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Robot-core albums
>I'll start
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Originalo Musica Fantastico
It's getting closer (ser, ser, ser)
Good album, worst tame impala album though

Robots, suppose you had yourself a son, and suppose that he lived his life mostly according to your expectations; and naturally, you paid for him to go off to university or some other thing of that sort, and he came back to your surprise with a bara boyfriend who was supportive, loving, and kind. He told you they had been together for more than a year now, and that they hoped you would accept them.

What would be your reaction?
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I'm not a piece of shit so I would be unconditionally supportive of my children regardless of how they turned out or what they did in their lives.

Anyone who can't at least do that much should never have children.
If he was making my son happy, I see no reason to be unsupportive.

It would be really awkward if the boyfriend ended up being the same age as myself though.
I would try to have another kid if I could (but its after college for him so it'd probs be too late). I would want my son to be happy but I also want grandchildren and my bloodline not to die off

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Ask a 23 year old new high school math teacher anything.
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do you like cicadas
why did you think it was a good idea to learn a lot of math and then use it in lowest earning math field?
In short the people in the math and physics field creeped me out. Not the type of people I would have wanted to work with. I know not all people in STEM are like that but the it seemed like everyone is where I live. Plus I enjoy teaching.

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Does anyone eIse on here ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... It just feels Iike biology and my body have betrayed me.
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>this fucking thread again

see >>37782901

please discontinue your degeneracy

you can get help

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>try to be a normie one day
>go to park
>stop at river like I usually do
>gril sitting
>grow balls and talk to her
>never experienced a gril this excited to talked to me b4
>after a while of chatting and walking we make it to her car
>she asks for my number
Next day
>text her "are you free tomorrow"
10 hours later no response
>autist mode: "you coulda just have said no"
2 hours later
>get text: "Shit im so sorry i havent had my phone it was broken i didnt mean to not answer "
>reply 30 minutes later: "I mean you did tell me you were clumsy earlier"
>nothing since

This was 3 days ago, did I get bamboozled or is this a genuine human?
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Roasties do these things called shit tests to make sure they don't accidently sleep with guys who give a shiy about them.

They will ignore you or insult you to try to make you feel insecure so that they know you aren't chad.
Maybe you should get off the website, go lift, and make something out of yourself.
>did I get bamboozled or is this a genuine human
You were a prick, what did you expect?

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How do you kiss girls without it feeling awkward?
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maybe its because youre new to it? idk
realize that she is more scared of you than you are scared of her
THIS is the board you decided to ask this on?

Try a place where people have had human interactions...

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u want pusi fuk sex girl? aunty big titi sex me? wite porn girl sex me u?
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u can emal me at @[email protected]

pls meail me. u have sex wit me? big titty girl hi hi!

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Anyone else have that feeling where they are totally void of any passion, excitement, and general hope for the future?

During my teen years I felt such hope for life and had big dreams and several ambitions, I felt inside that once I accomplished this or that I would finally be happy. Slowly over the years as I have accomplished many things I have wanted to, each time I reach my goal I am met with nothing. No sense of satisfaction, no changes internally, just nothing.
I enjoy nothing that I previously have and with each passing year I become more and more dead inside with no hopes and no interests to speak of.
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Welcome to clinical depression sucka.

I can't remember the last time I was excited for something... maybe as a child? I'm completely devoid of feeling and have been since I was a kid. It doesn't get better.
Yes. It's very annoying that you can't talk to most people about this feel (including a lot of the therapists I've had) because they just find it so inconceivable to not have a "passion" that they just say there's no possible way you could actually feel the way you do. "Oh, well there must be something you really love and enjoy, you're just in a rut/feeling blue/need a change/haven't found it yet/whatever"
Vidya and more vidya

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>surrounded by women daily
>dont have feelings for any of them
>am not gay either

I dont even have a crush. I cant even dream correctly
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So you're a normal person, wow. Congratulations.
I actually know that feel. I haven't had a crush in like 5 years now. I miss it, even though they never went anywhere. I miss looking forward to seeing someone, even if I never talk to them. I miss seeing someone and feeling my heart flutter. I miss imagining that person when I get depressed and feeling a bit better.
Agreed. Also nice dubs

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hey guys i posted this in /tv/ and they directed me here. is a movie theater a good place to meet girls? I will get my license soon so i can drive there myself. if i hang around there enough do i have good chances of at least getting some fingerbanging in? im 18
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Down the rabbit hole you go young padawan. Come back when you're an adult. 25+
Most cinemas nowadays have a "no singles" police in effect
>asked about advice for sex
>they send you to r9k
You must really be a lost cause

