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Ok Anon. I will be your mommy girlfriend. But what is in for me? What Do I get in return?
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a big boy that will forever love you
>not old enough
No thanks
Access to my bank account and eventually my home and half my belongings

>have a gf anyway and she likes her chubby bear

suck my dick robots
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Post ur qt belly now, or gtfo piggo!
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It doesn't count if you rape them OP
Squeal piggy squeal !

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because you can always tell and they aren't always social outcasts
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Intelligent people that could be normies or even chads

Normies don't belong here get out rrrreeee.
gtfo faggot

IF masturbation is a good thing, we would be living in paradise. The amount and variety of free porn we have access to is mindboggling.

Why is current world a bad place? In a perfect world would we respect a lot more our sexuality?
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I'm on 2nd day of no fap, so shut up.
Masturbation IS a good thing, but her uneven boobs kinda bother me.
Because no masturbation is even worse.

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Roasties only started paying attention to Eric and Dylan, but especially Elliot after they became spree killers. These females are fucking sick. There's tons and tons of columbine slash fiction, and it's all written by hypocritical she-devils!
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Sounds like my kind of women.

Dylan had dick cheese
making yaoi shit about teenagers who were driven to kill by the normalfags torment is absolutely tasteless.

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Femanons of r9k, what's your opinion on people who alternate between thrusting and licking your vag to delay their ejaculation, putting it out everytime they go down on you, then going back in?
Would it turn you on or rather frustrate and prevent you from reaching orgasm?
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Its actually a turn off because Ill get into the thrusting but if the guy switches then it becomes a chore to get aroused again like STOP! Guys seriously dont do this.
>hhuurr deerrp femanon here meme

Nice bait op now tits or gtfo.
not op but whats the best strategy?
>if you are actually a femanon and not a gay ass LARPer

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How would you respond if you were in his place?
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Fuck both of them, obviously

also sauce?
>he only notices after his entire back is wet

what the fuck?

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I want to start doing heroin
I'm always stressed out and can't take it anymore
alcohol doesn't work and weed stays in your system for up to a month
I just want to escape life for a couple hours although I wouldn't mind if I OD'd

do any robots use heroin, is it as comfy as it looks?
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if you do heroin, nothing except for more heroin will ever feel good again
if that sounds appealing, go for it
Strat by shooting fentanyl, it's much safer.
It's pretty damn comfy desu
It makes you feel warm

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please leave a unique response in this thread
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no np problem senpai

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>tfw no matter how hard you work to succeed in life, people will always say its because you had white privilege that you got anything
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I wish white privilege was real so I could take advantage of my white privilege.
If white privilege was actually real I wouldn't be working a shitty retail job and renting a shit hole apartment.

I need some help /r9k/
>meet girl on discord
>confirm its a girl
>she flirts a bit
>i try making a move
>i get friendzoned
I'm wondering why someone would flirt with a man before putting him in the friendzone. Also can't post pics because she probaly lurks here.
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You're basically asking how someone can lose interest
Is that why she tells me when she's on her period? Please don't tell me she isn't just testing me to see if i'm chad enough.
Imagine being a girl on the internet and having every guy you meet fall in love with you because it's the only form of social interaction they've had this year

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>I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world
>I'll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home
>Yeah, I'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone
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thats some deep ass poem
thanks anon
>Powerade caps everywhere
>open piss-filled Powerade bottles emitting aroma
>But there is really nothing, nothing we can do
>Love must be forgotten, Life can always start up anew

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I feel like im dying
i dont know what this feeling is but its bothering me
can a robot help me
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did something happen for you to start feeling this way?
Physically dying or mentally dying?
i embarrassed myself around someone and they went to bed i want to feel better
please make the anxiety go away this is horrible
i feel like i cant do anything
im numb

who else here /nightjog,walk, bike, etc/? I've went jogging at about 12am for the past 3 nights and there have been more than a few people asking what I'm running from. I understand that it's late, but if a person who looks like their jogging is jogging, then it's safe to assume their going for a jog right?
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I hope you're not black because the police will probably shoot you during your night jog.
I /nightdrive/ because the polizei are less likely to fucking kill me for going long distances.
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kek my sides.png
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>be black
>police can see him

Local police force aren't equipped with nigger vision goggles.

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kfc combo.jpg
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>be me
>order whole kfc family meal
>eat whole thing in one sitting
>eat a whole cake for dessert
>still hungry

who here /piggy/
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How big are you exactly?
You're a fucking pussy i can eat a bucket of chicken as a snack

this anon thinks hes cool for eating a bucket of chicken lol fat piece of shit

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