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I'm back here, got something interesting for ya. My short comparison between INTP and ENTP. Will post it a bit later ITT.
Least happy/extroverted from the E types edition.
>Descendant degenerate tier
>Type descriptions
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I've never taken this one before but seems about right.
On the test I typically shift between INTP and INTJ but people tell me I come off as an ISTP.
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>mfw was long posting in previous mbti thread and it archives before I can reply

I'm just leaving this here:

>The reality is that most deaths are somewhat meaningless to everyone other than your immediate circle of relations

You're missing my point. The small effect you have on your family spills over even after your death. Your family is affected in some ways, which carries forward in their interactions with other people and the chain goes on...We won't know how it will trigger and culminate finally.

>A common argument against abortion is that the baby could have cured cancer

It doesn't matter how gifted or talented one is, the point is seemingly normal IQ people's daily routine actions transpose into the alpha or Omega. An aborted baby would assume its affect on the parents. No matter how small the affect its consequences could not be accounted for.

>but how many of us will actually get there?

Again, the point isn't whether we achieve our dreams or not. Even at this stage of life I'm in, with desperate fears and quiet failures, my life still affects others.

>neglects to include basic probability and black swan events

The butterfly effect is all about random, unusual events (i.e. Black swan events). It's about confounding variables exerting their influence in ways we cannot imagine. That's why we can only predict (emphasis on predict) weather on a short term scale. There are too many variables that will affect the outcome.

But enough of this, I see you're viewing it from an economical perspective and is not something you enjoy discussing about. As of now you're discussing it for the sake of discussion, right? (You're probably an ENTP)

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Alright, OP is back, so here's what I've promised.
Not exactly the comparison, but more of the closeup of similarities and differences of ENTP and INTP.
First off, I'll start with E. ENTP isn't naturally extroverted in the way of "oh wow I like talking to people so much xDD". No, that's not in our case.
Dominant ENTP's and INTP-s secondary function, Ne (iNtuition extroverted), isnt about talking to people. Its about of seeing the relations between distant objects, like I can see the relation of the Earth, two different people, etc, etc... not the EXACT relation, but more of the flux of random ideas. Ne is like zergrush of ideas, not nearly close all of them are valid, but some can be.
INTP-s primary and ENTP-s secondary, Ti (Thinking introverted), specializes in concepts of the things around. How to build this, how this functions, basically, some sort of deconstructing ability to analyze the world from the perspective of pure abstract data. But, if Te (Thinking extroverted), is the ability to put those concepts into reality by executing direct and non-abstract tasks, so its seen like some sort of composing/building the reality, then Ti is decomposing principles/data into short and far less straight concept.
And you've probably guessed already the next part.
If ENTP creates the flux of ideas with Ne and then decomposes them with Ti to see if they're valid, INTP absorbs the ideas directly into his own vision (Ti), and then adds additional pieces with Ne.
As you can see, both of those types are driven by knowledge, without focus on social aspect. So, if you want to identify an xNTP individual precisely, comparing dominant and secondary function is inefficient way. And so, I suggest the other way.
Although, if INTP with his repressed Fe isnt social type at all, who cant find his language with people nearly in most cases, ENTP has the same function, but not as deep as his introverted colleague, which helps him to quickly and naturally scan the social environments. Cont.

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look at this pepe
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Why did 2007 kill everything? Video games, movies, anime, TV, america, the economy, global stability, the internet, it all collapsed around this time.

Heck, even if you compare 2007 to 2006, the two years felt completely different. Even time seemed to move slower pre-2007. What the Fuck happened?
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The Internet was fine up until 2013.
Also, you just grew up and faced with reality, to me, my life went to shit in 2011.
pic related happened and ruined our timeline
the greatest album of all time came out in 2007 though

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How do you even manage to be a virgin in this day and age where getting laid is as easy as ever?
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Easier for whomst?
By having low test and barely having a will to live. I'm 26 and couldn't give a fuck about fucking.
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i like challenges

Why hasn't Eminem ever been seen with a non-white woman?
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He's gay

The people who are truly racist are the ones who feel the need to drag the color of peoples skin into everything, assuming that if somebody doesn't force themselves to love a woman or man they're racist. Stop bringing it up.
Not that I even care, do whatever you want, we're all trash.
I actually ask myself this question regularly

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>tfw California girl who wants to move to Washington
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Where are you from CA girl? I need friends.
i have a lot, thanks
Are you undeniable though?

