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Hopefully this will be a comfy thread, with no politics or tripfag drama to be had edition
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>I want to be near the top
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second for no more mouldyboy
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Sssh! Harold has had a long day at the surgery today, with many long appointments. Let him rest

What's it like having your (bare) penis in a vagina?

Is it the best feeling ever?
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It's okay. Not much better than masturbation unless you genuinely love the girl

Virginity only matters to virgins.
It is fine. Mighty overrated though.

Also if you fuck for a longer time, she gets either too wet or too wide, the friction is gone and then it begins to be just a chore. Vaginas generally can be, apart from rare beautiful innies, rather disgusting.

Mouth can be better if she is know what she is doing.

Truth however is, that most girl do not know or just doesn't give a shit.

Also do yourself some good and buy an escort.

do you cry when you feel sad anon?

is it okay to cry?
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No and only if you're a woman.
i can't cry most of the time. it's not natural for me. even though im often sad and/or depressed i am unable to let those feelings out of my body.

sometimes i come close to crying in public which is really strange considering its nearly impossible for me to be physically sad alone and my feelings can't be let out easily.
Crying is good. I like to listen to music when i cry, helps get it all out I suppose.
I've been trying to make a playlist of crying music, anyone else? See links below



Is atheism just a 21st century fad? Will religion really die out within our lifetimes?
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it's a 2012 fad which is quickly dying in favor of indifference

i have no respect for centrist, gray area loving fucks that call themselves agnostics
Is religion just a fad?
Atheism is currently shrinking world wide while religion is growing. The current trends definitely do not point to religion dying out in our lifetime, they point to the opposite.

The main issue is that atheists don't breed. For some reason any demographic that starts becoming atheist stops having children and plummets well below replacement rate

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Eventually it'll be taboo for females to show their feet in public. Much like how breasts are now. Feels bad.
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After that comes faces. Let's face it (hurr), most guys have fantasized about busting on the face of any girl they've held a decent length conversation with.

And when the taboo comes, when they are afraid of showing their faces in public, we know we've won. Sure, there'll be a few diehard STRONG WYMMIN scraping a living by working over the internet, but most of them will have no choice but to become demure housewives.

Our pervertedness will save the world.
i only like male feet

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That's gross desu senpai. Male (male) or male (female)?

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Ask an anon who has had sex with 8 different women anything
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What are you doing on this board? That's my question.
Why do you think anyone cares about you on this board enough to ask you anything of worth
How does it feel to be the most succeful person browsing this fucking board?

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>walk in to shop
>owner follows me
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Just shrug it off
Well how else would he catch you stealing?
then stop being a nigger

so, anon tell me about the time you got back at your bully(s)
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Implying you do get back at your bullies
Killing myself, I guess.
sucker punched him when he was talking with his friends. his group of friends held him back from him beating me up, luckily. that was a 7th grade bully, so we were children back then desu. nothing serious, but he stopped after that.

I also had this bully from 8th-10th grade that I never got back at. his bullying was more verbal, like calling me an ugly fuck besides his group of friends, and sometimes he would be physical, like throwing gum at my hair (luckily it never stuck), try to make me trip by holding me and kicking my feet, and sometimes would slap my books so they fall to the ground. and I would literally help him do his math homework so he would let me off the hook. I knew I couldn't take him on, so I never tried something similar like I've done to my previous bullies. he also used to bully socially awkward girls that were into him too, and made them cry.

i think he's a baseball player now, and he has a hot wife.

how's that for a revenge story?

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I hate being polite

Everyone's such a sensitive little flower that if you ask them for something and don't say thanks they get upset. They need to be thanked for their effort, even when it's in their own interest to do the thing. My local shopkeeper is acting like a sulking teenager because I don't engage in small talk and avoid eye contact. My jobcentre advisor sanctions me if I'm 5 minutes late because I don't ask how she is or respond to her attempts at banter. My flatmate doesn't talk to me anymore because all I ever said to him was "hi".

I wish people weren't so fragile, it's so much effort to fake literally every interaction I have with people and I just don't bother anymore.
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We could be best friends, OP.
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>doing through door as same time as someone else
>they stand there and hold the door open smiling at you
>actually expect you to squeeze between their body and the door and thank them
>take a few steps back and wait for them to pass
>walk towards the door
>apply substantial force such that I can walk in a straight line through the doorway without having to swerve sharply to avoid it falling back on me
Manners are the backbone of civilization. They are designed to make things more pleasant and enjoyable. There's nothing more autistic than someone needlessly rude.

One time I was on a date with a girl and she brought up a story that involved her sucking some dudes dick a couple years ago. It was so rude and disgusting I walked out of the date and never talked to her again. Not because she sucked some dudes dick a couple years ago, but because she was so fucking rude to bring that up on a date with someone she barely knew. A perfectly good girl that I actually liked and could have built a perfectly good relationship with, ruined because she had no manners.

Imagine you like some girl and you're talking and getting to know each other and she tells you you're ugly and she wishes you were taller. Now that's forever in your head, now that's all you'll be able to think about when you're with her. Now you're insecure and will probably never try to make a move on her all because she was rude and had no manners.

Politeness is a patrician quality and part of the reason society sucks so much now is because roasties have been taught abandoning it is empowering and they've lost all sense of decorum.

>not making art to express yourself
top tier introspective creativity always came from robots
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i'm retarded and have no ideas
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Every time I hear the word "express" I think about how vets have to express dogs' anal glands.

It's a word I intentionally avoid using.
i have no talent and no motivation

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life level.jpg
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>51% chances to live the life on easy mode
>born a male
how is it even possible to fuck it up so hard?
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>getting aborted or being the victim of infanticide at a much higher rate (in 3rd world countries)
>will likely experience sexual assault in your teens (or in many cases before)
>will be socially expected / guided into a less lucrative career / field of study
>will likely get raped in college
>may have to give up a career to look after kids
>even if you keep your career, will be punished for taking leadership roles
>will likely be the victim of spousal abuse

>easy mode

hahahahaha fuck of NEET virgin, women have a legitimately harder time in the real world. If only you had a degree or a job and could actually notice this stuff
Where did you get the 51 from?
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>This is what cucks/white knights actually believe
I am dyin over here

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Make a drawing of yourself.
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You should make CD-I games
I met pat the bunny, he seemed like a good guy.
fuck off /soc/ threads

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Is it the new norm for hetero males to never experience any form of love or relationship with females?
> tfw 26
> masters degree, somewhat rich, working in finance, expat in central Europe surrounded by qts
> women treat me worse than a pile of AIDS ridden vomit
> still virgin and alone
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pls rspd
>large family, eldest of all my siblings and cousins
>literally every male in my family is a chad except me
yeah, Its pretty shit
I don't know whats worse, being treated like shit by girls, or being treated as "nice"
Buy book / teacher to learn how women brain work

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>tfw got arrested last night for "nightwalking"
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You sir are a fucking delinquent.
You belong in prison, criminal.
Is that the adult form of nightcrawling?

How to make browsing /r9k/ One thosand times better
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>Using filters
How will you ever find one of my posts then?
>Wanting to look at garbage all day

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