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>ywn lick the smelly and sweaty cock of a robot that didn't shower for an entire week
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I think i can help you with that op
>its another hal thread
w-where do you live?


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How do I get prescribed xanax or something similar?
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exactly how you think
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Go to a psychiatrist. If you leave in/around a uni it shouldn't be hard to find a plug tho.

It depends on if you're just looking for a quick buzz or really genuinely believe you'd function better on something like it.
Go to a counselor or therapist and say you have bad anxiety. Dont tell them u drink alcohol or any of your drug history. They wont prescribe if they think u might me an addict. Thats where i fucked up

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any other robots know how to cook but hate themselves too much to actually do it?
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You mean too deep in the pit of depression to bother with basic shit like cooking? I'm across this feel.
All good now though. Just whipped up a batch of my famous chilli.
pretty much, yes.
I'm making myself dinner but keep wondering what the point is. it haunts me every time I go shopping. I want to just buy easy shit like pizza rolls but I won't stop being a fat fuck that way.
My problem is mostly laziness not depression plus I hate cleaning up the mess afterwords and its much cheaper to buy something at a resultant than it is to buy all the ingredients to cook one fucking meal.

For all of you who think all women are terrible and roasties, etc, etc. I found out a truth much worse. It's not that their aren't any good ones, it's that the good ones don't want us, or at least me.
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Can you honestly give a reason why they would want to? I mean compared to better men.
I'm not trying to say they should, just trying to speak in the position of a former women hater. They aren't all bad, not even close, it's just they don't want us
If they were truly pure and good, they would want to spread the joy.

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In 3 months of having a girlfriend, and still having one i have came to the conclusion that it is mainly about sex.

Women are basically nothing but holes.

>You will regularly go out together and do stuff and waste money
>You will go out for dinner and waste money
>You will do activities together and waste more money
>At home, you do nothing but cuddle, maybe watch a movie
>Have sex
>Get horny and sex again, rinse and repeat.
>She will complain and talk about work, or what her friend or a customer did
>Have sex

Sex is the only thing that keeps you coming back, you get over the attention, cuddling, or someone to talk to.

I's litrelly not worth it.
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No matter how obsessed you are with some girl at first you'll always eventually get tired of her. That can be said about anyone really. We just end up creating obligations that force us to stay together with other people for the sake of stability and societal pressure. At the end of the day it's all about fulfilling a biological need. Anything else you get from a relationship fades in intensity like any drug - until you break yourself off and start the cycle again or make the effort to mature and shoulder the burden of monogamy. The latter is probably healthier in the long term desu.
To finally meet someone who's too much of a realist to have a relationship.
I'm not the only one huh?
>Women are basically nothing but holes.

In bygone times they also had other functions, including laundry, dishwashing, child rearing, cleaning, emotional support, and cooking. Now it's like living with a long haired male roommate.

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>look up "my son won't move out of the house" on Google
>completely understand my parent's frustration with me based on those discussions
>agree with all the advice given on parent forums
>still don't feel compelled to change
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We can change together.
We'll find a way.
Don't worry about the future, these things find a way to sort themselves out, one way or another.
>We'll find a way.
>ignore the problem till it goes away
OP post best ones

What's the best brand of ginger ale?
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Seagram's > Canada Dry > Faygo >>>>>>>> anything else
I only drink Canada Dry, to be honest.
It's dirt cheap, tastes good, and you can find it anywhere.

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>Lady from the suicide hotline said she was gonna call me at 6:30 P.M today
>It's already 7:00 P.M
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Kill yourself already, life has nothing more to offer.
You're at your best now.
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>suicide hotline

Even she knew you were an attention whore.
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That's what they do when they are sick of your stupid bullshit. Like girls in general, they can't tell it to you straight, they instead do the more painful, roundabout way of saying it.

Gondola and comfy thread: oreganoli
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as the days go on I start to lose more and more hope
The loneliness is unbearable
The sadness and misery get worse as time progresses

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>Hot as fuck Stacy in yoga pants at store
>I can see her thing through the thin pants
>She catches me looking and giggles
>Circle around next aisle she's making eyes at me
>Idiot wife calls me to pick up Pepto for her stomach problems
>At checkout Stacy walking towards me
>Looks down into my cart
>Diarrhea medicine
>She rolls her eyes and laughs before turning around 360 and walking away
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>can see her thing
Stopped reading there. Sage trap threads.
just order those things on amazon prime lmao, usually cheaper anyway.

also if you want to sleep around with cuties while your wife is dealing with her poopy problems, just go around to bars near college campuses or gyms.
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Kek not even once

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I would like to ask my fellow robots a few questions:

Thinking Tunes: https://youtu.be/n7hHlh2IusY
Also, use your good headphones. Not that shit for gaming.

1. How do you feel about the red army choir? Good or bad?

2. Do you think that the Soviet economic system helped?

(Note: Please do not rant against communists/USSR, good music is good music)
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They had good music, so did any militaristic regime though
1. I like it, more than most military choirs.
2. Maybe it was better in general for the typical peasant, but it was not properly managed. Perhaps the focus on armaments was what saved the USSR during invasion, but after that it was pointless and hindered the national economy. I think the kind of market socialism that Yugoslavia had would have worked much better.
I love them.
"The Red Army is the Strongest", "The Sacred War", "March of the Defenders of Moscow", "Poyushka Polye" and "Katyusha" are all lit as fuck.

Their system of government definitely "helped" when it came to the music they made. The USSR forced many artists, architects, and composers to only produce works that proclaimed the strengths and virtues of the state.

Here, listen to this. It's not the RAQ but it has similar vibes. A Kazakh song about fighting with a lover.

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Be honest, how many of you self insert as the girl when you watch interracial porn?
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I didn't even read what you posted and I was already self inserting as the girl(male) in the gif
is this the one true place for all robots?

Chad and Tyrone's play thing?
can you please give me the source?

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Do you robots have any talents? Any hobbies?

I enjoy making minimalist wallpapers. They're tedious and all but one you've got the hang of tracing a base it's kind of fun. Pic related is something I made.

What sort of shit are you guys good at?
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I'm an amateur video game developer.

If I had something worth showing off I would
Cool, anon. Anything published on steam?
lol no, not even anything close to that. Plus I think I would be a professional game developer at that point right?

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Have you ever known anyone named Stacey or Chad? What were they like?

This terminology really hits home for me because I knew two of them in college and they both fit the memes better than anyone else I have ever met.

Chad - good looking, blonde hair, one of the best hockey players that I knew, was roommates with him for a year and he got laid far more than any other guy in my social circle, the shit was uncanny. at any party the girls would just gravitate towards him and treat him like a big puppy dog then he would later fuck one of them. Guy lived in the shittiest smallest basement room of the house too, no windows, all he had was a bed, a small desk, and his laptop. Everyone loved him, he was absolutely your bro, would try to help you get laid without you even asking.

Stacey - nice/fun girl to hang out with but before I even met her all the guys who were from her hometown had stories about how she was the biggest slut in high school. They had pretty much all fucked her, it seemed. She was the type of girl who has more guy friends than girl friends.
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The most beta autist I've ever known was actually named Chad
>The most beta autist I've ever known was actually named Chad

Totally don't believe you. Next, you'll claim that you knew a skinny girl named Bertha.

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I want to fuck the guy in the new dominos commercials.
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hes such a fucking retard
also sage in all fields
Wait is this the nigga from stranger things?
Okay good im not the only one

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