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>so tired of vidya
>so tired of anime

all I want is friends and a girlfriend, I just want to be normal like everyone else


Why did my life have to go so wrong???
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Quit being a baby, you can't always get what you want
>stop playing vidya
>stop watching anime
>get friends
>get a girlfriend

Not that hard.
You can have both, retard.

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/pol/ here, whats with the constant gay/trans shilling on this board?
the gay lifestyle is anything but comfy if you plan on ever sitting down again
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/pol/ here
nigger you lost
everyone here should understand there is such thing as a gay agenda. the gay community is constantly looking to indoctrinate fresh meat. it is a life of unhappiness, diseases and health problems. they are trying to distance you from the nuclear family model and marry you to consumerism in order to fulfill the void where your family would have been. it is not in your best interest to listen to these people, it will not solve your problems in the long run.
Faggot you /pol/tards and trap shillers are both cancer. Please fuck off to /pol/

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>edge for hours daily
>just to feet
>can't make sense of my fantasies half the time
>bizarre snuff scenarios and plenty of other weird ideas circle around
>chasing some unattainable high
>see feet online and irl that make me think of the vast amounts of amazing feet that aren't seen
>it's all a fucking tease, there's never any true satisfaction achieved
>refractory period high
>feel productive and on top of the world
>promise myself that I will abstain from indulging my perversions
>30 minutes pass and urges return
>convince myself that I may as well indulge and I can do so responsibly
>spend 4 more hours edging
>go to sleep defeated
>see new content
>pic fucking relevant
>go into an Elliot Rodger-esque spiral of disbelief, anger, bitter, sadness, and rage
>I feel like I am going insane. I am so pent up from years and years of perverted seclusion.
>Thousands upon thousands of dollars and hours wasted and I am still at square one.

I am just writing this out due to sheer mental overload. I just hate my fucking life and this fucking obsession with feet is driving me fucking insane. I can't function. Can anybody else relate at all? Not even with feet, but just whatever the fuck gets you off? It is torture. I feel like writing and communicating about it with others even here will be cathartic. I am so close to fucking snapping and letting someone feel this frustration.
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Gross feet/10

Also I know your pain, always looking for the "perfect" picture/video.
Yes anon I spend hours edging to anime feet sometimes but you should keep it for the weekends. And my refractory period is short so I can fap well over 10 times a day. I get the obsession though. And how the dopamine makes you feel you're chasing after absolute bliss yet it keeps escaping you as you can only feel it for a few seconds.
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>Gross feet/10
Fair enough. What do you find gross about them? Probably the things I find appealing about them: very large, long, and slightly dirty and calloused with long toes.

>Also I know your pain, always looking for the "perfect" picture/video.

It's worse when you pay hundreds for the video because you want everything so specific and then you get bored of it a day later.

It amazes me when I find things like this picture that turn me on so much. What the fuck is the source? I feel that I've spent enough time searching to find everything yet more triggering shit keeps popping up. Sometimes I think: what if I just had a complete and omniscient database of female feet for the entire world? I'd probably kill myself or at least gouge my eyes out like Oedipus.

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Let's give each other general life advice that we learned through experience.

>Everybody is winging it at all times, they've got no clue what they're doing so don't feel ashamed or embarrassed when you talk to normies
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Most people around you would rip your arm off for a candy bar if they were desperate enough, and will do needlessly cruel things to others when they are well-off
That sounds like a load of bullshit.
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autistic yamada.gif
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At least post the animated version desu

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>it's that episode where anon saves oneitis from a school shooter
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>risking your life for a female who is not your wife or blood relate to ya....
I don't even have a oneitis or anything, I fantasize about taking down a shooter and then the feds make me some kind of secret agent after seeing my tacticool skills and I go on adventures around the world. Or something.
I'd always try and think up escape routes and what objects in the classroom I could use as a weapon. The 3 hoe punch always seemed like a pretty hefty weapon

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How does one experience love?
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understand its a rat race, be somewhat alpha, and weigh over a buck 50
It doesn't exist man. You're forever going to be caught in between crippling loneliness, and the knowledge that there will never be anything you or anyone else can do about it. Sorry you had to find out this way.
literally chemicals in your brain

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>tfw former fat girl and now have a bf
>going to make him fatter so he stays with me forever since im the only one that appreciates his fat body

good plan?
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Please kill yourself.
Your plan is shit.
So are you.
You're only doing this because you know you will get fat yourself.

