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ITT: We determine if r9k anons are doing Chad majors or Robot (read STEM) majors.

Construction Management
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Do you miss the early-to-mid 2000s, /r9k/?

Before 2007 came along and completely fucked up everything with sht like the Big Bang Theory, iPhones, Tumblr, Autotune everywhere, the Great Recession, and mainstreaming of social media.
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You stuck in the pass anon, early 2000s was great but that was over a decade ago, its time to move on.

no. it was too nerdy then.
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My life was worse then than it is now.

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>got gum stuck on penis

please help
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take a shower you fucking faggot
Remove gum from penis

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Do I have a chance of getting a gf? Would anyone want to be my gf?
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considering you're posting here, no

is this wrekt thread?

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So I was laughing along with my class and after the laughter stopped for a second I slipped the most rediculously loud fart. It bounced off the walls and everyone just went silent. I really like this cute shy girl and we always go out for lunch, will she hate me now or will she have found it as funny as everyone else?
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Is it possible to get thicker bones in mid to late 20s? I've read that peak bone mass is reached by or at around age 30 but that could just be a meme.
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>tfw not tall enough to wear that shirt.
>tfw not short enough to wear that shirt ironically.

5"11 is purgatory.
You can increase bone density by lifting heavy but if you want to get thicker (but not taller) you'll have to take growth hormone. It'll make your dick bigger too.
Where does one acquire growth hormone?

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>Already ate my daily calorie limit but still have 5 hours to go before I go to bed and starting to feel hungry again
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sustain yourself on my love, darling
Just drink lots and lots of water, maybe some coffee too if you think it won't affect your ability to go to sleep later
>tfw binge
>hehe I'm going to fast tomorrow so it's okay
>binge again

"It's laziness, then..."
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unironically it's not laziness.
I can't make a fool out of myself trying to apply for another job. the firmest handshake in the world wouldn't get me a job at taco bell
not as lazy as a boomer

>sneezed on the train
>random girl said 'Bless You'
>we're probably going to get married soon

Heh, well it's been fun Robots. We had some laughs huh? But it's time for this Chad to hit the road!
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f-fucking summer f-fag shit posting.

Enjoy ur lyf fag
Same here, I went outside today for 30 minutes and saw some some real life women. We're all gonna make brahs

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i dont want to die

precautionary oregano
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Even after you die, the problems that define your individuality will be shared by other people.
I think that people live in a cycle of their own hell and rebirth until they solve whatever problem is keeping them here.
but you will anyways. So what is the point of thinking about it ?
Many people from there fall into nihillism, but if you are strong enough you ll understand that as your journey here is short and only have a meaning in your interaction with other people, your goal is to treat other people the best as you can ,and to be the best human you can to yourself.
Dying is as natural as birth

People die, cultures die, planets die

Get used to it fucko, or don't. You can kick and scream all you want but it doesn't change the inevitable

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Tomorrow is the day. I'm going to begin to only eat a single meal per day, and none of you can stop me!

I will stop being fat even if it kills me!!!

I used to be so much better looking when I weighed 30 pounds less!!! I am going to be reborn!!!!!
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I want to bust a nut bUT I don't want to look at porn and I don't want to use my imagination because they'd both feel like copouts. I can't afford hookers. This is why I need a gf...Not for companionship but for being my personal fucktoy
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You don't want to use your imagination? That's legit what we encourage 4 year olds to use.
I can only use my sexual imagination in certain setting to get a boner. I can think of sexual stuff all day long, really fantastical stuff. But unless I'm in the right mood, it doesn't excite me much

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>that feeling of bliss when that fat, painful shit finally comes out
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It truly is a wonderful feeling. So elating

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im meeting a boy i met online in a short while for a pseudo-date, he lives overseas and is staying for almost 2 weeks. how fucking awkward is this going to be? is there any way to prepare for this level of incoming cringe? has anyone else on here done something like this before and had it go well?
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I hope you two will be happy fuck you fuck you

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im male but thanks for the wishes.
getting someone online to like you is easy if you try, you should invest anon
>getting someone online to like you is easy if you try

maybe if they're faggot betas

I <3 Kitten ------------ Hubree is perfect sleeping kitten angel=)=)=) I love God and Hubree. Hubree masturbates to Harvard Lampoon purn
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lmAo soft kitter

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