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Anyone else had a semi normal upbringing?
I lived with both my parents, they were divorced and my dad was an alcoholic liar but that's normal for a lot of kids, mom was really supportive, step dad was handicapped but super chill, i had friends in middle school, i was shy and asocial back then but nothing too bad.then high school came along, i became sad and angsty like alot of teens, exept i went way too far, i never left my room during holidays and free time, actively tried to not have friends, became completely isolated, hated humanity at it's core, became depressed and suicidal, thought about it basically all day.
Even now i haven't fucking changed, i really plan on killing myself by next month and iam glad i'll leave this earth. I'm just curious as to wtf happened to me, looking at my early days, i thought i would be a normie, still was a khv throughout my life though, if that even changes anything.
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>parents are poor, lowly educated immigrants
>they never really had any social life or friends
>provided me with food and shelter, the bare necessities basically
>mom was kind of overbearing and emotionally abusive
>dad never really involved himself with me, never taught me anything or spoke with me about personal things
>semi normie as a kid, had some friends in school but never did much outside of school
>never had a social life during high school
>became super shy/avoidant/anxious around 16
>lost all contact with people when HS finished
>never learned how to be an functional adult human being
>neet 5+ years with a few months of employment sprinkled in

how old are you? i think i'll be joining you soon.
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>mostly normal parents
>grew up rich in a huge house
>grew up in a 95% white town
what the fuck happened to me, I can't do anything without fucking it up, I can't talk to normies without getting them to hate me
I'm currently 22
I guess some of us were doomed from the start. Atleast some robots have reasons for being so autistic. I'm actually the reason why i'm such a failure.

how can i get the most realistic snuggle simulation out of pillows and bedsheets?
i want to be able to forget shes not real for a while
lying on my side clutching an pillow in my arms feels kinda nice but its not very convincing
advice? ideas?
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bring up my post
please help
I also need this information
You can buy weighted blankets, which are comfy and pretend she's holding you. I just pile up pillows and blankets and lean my back against it and pretend I'm back to back with a gf.

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>tfw even 2D hentai is starting to remind you of how rejected you are by 3D girls
>tfw can't even masturbate to pics or videos of women now

I'm going off the walls and the sexual frustration of being a mid 20s khv loser is starting to become palpable.
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then masturbate to boys
The only boys I want to masturbate to are qt fembois, but they remind me of women too so I just can't.
can you use the word trap instead next time please.?
My filter wouldve blocked your comment

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>weak orgasm, barely anything comes out
>dick is dribbling cum for the next 30 minutes
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>He does the virgin cum

Just cum harder.
Take your time and don't use porn. It might take you like 30+ mins to get where you want to go, but it will be worth it.

If you can't cum without porn nofap for 1 or 2 weeks and then never use it again.

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> two women are jailed over 'sickening' torture of vulnerable internet date they dunked in a cold bath, strangled with hair straighteners and threatened with a DRILL during a 24-hour ordeal
Daily reminder this is what women really think of robots or men who are not chads.
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Let me guess they met on okcupid
>Not getting up and walking away.
That man is an uber beta weakling. He'd probably kill himself if they told him to

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>dad gave me a condom on my 18th
>always kept it in my wallet
>it expired 3 years ago

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Oh god my father did the same thing when I turned 18 and I kept it in the drawer by the bed and one day when we were moving furniture years later (I was 24) he found it. he laughed and was going to hand it to me but then he saw it was expired and realized it was the same one he'd given to me on my 18th. his smile disappeared instantly and he was mostly quiet for the rest of the day.
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this actually makes me depressed anon hope you find someone soon
>Get a condom at school in 2001.
>Always kept it on my TV in case I would need it.
>Expired in 2003.
>Still not needing it to this day.

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>you try to be helpful and steer people towards a better path
>realize all your effort goes nowhere and you're only fueling their self-pity

What's your personal opinion on this Garfield strip?
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I like it I guess, Garfield has a more old fashioned look to him. I don't know why he has the cigar in the last panel. Is it supposed to imply he beat the fuck out of John for it?
Not a cigar, but a pipe.
John gave it back because Garfield had touched it with his gross-ass lasagna mouth.
Was this some sort of reoccurring gag?

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If you could change yourself in the following ways, which would it be:

A: You become a venerable Chad with ripped muscles, a manly jaw, and towering height. Women will always swipe you on Tinder. The downside is that your dick when erect is slightly under 4" long and it will become a crippling insecurity you will never get over. No guy is going to mess with you about it because you're buff as fuck but no woman can stay loyal to you.

B: You become a short, ugly midget with a face not even a mother could love but you are hung like a horse and outperform Chad and Tyrone combined in bed. Getting laid will be about as easy as a brain-damaged villager from Cambodia getting into a Korean university but if you can manage the luck gal will never be sexually satisfied by any other man ever again.
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this is the easiest god damn choice of all time
>will never be sexually satisfied by any other man ever again.

oh the things they'll believe lol
A, nobody will choose B unironically this was not amusing at all try again

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what to do while on xanax? I have no car, no money and likely won't remember any of it so anime is out of the question
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music and half-hearted masturbation
Just do what you normally do. You'll be able to remember everything just fine. Walks in nature are kind of fun if you know anyplace in walking distance.
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Listen to Future and bang a sloot

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