A good strategy but could backfire if he dies of a heart attack or diabetes.
I hear putting your period blood into his food
is supposed to work like a charm or some shit
I dunno but try it

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>tfw no doll gf
>ywn be loved by doll gf
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pic related
There is literally no reason to live.
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I wish bjd weren't so expensive
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>ywn doll lean on your shoulder

>your entire quality of life depends on your genes
>it's predetermined before you were born

>you can make your life slightly better with shit tier genes if you put a lot of effort
>men with top tier genes have it easy since the day they were born
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If you had tried in school, you would've been rolling in cash and women regardless of what you looked like.
If you're gonna be a miserable shit like the rest of us at least own up to your own incompetence and errors.
Not really. Ugly kids are picked on by teachers just as much by other students. It's usually neglect, though.
t. robot pretending to be a normie

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>I don't exist anon, please wake up.
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i don't even dream about having a gf now, even my reptile brain gave up on trying to rig my subconscious
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you are MEME get out of my HEAADDD
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>yes anon now you're fully awake, I'm finally free

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>born in cold shitty small town
>wasnt born in la
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Bogota- Crime City.jpg
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Hey Anon.

I'm incredibly interested. tell me all about your life.

I was born in a huge city in latin america and now have lived and travelled around the USA and Europe.

I cant imagine how it is to have ben born and raised in a northern town. Please share details.

where did you go to school, where did you hand out, what's there to do for older people, have you ever tried leaving the place, etc?

Pic related, Megacity
>Latin American
Only humans may post on this board
LA is a shithole. Yes there's lots of entertainment but it's not a comfy place.
It's full of chads and stacies and backstabbing rats who will turn on you so quickly

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If you fuck a boy(female) into his pussy, are you still a virgin?
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A gay Virgin
No you're not a virgin at that point. You just banged a useless woman, I guess it would be similar to riding a bike on flat tires. Are you really riding? Well yes, technically, although the real thing will be quite a sight different.
You are a Virgin still unless you go full homo. Then the normal laws of virginity do not apply to you and you fuck men to lose the v.

Also if you fuck a girl up the ass and don't fuck the vag then you are still a Virgin as you didn't have proper hetero intercourse

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Why is it so hard to find someone decent to talk to? People that I talk to from here seem like they have no interest in conversation (despite most of them advertising themselves to want someone to talk to). It makes me wonder why they even put themselves out there in the first place. I like to think I'm a fairly engaging person to talk to and I like learning about people but it seems as if people get peeved of me often or otherwise make it seem like they don't want to be talked to again. I just want a friend.
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I've been in your shoes and I've realized some feelings of others not wanting to talk is a result of over analyzing the conversation. Sometimes people just aren't feeling talkative. Easier said than done, but try not to think about it too much.
Most people want to chit chat
Where should I go to find people, then?

Maybe it was selfish of me to think otherwise.

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>Driving on the highway
>Sudden urge to pull the emergency brake
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>see cop car
>feel the need to start a high speed chase
>Driving on the highway
>sudden urge to crash sideways into another car
File: 1483742047124.jpg (31KB, 400x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>driving on the high way
>kind of space out a bit
>start the realization that the only thing between me and sudden instant painless death is 4 feet and an imaginary yellow line

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Would I enjoy my time on this planet more if I just turned on my retard switch, claimed a waifu, and vigorously masturbated all over the place?
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No, that's a horrible idea anon. You gotta keep going and work towards a decent goal
File: dungeonabusive.png (191KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's a horrible idea you fucking idiot
File: file.png (279KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anon, are you just roleplaying in this thread alone?

I feel for you man, sometimes those (you)'s never come.

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