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>Buy expensive game on Steam
>Play for a half hour, then get bored
>Depression returns
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jfk, such a comforting sight for some reason. Stopped cuban missile crisis, gave rad speeches and fucked Marilyn Monroe as well as a ton of other women while still president.

such a bizzare person all things considered, idk how we produced these people. Complete playboy/politicans.

merican feels
Is this depression?

I never want to do anything. But I don't really feel sad I just feel empty. I blamed it on my self diagnosed ADHD. I can't focus on anything so I thought it was that.
oh as for your question

yes it is depression, video gamesa re only good if you're on drugs when you're an adult.

then people just become obsessed with sports and work to avoid becoming manchildren

you lost the spark, you probably won't get it back

>be wagecuck at local macys
>go to chick fila on lunch break
>find a nice quite table to enjoy my meal
>6/10 SJW roasty best looking person in the group, leaves her safe spaces and comes over to me
>motions for me to take off my headphones
>excuse me, sir, you look really lonely right now
>i want you to know you are loved
>sorry, you got the wrong impression I am on break right now
>sure anon, so are we
>on her way back to her table she looks at me
>just remember you are loved
>all her friends laught

what was the point of her doing this other than to anger me?
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to make themselves feel better
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There's a lot of people who are really cruel anon. They do these things just because they most likely don't have empathy such as people like you or me.
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>Not just telling her to go fuck herself

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>tfw be me 2 minutes ago.
>walking around kitchen mumbling and talking to myself.
>say "i hate normies" "i hate females" female roasties are disgusting" "i will kill them"
>walk into the mud room/ laundry room right next to the kitchen.
>mom is standing there and heard everything I was saying to myself
>"why do you hate females "anon"
>am shocked she was there a freeze up, "b-because they're mean, and ugly!
>"why do you say that anon"?
>sperg out and explain to her the 80/20 rule and Chads and stacy and that females my age are whores how tinder and social media has ruined dating Ect.
>"You need to be more open and stop having these evil thoughts"
>mom goes to bed.

REEEEEE fuck you roastie. Females will never understand our struggle. My mom was able to live in a nice 500k house at 29 just because she was female. And was a allowed to be a NEET aka "house wife" for years. Yes mom ,I do hate females.
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>our struggle
maybe take a while off from identifying as a loser
I say a lot of things when I talk to myself. In fact, talking to myself is the only reason I can do a decent job at public speaking (I look into the void) and a barely passable job at regular speaking.

I doubt she actually cares about your feelings on roasties as long as you pretend to love her at the very least.
so this is what i was like before i went back to school and got my masters....

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>have to stay up all night in order to start graveyard shift job tomorrow
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it never gets better does it?
What kind of job? I've been looking for a graveyard shift job
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Nope. There's no light at the end of this tunnel.

Working in a factory on an assembly line.

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overheated laptop.jpg
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Summer is here. You know what that means!

It means that laptop users are unable to use their laptops due to laptops shutting down from overheating. It doesn't matter if they use a cooling pad. It doesn't matter if they clean out the dust in the fan. If they're not using their laptops in a well air-conditioned room then they can't do anything on their laptop other than look at text based stuff. They can't view youtube videos. They can't play music. The can't play games! Doing any of these things would cause their laptop to shut down!
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this has never happened to my laptop
I probably have a lot of glitter everywhere from fathers day craft making but it don't matta!
Unless you have an ultrathin laptop with no fans and/or your laptop has more than 10 years this is literally never a problem

t. play games at 60fps on a laptop at 90+ F

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Pepe - sad.jpg
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>goes out with parents and sister for dinner to celebrate mother's birthday and father's day
>sister gets mother and father gifts
>they accept the gifts mostly straight faced, but say how they appreciate the gifts
>I don't get them anything, cuz I don't really like giving or receiving gifts
>get home
>Mother asks "Why didn't you say happy birthday or father's day? This hurts us. We need to start looking into getting your emotions straightened out. I'm not saying this to make you feel guilty, but I just don't understand"

I get that saying it is the normal thing to do. I'm fine with the celebration of festivities and traditions. But why does the whole thing become ruined just because I don't outwardly say "Happy Birthday/Father's Day"? Would I have gotten a free pass if I had given them presents like my sister? Do I just randomly say it during dinner? Would they prefer I say it, even if I don't have much feeling/emotion behind it? I could have just not gone out to dinner with them.
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Why not just say happy birthday anyways so you don't have to deal with it. It's not hard.
>I don't get them anything, cuz I don't really like giving or receiving gifts
It's not about you, just do something (anything) unless they are awful people
Just seems like a waste of money. I see them get random things, but never use them. *Looks at my Steam library*

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>things that we can't obtain are the most beautiful ones
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>HIV and other STDs
>liking saber

This kid has a man crush on King Arthur BAHAHAHAhAH. I bet you want him to pierce the chink in your armor with his "Excalibur"

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"How can he ever expect to please a woman when he's never practiced with his male friends?"
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I don't think women say that
isnt there a place were the word woman is replace with donkey?

>tfw most penises hang lower than sack
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i would kill myself if my dick was that small
Well that's unfortunate. Diameter?
My dick would have to be at least 8 inches flaccid to hang below the sack

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Anything but retail
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cdl trucking
overnight stocking bro. all the way
Could try whoring yourself out to other men. They won't mind so as you can deliver the goods.

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Is the one on the right a girl(male) or a girl(female)??
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The hair is telling me girl but the face says otherwise.
The one on the right looks like it could be a girl (male) or an ugly girl (female).

It's the one on the right I have issues with.
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>be me
>be fathers day
>be sitting in normie church
>hear baby scream from a distance
>suddenly come to the realization that if a baby shits itself it will scream just as loudly as if it dismembered itself
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>be me
>have no father
>feel ok about it
church is fun, gives you time to think and forces you into a social setting where everyone has the same beliefs

I miss having that sense of unity.
How do babies dismember themselves?

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This site let's you print out pictures from your phone and mails them to your house. I have absolutely no use for that shit so give me 100 random stupid ass pictures I can have sent to me.
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Electric Mike Pence is a wonderful meme
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From danberu nan kiro moteru
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I think you'll love this one anon

So what the fuck happened here?
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>Modern (((((((((((((((((((((((music))))))))))))))))))))))))))
don't you just love it goy?
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It seems to me that Katy Perry can't cope with being an aging pop star who is no longer in the limelight. So she tries to be outlandish in the hopes that people will notice her.

She's claim it was because of Hillary losing the election

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>meet grill on PoF
>talk for a while
>she's a geek, reads a lot, total shut-in
>suspect she doesn't have a lot of friends because she's always talking about hanging out with her sister
>don't think she's a catfish, we talked for a long time and she was average looking at best
>both on the same page, looking for a relationship
>finally talk about meeting up
>find a nice cafe about halfway between us
>"so, when are you free?"
>sent over a week ago

On one hand my understanding of human interaction says that she's obviously done because she never responded. On the other I can't figure out why it was so sudden. She did't show any signs of disinterest such as short, one word responses and always kept her end of the conversation. I've been ghosted before by every other woman I've met on these sites, but after maybe a day and not weeks like this. How can you tell if a woman actually is interested or not ahead of time?
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Maybe she was just afraid to meet up. If she really is that big of a shut in, it might have been easier to have a Skype date first.
eh, people on online dating always get cold feet

I mean for me it was getting too nervous to drive an hour to see a girl and probably strike out anyway. In all reality, if a girl stops responding she probably met somebody more interesting or attractive.
Should I send another message, just in case? I want to make sure but I don't want to come off as even more autistic than I already have.

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