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>tfw you deeply wish you had anti-depressants even though you know they literally would do nothing because you're depressed from life and other people, not chemicals
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is your picture a girl or girl(male)? this is important
i never used those things but i don't trust them a lot. Brain chemistry is something i don't think we should fuck with.
probably male considering the artist

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Former robot here.
>was depressed, socially anxious, suicidal, a virgin, 3 time/day masturbator, you name it I was it.

The cure is actually nofap. I seriously don't give a shit about anything these days. I put my phone away for half the day and don't even care to look at it later. I can hit on girls and not even give a shit, be cool, and they always fucking like it. My posture is A1 now, and I feel fucking godlike. Sex is great btw. Have three girls on my dick at the moment.

Oh and I can't help but laugh my fucking ass off at you beta cucks. I figured gotta give back tho since I was a robot for ages. Robots are fucking pathetic though, find it hilarious how I actually related to you shits before nofap.
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good threade i read it
Are you lifting weights?
I'd also like to know this anon

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I'm leaving forever lads, and I recommend that you all do the same. This place is a diseased cesspit that enjoys posting things specifically to infect and then corrupt you. It's not fucking healthy to see cuck shit and "[you] can't compete!" shit every day. It's not healthy to grapple with primordial anxiety about foreigners coming into your community and having your women abandon you for them. It's not healthy to be around this much autogynephilia all the time. This place is making you sick. LEAVE NOW.
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You will come back

Aw things getting too real, sweetie? Yeah fuck off then
Too real? Are you joking? This place is full of people who have failed and are now out to prove that it's all the fault of a corrupt world. Posting BLACKED every five minutes doesn't represent reality. It's not true that just because Tyrone has a 17 inch cock that means you're going to get cuckolded and take care of your wife's son forever.

>wow anon your willy sure got hard quick I just put on my bathing outfit

>would you like me to take proper care of your willy, anon?
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yes mummy please
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>tfw no average high sex drive gf

Why live

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>When he pulls it out and it's less than 8 inches
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8 inches just always seems kinda big. 5-7 seems perfect to me.
>when i tell her it's 8 inches and she falls for it.
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When you have an 8 inch dick but that's your only value in life.

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Should I go for a nightwalk?
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I literally used to do that every night

It helps man
i do it every night and growl and shriek like an autistic retard every time

why would you want to draw attention to yourself outside in the middle of the night?

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What do your balls smell like right now?
Mine smell like fritos.
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sweaty semen

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>try to say something to just join in on a group's fun
>"God, shut up, anon."
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You tried to join the wrong group then anon
Any group is the wrong group. Humans are pretty much just a cruel species, period. There's no getting around it.
I think the only smart idea is to find comfort by yourself, which I've done over the last decade or so. This is just reflecting on past interactions, I guess.
>playing tag with friends
>realize you are just standing there while they play tag around you

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>get out of night classes
>head to car to drive home for the night
>see someone with their hazards turned on
>go up to her
>"Hey is everything alright?"
>"No, my car says I got a flat"
>"Do you have a spare?"
>"Yeah but I don't know how to change a tire"
>take the wrench from her and told her to place the jack under her car
>start replacing her tire
>she starts talking to me
>hold conversation as best as I could
>asked me about my interests
>"I, uh, like to read and make alternate history stories"
>she sounded genuinely interested
>finish replacing her flat with a spare
>"Now don't go over 50 mph or you might ruin your spare on the way home"
>"Thanks anon, you're the best" I had already told her my name
>walk to my car
>realize I forgot to ask for her number
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Regret is the most useless emotion in humans. It's literally wanting to change the unchangable - past. Abandon regret and shame and you will feel better.
>Abandon regret and shame
Not him. How would you go about doing that, anon?

You need to analyze everything you do, the sources of your fears, desires. Tie it all into your base instincts. That way you can predict what your own body will force you to do, and to a degree resist it. It's a scary experience and starts to weigh you down after a while, but it's better than to be trapped in a repeating sequence of events you can't control. It would be a waste of human potential.

For regret, you have to understand what you desired and it will instantly become less desirable. For shame, you have to understand that it's social and that only you matter to yourself, not society.

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maxresdefault (8).jpg
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How to get a good hair cut robots ?

I want to get that meme hair cut the normies have ? How bad will it look if I can't pull it off
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>not getting a standard buzz cut
why would you want that stupid hair cut anyway?
if you can't pull it off, it'll look ridiculous.

it looks stupid already, it's just that chad can pull off anything.
Bring your parents and a picture of what you want. I'm 19 and still do this.

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Average Robot.jpg
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How do fembots feel about guys with average looks, average bodies and average penises?
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I prefer a man who doesn't have a penis.
>doesn't have a penis.
explain yourself?
Is that supposed to be the average looking guy, becuase he has a nice body. I would love to lick that happy trail and suck on those amazing looking balls.

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How do I motivate myself to actually do something with my life?
I've just graduated high school and am going on to community college. All I have planned is a two year degree so I can get into an easy job since I have no passion in life at all. I've supposedly got a high IQ and my SAT scores are in the top 8% in the country, but I can't seem to actually get the drive to do anything useful with my intellect.
I've been on depression meds for a while, but those only seem to make me not want to kill myself and don't really help that much.

Genuine feedback is appreciated
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...so you have literally no interests? That seems unlikely desu.
Pick something prestigious and work towards it regardless, if you have the potential to do well and escape this hellhole then for you should, doesn't even matter what you choose
What do you want out of life? Suprisimgky unoriginal
I guarantee everyone has a better life than me. I'm the only one who suffers in this world with my loneliness.
Everyone is just a whiny fuck who mock me with their little problems.
Fuck you all.

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Today, a fag told me he liked my haircut. How should I feel about this?
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How long had it been since you had your hair cut?
depends on if you like him
>a fag
you rude man! you very rude boy!

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I can never win willy wars
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what about five pound flop outs?
>Tfw self conscious anon has a bigger peen than i

post gif of you masturbating right now

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>mom told me that I'm going to die tonight

What did she mean by this
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she's going to kill you while you sleep. keep one eye open, anon. grip your pillow tight.
Ur gonna die lol
run, originally ofc

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