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Why don't you have a femy boyfriend yet? He'll suck your dick while you play video games every day
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>tfw too degenerate for a normal homo relationship
>dont wanna date gays because most are turbonormos
>the ones i did date were autistic and would stop talking to me after a month
>just want a nice boy to watch getter robo armegeddon and play animal crossing with
Dumb sissy femboi
Y'all gay as hell

See you in church

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Come share anything creative in the creative robots thread

Let's make this thread comfy lads
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Here's one of my latest demos I recorded


Looking for any feedback

chill mix right here
i could give you constructive feedback, but your song is too gay

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Are there any dumb sissy whitebois on /r9k/ who want to be boipregnated by the bbc?
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Do you have any where her head is in an arm lock?
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Well I have this, it's not the same but it's nice

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should i fap or nah?
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I also was considering it, but think it that way- if you do, you will still reach the moment where you dont care that u faped an hour ago and all youll feel is an empty lethargic state wishing you could turn back time and keep your energy.Well you can, you havent done it already.Neither have i.
I feel like its more of a moral failiure and accepting that im shit enough for no girl to ever consider me as a posibilty, so tru fapping i prove to myself that im a weakling begging for females attention, while not recieving it.
so i shou ld never fap?
Not being able to get back into the "dating" mindset is my exact reasoning for fapping as well. I can keep trying to impress these women I only want to fuck, or I can get right to it with no strings attached. It's like trying to get me to go back to church and genuinely believe praying will fix my problems if I do it enough.

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Since all your beta straight losers are whining to daddy GookMoot, I will do you this one favor and make a general for today. All my SWB get in here and have some fun today. I'm finna take care all your turbonerds so the straghties don't hurt you anymore.
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Trannies should fuck off to /lgbt/ holy shit what is your GAY FAGGOT obsession with posting here. Fucking freaks all of you..
Not a dumb sissy white boy but I want a cute one to drain my balls in and not tell anyone

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School story thread

Funny,sad,cool I don't care

Tell me what happened
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i wanna see some stories
It was all so insignificant anon.
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Bumpin for stories

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I decided to find out what "FUCKING NORMIES" could possibly be in Latin.

I broke it into steps, breaking it into "FUCKING NORMAL FAGGOTS"


"Normal" = "Normalis" or "Normativus"

"Faggots = "Fascis"

Not sure about how this will go down, or how accurate it is, but here's my result:


Have I accomplished anything at all, whatsoever?
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>latin for faggots is fascis

checks out
Fuck off normie

Why the fuck would you want to say that in latin? It sounds retarded and it's 100% recognizable since its the fucking parent language of most western european languages.
I don't have one for "Fags" so I went with faggots. Reasonable?

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Can a girl really love you if she doesn't want to have sex often?
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Can a girl really love at all?
Not really, no. It means she cares less about making her partner feel good than she cares about her own comfort. If she really loved the other person she would give him a blowjob or even a handjob to get him off if she super wasn't in the mood for sex. At the very least it means she is really selfish. If it was me, I'd give him a nice blowjob.
There's girls out there who really have problems with sex. Everytime I have sex, it hurts and I get so anxious I cry. The girl even could have self-esteem issues.

I think it depends on the girl, but yeah, sure, a girl can love you and be afraid of sex. You just have to ask her and talk about it. Everyone is different.

>when you post your oneitis on 4chan
>4chan doxes her
>literally have 0 (ZERO) chance with her now
>fucking zero

I want to fucking kill myself. There's literally no point in fucking living.
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What did they do?
On which board did you post? Did she know it was you?
>posting real photos here
Ya dun goofed, nigga
In here, r9k. She just made her profiles private.

She doesn't know who I am and probably never will. My chances went from 1% to 0, fucking zero.

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I have extreme OCD and hypochondria with food and air
>cannot touch food with hands for any reason
>food cannot touch the air with any reasonable suspicion that the air is dirty and contains pollutants i could ingest from the foods surface
>food has to easily go from opening to inside of my mouth without touching anything but the inside of the packaging and my mouth
>cannot eat food until i perform inhale/exhale exercises to rid my body of the toxins and pollutants from the air that I breathed in while leaving my room to buy the food

>think it will somehow make me bad or lower my intelligence if i do not follow this
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I consider the air I am near when resting(my bedroom with my bed and computer) to be the air that I am used to. I go days without leaving it because of my anxiety and OCD.

The pollutants when going out to buy food at the store, the weird smells in the store, the exhaust fumes from the traffic, all cannot be safe and I do these exercises when I come home and finish placing the food in my room

>wash hands 3-4 times, twice up to elbow, last times just up to wrist with hot water
>go up to bedroom trying to not touch anything with at least one hand to keep it clean
>inhale in bedroom, exhale outside bedroom door through both nostrils
>inhale in bedroom, exhale outside bedroom door through left nostril, holding the other closed
>inhale in bedroom, exhale outside bedroom door through right nostril, holding the other closed
>blow around mouth for any particulates or pollutants that came out of nose or stayed on my face from going outside
>repeat this at least 3 times
>put face in front of air conditioner as some kind of change of temperature, breathe out and in a few times
>re-do the inhale/exhale/mouth routine, 3 times, same as before
>gargle water 3 times, over 1 minute each time
>hawk out any snot or anything in my mouth that could have collected pollutants from outside air, 3 times

I have to do that every time i leave the house. even just opening the bottle of water to gargle water, I have to blow on the sides of the cap to make sure there are no pollutants/particulates, the blow on my hand/wave my hand for the same reason, then open it carefully to make sure my hand doesn't touch the nozzle.

Just the breathing exercises take 15 minutes or so of constant strong inhaling and exhaling. It's extremely uncomfortable.
Doesn't work like that.
There's no logic here to debate; just a disordered mind. You're mentally ill and you need treatment to live a better life. Go to a doctor and get your clomimpramine/fluoxetine script.

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Is dating an asian, the most beta thing you can do as a white man?
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nah being a virgin asian in your late 20s is.
No. The most beta thing you could do is LTRing a woman that you know burned the coal in her past.

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>havent been outside and seen a friend in 4 days
>depression kicking in
>feeling worse than shit
>want to fucking die right now

Fuck me loneli-ism fucking sucks I dont want this shit FUUUUCK
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4 days lads. Sound the alarm.
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>havent been outside and seen a friend in 4 days
>seen a friend in 4 days
>seen a friend

>4 days
>this is considered a long time to normies

Its so easy for me to go long stretches of time without leaving my house that I don't even think about it

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>compass was left wing before the election
>became center during the election
>now it's drifted even further left than before and also more up

why did this happen to me?
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because you're underage. Pls kill yourself.
You don't understand economics at all. Pretty common, most people start out like that, watch some Friedman videos then do it again.
>Lefties fucking shit up, no hope
>Trump is a ray of hope, base far right, drags you right
>Trump is a retarded, base is cancer and now you're having withdrawal.

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>Got off probation for CP possession
>Haven't been on 4chan since last September
What the fuck did I miss?
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>Got off probation for CP possession
>Haven't been on 4chan since last September
What the fuck did I miss?
Dumb sissy anime pedo boi.
Not much since then honestly
If you'd been gone another year longer I'd say you missed a fucking lot though
I missed the election though. What happened

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>there is nothing after death
How can anyone believe this horseshit? Why would there be something(life) then nothing?
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Why would there be something
That logic is retarded. Consciousness is the product of your brain, which requires various pieces of biological machinery and a fine balance of materials all working in unison to keep functioning.
>That logic is retarded
>Goes on to explain the metaphysical with empiricism

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