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>parents paid a lot for my braces when i was a kid
>my teeth got fixed and the dentist said we'd have to go for a checkup every now and then so he could put temporary braces back in if my teeth start crooking again
>parents didn't give a shit about it and took it for granted saying my teeth are finally fixed
>21 now and my teeth are back to the crooked mess they were before the braces

jee thanks a lot mum and dad
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I have braces right now (22yo) i didn't know that after you get rid off the braces you have to use temporary ones, fucking shit.
did you not wear a retainer at all?
Why did they not give you a retainer? There are plastic ones you only wear while you sleep.

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I'm trying to escape robothood and started a list of things I should do daily. Can you guys help add to it?

So far(all things I don't do daily):
>Eat 3 meals a day
>Take a 20 minute walk
>Spend at least 2 hours on my stuies
>Do at least 5 pushups
Anything else?
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5 pushups is literally nothing. You need to hit the gym and lift heavy every week for at least a year
I don't have a car to go to a gym, nor money to afford membership.

I have an adjustable dumbbell and 2 20 lb kettlebells but I'm pretty weak right now.
>Talk to someone every day, even if it's just family.
>Meet someone new every week to expand your social circle.

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Femanon's, what do you think about men in general? Do you feel any sense of responsibility towards them?
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Fuck off stupid faggot.
human men are animals that are only good for physical labour

cicada men, on the other hand... ;^)
Men are people. I don't have a general opinion on men. I think I had one I'd have responsibility towards a boyfriend but not all men in general. Not sure what that could even entail, fucking every lonely virgin?

What did she mean by this
and how 2 respond/.?
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help me boys
shes a qt
It means she's with her friends laughing while you desperately try to woo her
Ok fuck it you guys took too long and I had to yolo it

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well robots, i know you'll call me a faggot and a liar, but im just gonna say it. i just had a "family" experience that actually makes me glad to be a NEET. i know your probably all
anon, what made you like this life? welp im going to tell you an epic tale that stretchs back to even before i was born, a tale of a broken family, a botched circumsision, and a simple toy. im going to tell you the story of my VERY extended family (the cousins of a cousin< if you were wondering)

i will change names to protect those involved, lets begin

>it all starts in 1993
>a high school couple, who fancy themselves to be this generations bonnie and clyde decide to ditch their graduation, and get married.
>their names are Randi(female) and Dave
>they celebrate by committing a robbery
>of course, they are caught, and since they are minors, they each get 4 years and they cannot see each other for another 3 years after that(i dont know if this was the real sentencing or even the real crime, i got this second hand)
>however, Randi became pregnant before the sentence was carried out
>the lawyer being the dirty jew that he is, got their sentencing reduced and the separation period removed because of the child.
>and so, they get out of jail after 18 months, and proceed to brainwash the child to their twisted world view
this was the first tale of infamy i herd, but theres more, you want me to go on?
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Ye, I wanna hear this
>now, during his time in prison Dave became """""born again"""""" and literally became the most pouis man i have ever known
>he makes Randi has 5 children, all are terribly behaved
>there are many instances of their children causing a scene, but i'll talk about that later.
>i should mention Dave has some siblings that are important, a brother, Terry, hes a great guy, a sister, Susan, she is a lovely lady, and another brother, Greg, he died at 14 from Cancer, his family still keeps all of his toys(remember that for later)
>so, we'll focus on Susan, she, being the free thinker she is, decides to marry a Jew
>ill just say it right now, ive got nothing against jews(that joke in the OP was just that), but Dave, since he was all """"""born again""""""" starts making all these death threats towards his own sister.
>her Fiancee, Alex, decides to just talk with Dave, to show him that hes not a bad guy.
>apparently it didnt go so well
>any ways, Alex and Susan get married and have a kid, they name him Josh(good kid, went to his barmitzvah)
>i dont know if this next part is entirely true, but when the doctor was going to do the circumcision, and while he was doing it. Randi and Dave BROKE INTO THE ROOM AND STOLE THE BABY.
>the craziest part was that Randi was pregnant herself.
>now apparently they didnt get out of the hospital
>Alex, Susan, and especially Terry were beyond enraged
>Dave got 8 years, but Randi again was scott free cause of her baby.
that is the second tale of infamy, want more.
also im sorry that im a terrible writer,

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