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To the guy who posted template for beard designs, got archived so here it is.

Feel free to draw yourself.
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template to make your own face
Keep this shit up!
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KEK forgot eyebrows!

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Is this implying I'm a coward for not killing myself by standing on train tracks?
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potentially deep.jpg
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genuinely made me think for a minute
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I'm a Trump supporter but you faggots really have to stop this fucking bullshit
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Bernie supporter here. I'm gonna go to a Trump rally and do this so that more people see you guys as autistic fucks.
Go tell them and fuck off from here.
Is he drinking horse semen out of that milk jug?

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Is there still hope for me to grow an inch at 18? I hate being a 5'11 manlet
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Yeah, some men keep growing well into their 20's.
Unless your parents are both way under that height you'll break 6 feet. Men aren't actually done growing until 21 so don't get depressed over anything about your height or general appearance until then because that's when things really start going to shit.

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>treated like a adult feels strange
>the fact that i have no experience with relationships shows
>people tell me they know i'm a virgin by the way i carry myself
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>people tell me they know i'm a virgin by the way i carry myself

Who says this? Where?

I can't believe this unless you were in jail or some type of group home for the mentally deficient.
>28 years old
>married to a qt but hardly want to fuck her
>dead end job

I've become Al Bundy
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jtfw btfo.png
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No fucking lie, I'm dead serious some woman said this to me in my community college class

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sad elfont.png
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>tfw can't put on contacts
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>tfw can't put on contacts
>tfw wanted glasses to bad i lied on my 4th grade vision exam.
i still have perfect vision.
maybe in 20 years...
>got lasik done
I forgot how enjoyable no glasses feels after +10 years of using them

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You wanted this.
You hate people having negative opinions about you, judging you. so you cut off all contact with people so no one can look down on you. your peers can't think of you as a loser if they don't even exist.
You might not have been conscious of your actions but you purposely cut off contact from the world.
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naw man i'm just out here shootin the shit lmao!
Well I don't get to bring friends so...
It's better this way. I wished no one knew me.

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The thing with confidence is that the people who have it, especially in high school, are also the biggest jerks. Because it's not that they're confident, it's that they don't give a fuck. They don't care what people think of them, but they also don't care about other people.
Because of this they can approach women without problems, but they're also a dick to people like us.
This is why there are nice guys. They have more trouble approaching women, but they actually care about other people. They actually are nice.
Women fail to see the mean side of these jerks and by engaging in relationships with them they support this behavior.
tl;dr: fuck women
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confidence doesn't mean being a jerk.

you can be confident and not give a fuck about what people think but be willing to do anything or go any length for your friends.

you're just not a good person and you 4chan dumbfucks think confidence = being a jackass.

you guys are so insecure.
>but they're also a dick to people like us.

maybe because you're fucking degenerate????????????? you're not a saint btw
You can be confident without being a jerk, but a lot of people who are confident, especially in highschool, are also jerks.

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How do I become intelligent?

Is being a girl really a limiting factor or is that just a meme?
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Develop your brain. You really just need to be born intelligent though.

I'm just ignoring the fact that this is bait.
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fuck you.png
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yes girls are stupid (except for mommy) so ull never be smart

Read books


Watch lectures

Talk to people
Your local university

Acquire broad and diverse set of life experiences.

Ez, takes time

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Can you imagine how nice this 18 year old girls tits would look without a bikini?

If this gets enough support I will post the nudes
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Wow i didn't know that i could find /b/ threads on /r9k/
Anyways go ahead and post'em
>18 year old
>cottage cheese stomach
nah m8
Did this woman hurt you anon

Girls work out more than you.
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And that's how it should be. Their value as females comes from their physical appearance and if they could carry a child successfully.

>That measly weight
>Work out

Loving every lactation
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Girls can beat you up.

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>"So this is where you spend most of your life , don't you?"
>"What's this"
>Opens a folder named "Waifu"
>"I see hundreds of pictures of a cartoon girl"
>"Do you want to tell something about that?"
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Are you paying me for this? Otherwise take you and your camerman the fuck out of my room
>Having your files easily accessible

Lol you deserve it then
>being ashamed of his waifus

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Need some advice, m8s

>Go to Red Lobster daily for lunch and/or dinner.
>Cutie 3.14 cashier has begun to notice me
>every time I come in she smiles, says hi, and asks how my day is going
>I think she likes me
>She always has a mickey mouse pin on her uniform

I have enough money saved up. Should i book a trip to Disney world for us and surprise her? I think it's a good way to show her how nice I am and it's a good way to start a relationship. What do you guys think?
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Too much too fast with too little information obviously.
nah man if you start with something that big your destined to fail. just ask for to hang out. idk watch a movie at your place or go for a meal. start basic.
Wow a Mickey Mouse pin on her uniform? Is it the same girl who works at McDonalds? AMAZING.

>mom adopted a little brother 15 years ago from a white trash couple, a crackhead mother and criminal father

Hes a little shit who disrespects us all hes fucking spoiled and gets into fights all the time.My mother fucked my life up for that piece of shit. I sometimes feel like bashing his fucking brains in.Hes a little chad whos probably going to end up in flames like the rest of his degenerate family. I could have gone to college I could of had nice stuff growing up but it all went to him. He brings 5 friends over to the house and they do whatever the fuck they want. Im sick and tired of them all theyve never done anything for me.My mom had a surgery so she wouldnt be pregnant anymore but somehow i still came to be.

I hate everything and everyone i really do have an urge to kill them all. Ill probably just leave the house next week and forget they ever existed
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Why can't you have nice stuff or go to college anymore ? But still sounds like it sucks.
He's prob fucking ur mum LMAO
beat up that little faggot and make him do your dishes and make up your room

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I'm not really a weeb. I'm an emotional guy, hope that one day that I can achieve the idyllic romance/love, one where all we care about is one another and making each other happy (rather than today's seemingly unavoidable standards of shit-testing, hooking up, cheating, and constantly trying to 'impress' or 'flex on' ladies who have no sense of self respect or real romance). When I started watching anime a few weeks ago - it hit me - the romances we see in various animes across time all reflect what I consider the idyllic romance. Why is it that things like this cannot seemingly exist in our world? Why is it that love is so different from what I percieve it to be? I am in no way implying that I want a qt waifu anime babe to do my every bidding, but is it so much to ask for genuine love and compassion between two people?

All in all, it confuses me as to why all relationships in our culture, both with peers and with the other sex, seem to be so distant from what I personally desire (which, again, is something akin to love I see in anime).

What hope is there for people like me? I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you robots are exactly like me, which is why it's so difficult to find a woman for us to spend our times with. Do I just conform to normie culture and accept that my only chance at love is by feigning to be a normie, and accepting and adopting the standards by which today's relationships are formed? Or do I wait - still a virgin - until the right time comes along and I meet someone out there that really does fulfill this desire.

On a sidenote, I am by no means talking about sexual gratification. While still difficult for a robot like me, with enough work and confidence, its easy and tangible to get pussy - but it seems like no matter how attractive, fit and confident I could become, I could never achieve what I truly desire in companionship.
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Just thank Jesus you're anonymous and not posting this somewhere you're able to look back on when you're older and cringe.
File: images.jpg (5KB, 225x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I see why you say that. I actually 100% agree with everything OP said. He's just being kind of a faggot about it.

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