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why am I so empty all the time
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You wouldn't be saying the same thing if you were full of shit.

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>be me
>have resting bitch face
>waiting for bus at bus stop, head down, looking at my phone
>look up to check arrival of bus
>see 5-7 angry people glaring at me

>be walking down the street
>people cross to the other side

>be crossing road
>angry woman intentionally bump into me

I've had far too many of these instances, mainly involving strangers that do not know me. Most of the time, I am just doing my own thing not affecting anyone and yet I'm met with these kind of reactions. Honestly, what is wrong with people, just because my face looks a certain way they try so hard to abuse you for it. By now, I can mostly understand the death glares, I mean I probably look like that to them as well, but intentionally going out of their way to physically hurt is beyond my comprehension.

Anyone else experience these things or am I the only one doomed to this kind of hell?
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It's probably a reflection of what you put out by your expression . You communicate anger by your expression so people return it to you. So drop the anger and other negative feelings. Anger is fine at times, but not all the time.

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>tfw r9k finally came through and got you a gf and she's sleeping soundly next to you while you play vidya on a laptop

What's your excuse for not having an r9k gf yet, robots?
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I'm 9 years old
there are no robots near me
How do i even find a robot gf?

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>Tfw school switched to bagged milk in 2nd grade (like this but square)
>Tfw you could push the corners in and make them round
>Tfw I would borrow another kid's milk bag and put them on my chest and act like I had tits to tease the girls
>Tfw I would even stab the centers and squirt milk all over the place while all the boys laughed uncontrollably

Flash forward to today, I found some milk bags frozen in the break room freezer at my work. I took some out and thawed them then on the next break I did this and no one laughed. Some roastimus maximus even yelled at me for being "insensitive." Why the fuck do people have such shit senses of humor these days?
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it's because you didn't squirt them with the milk
"professional" environments hate competency in things like productivity and humor. They only care about you being a obtusely brown-nosing faggot
i do dumb shit like this at my job and people laugh

dunno breh maybe your co workers are just shit or maybe you're an autist

why do i always do this
why do i always fuck up the nice things i have
whatever its too late
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so you can lay awake at night in the future regretting your decisions and contemplating suicide
at least i got dubs

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>tfw no tubby bf
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Haha thats me! Post dirty undies and see what happens.

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>only friend I've ever kept for more than a year has been ghosting me for months
>lives on other side of the world
>friendship appears to be over until further notice

We were great friends Aden, if you still browse this board. Sure we've never spoken face to face, but you're a good guy. I guess I just wasn't destined to have companionship of any kind, even the most platonic.
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I'm sorry for you famalam.
I'll be your friend, do you have discord?

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>Be me, 24 KHV,
>Somehow meet qt through a friend from high school that *made it* and still associated with me
>Through a couple nights we actually talked, not too much spaghetti even though my autism was hitting me strong
>Finally she asked me to help her study (too autistic to initiate)
>we meet up at local hipster coffee bar, things seem good
>I actually nut up and ask to meet her again for drinks at local bar
>We get drinks, hang out for a couple hours
>Walk her to her ride, after which she initiated my first kiss
>DESU felt super awkward to me, didn't know what to do, but still loved it
>TFW after she rode away she never texted me again
>TFW my first kiss was so bad it drove me future wifey away
>TFW I want to kill myself
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Hey /r9k/
how can I fix my sleep scheduled?
its fucking up my work/school, and relationships
i stay up on the internet way too late, get home from work then sleep till nighttime
now is a great example - i woke up at 11PM, and i will be up past 11Am
wat do
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i'm pretty sure that if you go back one page (i'm not a native speaker so i don't know how to properly explain this, you know press the arrow that is pointing to the left, the one that makes you go to the page you were before the one you're right now), and press "Post a Reply" or quote someone, all the text is still there.
>not writing his shitposts on notepad and saving them according to the appropriate board. Get your work flow up kiddo ;)
Not to brag but I saved this post on note pad 3 years ago.
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>tfw no gf getting fertilized by horse
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For me, it's the avocado. the best fast food sandwich.
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I made tostadas today with some help. My mom heated up the shells and beans and my sister made guacamole a few days ago. I got to put goat cheese and olives and guac and lettuce on em. It was delicious. I forgot to use fried spinach instead of lettuce, but oh well, it was still delicious.

For me, it's the chick fil a spicy chicken biscuit, the best fast food sandwich.
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Avocados are not a sandwich they are a fruit you nigger
>being this much of a cheflet

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>normie makes a degrading comment as he walks by me
>shout "fucking stupid normie loser" to him
>he turns around and starts walking back
>run away
>he turns back
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>he turns back
That's when you switch run towards him and knock him to the ground. Keep running.
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if you screech and dash at him at alarming speeds he'll probably be too perplexed to dodge a sucker punch

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Who /skin problems/ here?
Share all skin problems that you have
>discoloration in places
>hyperpigmentation on cheeks
>nose freckles
>darker freckles throughout body
>moles on chest, back, arms and neck in the dozens.
>no acne but acne scars in various places
>other assorted blemishes
>random redness and irritation


^if I could change one thing it would be this
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My skin is real dark
>constant ingrown hairs/boils
>started getting a few on my penis
>looks like an STD
>lots of scars
>had to get surgery for a cyst near my butt
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Unironically have skin cancer on my face... I guess it doesn't really matter since I've never amounted to anything special.

The last time I was happy was when I was visiting my parents and heard about the Oroville Dam situation. I happened to see a news story on my phone as the story was escalating. Mentioned it without thinking much, but than the news of the evacuation order came through.
I spent the next week pouring over news about the Oroville Dam situation. I learned about its architecture and the local disputes involving it's upkeep. Now, I am but a husk of my former self. Nobody even cares about the dam or me, anymore.
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