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Optimal qt 3.14 height?
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4'11 to 5'4
5'2" with an attitude
5 inches shorter than you

enjoy this oc pepe
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This is a nice pepe indeed, what a great acquisition to my collection
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Try again with a higher resolution faggot
here is my oc pepe. had to download a photoshop free trial to make it and its still a little rough

Face App Updated baby, let's have a fun thread for once
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I think is some psyops. The Left saw the influence conservatives have on YouTube and now they need a way to get young people back. This is a subtle way to Get us to accept gays blacks etc by showing us what we would look like if we were female subhuman etc
Shut up fool, just give your data over
Wtf is that Anzu?

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>be black
>not born with bbc
>cant talk to girls
>working on losing weight
>started working on jelqing and potentially going to buy a bathmate and try to make penis gains
>slowly starting to try and be more sociable.

anyone else here trying to improve themselves and become a normie?
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>he fell for the jelqing meme
jelqing is a meme?
ye its been around for years now, im surprised people still think it works
truth is there is no way to extend your penis, you will always be a dicklet
i fell for it too

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Yes. Pretty much all supplements are.

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I will
Ahhhhhhhhhh what?

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Who /100% gay man/ here? I have zero attraction to women on any level and never have.
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>Who /100% gay man/ here? I have zero attraction to women on any level and never have.
I've had attraction to women before in the past but became gayer over time and no longer do
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What if they're FTM?
Even better.

t. FtM chaser

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l can't stop eating
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Me either op. I've decided to give in and just become the burger. It's easier and more fulfilling than dieting and exercising
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How about you eat my ass instead?
not deep fried and sugary enough

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pic releated is the finest fetish
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Whats her name,shes is perfect..pls anons help me outbwjahsys
Her legs are almost as thick as his torso.
Is it strange that the only type of Asian girl I'd go for is a fat Japanese one? bbw Japs are one of my fetishes

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>i got the powers that b
>running through me
>my favourite colour is oh my god bitch

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Just killed my self. AMA
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What happens after you die?

idk i lied I didnt actually kms
oh I would have never guessed

Why are you so fucking boring?
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It will do me no good to answer your question and I don't care if I'm boring.
more suck less talk
Because I'm a useless faggot?

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Daily Ballbusting thread NY a couple who's been Ballbusting for over 8 years. Ask us anything at all.
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How stupid are you going to feel when your children are all literal retards?
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I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there, I ain't worried about it
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Literally the worst possible answer, congratulations.

Does this shit work?

Review anything itt, preferably anti-depressants and other medications.
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bumping for pharmaceutical marketing money
It stopped my sudden bursts of anger, but other that that, I still felt miserable. Try it, but don't get too hooked on it. I heard it will fuck your dopamine levels.
Also start with low dosage and ramp it up until, you're fine.
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dangerous goo.png
2MB, 1070x801px
Nah, tried many of them and zoloft was the worst of the bunch. Made my peepee work poorly and made me feel dead inside. It did made me feel sort of neutral most of the time, but things would get out of hand at times and it made my self harm habits worse. Simply because that I could feel and have a good time with.

The only thing that ever helped was them sleeping pills, but like everyone else, I abused them. Whenever I was having a bad day, I'd just pop some and head to dreamland. Found myself sleeping most of the damn time until they started to lose effectiveness. After which things went to shit again.

Learned to just manage without any shit like that. I guess they work for some, but they sure as fuck don't work as advertised. The doctors will also tell you the "well you have to take it for a long time to see the effects!" shit so you keep buying them. If 2 years wasn't long enough, then fuck em.

I have a pretty hefty stash of all kinds of anti depressants now. Don't feel like throwing them away if I feel like abusing them to make myself feel worse. Some of them must be past the expiration date by now though. I keep saving them, but never use them.

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>dad found the cum species
Knew I shouldn't have let them evolve...
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>the cum species

Explain yourself
>surgeon general denounced the cum crusade
a mistake to declare yourself the enemy!
Another anon who's jizz rag grew mushrooms I bet

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