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Are people with Asperger's even human?
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i-im an aspie and i think im very human
No, we are robots, beep boop
my old philosophy teacher went into great detail about this with me in private because i was curious, this is one of the most knowledgeable guys ive ever known

physically we are humans, mentally we are not, because we lack the basic human function of empathy and other things

he was a really cool guy and this didnt affect me at all

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What are you currently playing, anon? I am almost done with Borderlands 2.
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Playing through Persona 4 a bit. It's funny, I'm actually stressed about getting everything in the game done.
playing red dead redemption for the first time
Overwatch. I lost almost 300 SR yesterday. Really unlucky matchmaking.

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>come on anon,i'm in heat! You know you want to!
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Yeah. Id fuck it.
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How about this one? Is she cutie enough for you?
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..dogs are so much more pure than ppl... praying for you anon !!!!

Hey robots, how does it feel to realise that Neville Chamberlain indirectly caused the deaths of 23 million Russians by not preventing WW2?

Feels pretty bad man.
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Feels good being anglo
I don't know shit about history and my brother has a history degree and got with top tier girls in his life.
I don't really give two fucks about Russians they're just niggers painted white and their retarded ideology is responsible for a lot of problems the white race faces today Russians can fuck off as far as I'm concerned

Lick her clean while you touch your pathetic little cock, anon. Leave sex to superior men.
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Eww hell no, vaginas are gross
Are you homosexual or something
ringosan? is that you?

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Why do most women stop trying to look good past age 40?

If they tried, they'd still look fuckable. This one's 60:

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The secret is to not be poor. Not having children helps a lot, but if the first condition is met, you can just pay someone else to raise your children to avoid them sucking the life from you.
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>they'll just hit the wall bro
>men age like wine women like milk
>just play the long game bro

god made this earth for women we get to die in the salt mines and battlefields and our original sin is not wanting that.
Chick in video probably never had a kid(s). I think they usually just stop caring about looks at a certain age. Once they realize there meat curtain is no longer of value and stop seeking for validation from betas they just give up and decide to be ugly.

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>ywn have a view like this
>97% of people in the world experience this

How does this make you feel?
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A bit jealous, I got my dicked sucked twice before but both girls were really bad at giving head, none licked my balls like that either.
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Only 3%? W-wow, I guess I'm pretty special.
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>I'm jealous I'll never get that view I've gotten that one time

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>bedsheets detached from mattress again
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa feels bad man
Dont put your bed in the corner
This drives me fucking nuts. I toss and turn so much that it happens every night.

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What do you think is the worst disability you can be born with?
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As someone with aspergers, I can tell you without a shred of doubt that having aspergers is the worst disability to be born with.
being ugly but also smart

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Would you fuck a 17 year old if it was legal in your country and she was good looking?

I'm 23 and I the chance and it's legal. Should I do it?
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> tfw legal age is 16
> tfw still fucked a 15 year old
I was 16 though so it's ok but yeah go for it. Is she hot?
If it's legal it's legal, go for it. I got propositioned by a 16yr old (legal here) and we're preparing to meet up this Sunday. Was very strict about no lewd photos/videos being shared due to legal reasons and she understood.

If it's legal, there's no point not to imo
what a completely moronic question to ask. rofl how fucking warped do you have to be to even ask questions like this. do you not have any ability to self govern your choices as a human being without validation from other AUTISMAL BEEPBOOPS?? what the heck... 17 is too old for most western females imo considering how most of them are exposed to phyto/xeno estrogens way too young and end up starting puberty at 6-9 years old... JUST

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Imagine knowing a cute girl you like, she's beautiful and adorable, with an innocent face with beautiful blue eyes and a nice smile, but she hides something evil within. Amongst all forms of possible fetishes she got the most filthy and degenerate one, she's a tremendous scat lover, someone who literally covers herself with her shit and her vomit making "shit masks" that allow you too see only her eyes. Not only, she eats it, she thrust it in her vagina and then masturbate. Her boyfriend (yes she has a boyfriend) dives his penis in her shit and then put it in her vagina, she covers his dick with her shit and then blows it. She enjoys it, she loves it, she's a hell of a monster.

I found myself randomly in the weird side of internet tonight and I found this girl who has stolen my sleep. Can't get over the fact that there's this cute Russian girl of my same age (23) who covers and deprave herself with shit. It's something so absurd and malefic that I'm trying to understand what causes this. What are the possible causes that make you develope such a horrid fetish? I don't think a norma life can origin all this, maybe it's just mental illness?

I'm a very open minded person, even on the sexual spectrum, but I felt the most sane person in the world after watching her Scat Shop profile. Yet I feel such a sadness seeing such a beautiful girl like that depraving herself in inhuman ways of depravation and filthiness. She could just be a stacy with a chad on her side with a normal life, yet here she is. Incredibly she has given birth to two childs recently, this girl is a mother. A mother.

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You would get so incredibly ill if you actually did this. It's got to be brownie batter or something.
That's what I was thinking indeed, but it apparently all comes from her ass, I didn't see a full video of her, so I can't say if there's some kind of montage or trick, but I hope so.
Why did you post this exact thread and picture multiple times? There is nothing exceptional about this thread, stop posting.

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meh pepe.jpg
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I just want to play vidya with a fellow robot
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Just post your steam info and i'll add you
Gtfo normalfags, true robots don't play vidya with other people

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Is nofap a meme?

I can't be sure since I've only gone as afar as one week or so and I didn't feel any huge difference really, I've heard you have to go for 90 days. Anyone that have gone so far that can clarify this, did you notice a huge difference or just a minor one in your mood, motivation?

I'm feeling an urge to fap right now.
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Calling nofap a meme has become a meme. It is partly meme and partly non meme. Cutting porn should be the bigger focus.
I don't think I've gone more than a day without jacking off at least twice since I was about 15 - and I'm 22 now. I don't even know if I can last a week without jacking it
I doubt that watching porn once in a while will have suchan effect on you brain chemistry, I can understand if you watch porn 5 times everyday for years, but the individuals that does that already have other mental issues that aggravate the behaviour.

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Would it be weird to meet my ex if she has a new bf?
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Cuck him good.
Cuck him with your ex.
that's what i want

but ifi dont cuck him im the cuck

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>mfw I find out that birds don't pee
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Wait wot
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they SHIT AND PISS out of the same tight hole... cloaca.

imagine how much time we'd save if our dumb bodies could do the same... :T
Imagine if humans didn't urinate. Imagine taking a diarrhea shit eight times a day.

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