't need Internet to hook up
Remember, girls on the Internet are either ugly as hell or batshit crazy.
>holy shit, so many attractive women!
and im just loser reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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how to cause extreme pain to somegone without hurting them
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Pull their mask off.
would it be painful?
Kill their pet. They will never find out it was you

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I've been task with the job of helping my robot brother. So I asked robots the question. What is one thing you want someone to help you with or do for you?
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Take him clothes shopping, help him get a couple outfits
Get him an easy job or money.
that's all i guess.
Turn into a loli and jerk him off
Find a job oregano

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>feeling depressed and tired
>make a cup of coffee
>after a few sipps already feel better

is coffee the greatest drug?
>can drink it anywhere without stigma
>can buy it from any restaurant or vendor
>hundreds of flavours (though I normally drink black anyway)
>bongs get triggered just for bringing it up

coffeebros what are you drinkan?
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>feeling depressed and tired
>... because I didn't take enough of this drug and am now experiencing withdrawal
I never claimed otherwise. but I don't think very many people experience withdrawal
because they drink it every day

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