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How're you all today? Have anything exciting planned for tonight? Don't be afraid to share if that's the case. Heh.
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You're really keen on getting my attention, now that you have it what will you do with it? Other than completely annoy me to no ends. You're such a handful. I swear.
penis penis peenoli?

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Have you guys gotten any better at riddles yet? This one isn't even hard. Well, it's kind of tricky, it's hard for me to gauge because I can't use how easy it was for me because I am way above your level. The trick with this one is that you aren't really presented with a question, forcing you to deduce the question and from there work out the answer.

now that I think about it, you probably won't solve this one, because it's also more of an emotional logic riddle, which will make it doubly tricky for this board. I guess I should rate it as an 8/10 difficulty, or 2/10 for me since I have a very innate understanding of both logic and human emotions.
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>emotional logic riddle
>innate understanding

I gonna need to borrow your fedora for this.
Question: why is Op a faggot?
Answer: because he failed to kill himself.

Try harder
Are you the asukafag I btfo last night?

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Who else /boring life/ here?
My daily routine is as follows
>wake up at 7:00
>shower, shave, brush teeth etc.
>eat breakfast while watching morning TV
>leave for work at around 8:30, arrive at work at around 9:00
>get off work at around 17:00
>go home
>microwave food you've cooked on sunday
>eat while lurking imageboards
>do the dishes and lurk imageboards/listen to music until around 22:00
>brush teeth and go to bed
>repeat five days a week
On fridays I come home from work, eat and then get drunk alone while shitposting on /r9k/. On saturdays I do the same except I wake up at noon. On sundays I cook food for the next week and shitpost
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You're a more organized me. I waste a ton of money on fatty microwavable comfort food.
>wake up at about noon (give or take an hour)
>shower sometimes
>check if I have college that day
>go if I feel like it (50/50 pretty much)
>return home
>make assignments, learn for exams and/or do my work for (group) project
>jack off and play vidya
>go to sleep at about 2 or 3
I guess I am, but my life is just very boring. Occasionally I'll go see my friends (whom I drink with) or go out for drinks with my coworkers, but even that has become quite routine. The worst thing about my life is coming home to an empty apartment with nobody waiting for me to come home. I was thinking of getting a cat or a dog to keep me company, but I feel like I'm not responsible enough to be in charge of a living creature.

I guess I just made this thread because of
>tfw no gf

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that fucking theme song is imprinted in my brain forever
brown eyes guy is my husbando

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Who here /BoysSchool/ ?

It was the worst yet also best fate a robot could have...
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I go to an all boys school and well I guess the benefit is that you don't have people trying to play
*trying to play cool to impress girls
My brother went to an all-boys school for a couple of years and he'd casually mention stuff like there was a game where you'd put your hands together, creep up behind some poor boy, and then shove your hands up his ass and spread them apart violently.

He also came out with just a touch of gay in him

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Let's just see how much your life is miserable with the most performed and designed tests that 4Chan could provide.

Just tell, how much you achieved in The Robot Test below and how much effort you put everyday to maintain that status.

Have you another tests like this.
Send in this thread. I am actually in need to do a peer review of my life status.
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43 - Robot. I lost a lost of points in Social because I have no friends or sexual relationships. At least I'm not fat and addicted to hentai though.
Why are the drug addiction ones still there?
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Where are your test results, OP?

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do you regret neglecting the titcow in your high school class?
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>do you regret neglecting the titcow in your high school class?
>regret neglecting

Do you honestly think that robots have the ability to neglect?
Not really. The titcow that seemed into me in middle school had a kid at 18 and is married at 19 now. Seems like I dodged a bullet.
How exactly? She put out early and easy all you had to do was wear a condom and you wouldn't have any kids.

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Whoever can post the shortest phrase without setting off the robot wins.
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What do we get if we win?

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>he's a digitaI "artist" who produces digital "art"
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Digital art means digital painting among other things, which is indeed art.
And then OP was never heard from again, as he apparently had completely neglected to consider that digital painting falls under digital art.
yes, it's also my job

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>Watching tv with a friend
>he says he loves the show I put on, but would never admit it or watch it with others.

Imagine being that pathetic.
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what show were you watching?
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anime or something
File: double.png (1MB, 1026x532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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at least you have someone to watch anime with

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Would you rather work in retail, fast food, or an office job?
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Office job is for robots.
I'd literally rather blow my brains out.
Office obviously, but I am retail cuck.

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>he imagined humiliating his bully in an verbal argument in front of his classmates
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>He tried showing he was alpha by challenging you to a pokemon TCG duel
>He threw a brick at his bully and broke his skull
>He threw a brick at the bully and broke the brick

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>loving and faithful wife
>small cock

pick one and only one, anon..

when/how did you realize this?
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Because even if I was hung like a porn star, I'd still be a lonely virgin robot.
gonna choose the first optionm
7 inches here, is that big?

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What would you do if you saw this and she was coming towards you?
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Hark at her to cease her advancements and screech until she stops.
Proceed to "reee" loudly until my Mother steps in.
Take a picture of her and add her as someone to never make contact with.

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ITT: nofap opinions

What's your opinions on nofap, anons? I'm trying it are there any legit benefits?
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I can't do it. If i go more than 2 days without cumming I start to literally fall in love with every woman to so much as makes eye contact with me.

I gotta get that poison out.

Longest I went was 2 months and I had to consciously keep myself from grabbing women on the streets and kissing them.

Testosterone is a curse.
I'm trying it just like you anon, all I can say is its worth a shot; I masturbate every day and I just feel like doing nothing afterwards. Zero motivation. Maybe this'll help me out.
>Longest I went was 2 months and I had to consciously keep myself from grabbing women on the streets and kissing them.

anon, you just have to learn self control. I assume you would have learned self control had you actually made it through two months of nofap.
have a good day, friend.

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