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>Don't know what I want from this world
>Don't know if there's anything worth anything
>World feels so empty and depressing
>Think about committing suicide when I go outside
>Happiest when I'm distanced from other human beings

Why is life like this?
What's going on?

It's terrible. Someday I'll be gone, and I can't be happier that it'll eventually stop.

I can't enjoy my life forever. I can't stay inside my house forever.

Why is everything this way?

I can't get out no matter what I do or where I go.

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Do you have any hobbies anon? It might seriously help you, assuming you're a neet.
because you're depressed, and this is how depression makes you feel. you should try and get some help for it
Sounds like depression, mate. You can try treatment, it works for some people. It doesn't for others. Welcome to a shitty life.

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>Asian girls don't like black guys!

What are white guys going to do now?first black men took white women and now we are going to take Asian women too. White men will have nothing left kek
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Hi BlackBot. YellowBot here. Yeah, just cuck the whites like you always do.
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Asian women now belong to black men
Stop kidding yourself lads. Being white is great. Noble genetics from a pure bloodline, can trace my family back to 1700s England. Not some mongoloid chink or ape like darkie. Fuckoff with these sex fetish memes, you know it's just beta cucks who perpetuate them.

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upset feline.jpg
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>meet these people from upper middle class families
>do excellent on college level courses in high school and are accomplished in clubs
>essentially busy 99% of the time
>after high school go out and study a meme degree
>no delayed gratification or perceived one because its an obvious meme degree like art

What compels people to act this way? Is it a class thing? How does a family unit socialize someone who is otherwise of average intelligence to excel in traditional regimented schooling? Many of these people I would not consider very intelligent or particularly high IQ'd. I've noticed that around 80% of high school teachers were these people as well.

I'm not trying to imitate the "smart but lazy meme," and I'm sure that you've met normies who are very obviously of average intelligence who do excellently in simply life.
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My ex is from an upper-middle-class Indian family. She was bright but not exceptionally intelligent.

Her family just instilled a strong work ethic in her. She didn't date in university until we met, went out of her way to find internships, and treated college like a job. We're both 23 now and she's making $70,000 per year while her company pays for her to finish an MBA from a top-ranked university.

Can't explain it myself. I don't think she really cares about her job at all - she just has a tremendous load of expectations from her parents and is terrified to let them down.
I should add that I've met one normie from an upper middle class family who wasn't randomly accomplished (accomplished in things with no real gratification), and the thing he was also different from (and all his siblings) is that they were very introverted. I believe that normies accomplish so much, especially the upper-classed ones, is because the more extroverted you are the more you seek to compete with your own friends in random shit.
Social intelligence. Meme degrees like art are 99% based around telling the professor exactly what they want to hear. These family units help install social intelligence.

i cant even hold down a 2d bf fuck this gay earth
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>tfw e-bf abandoned me
kill me
e-bf here
post your applications desu
be sure to hit me up at armin#2360 on discord if you're for real

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yo, percocets, molly, percocets, percocets, molly, percocets, rep the set, gotta rep the set, chase a check, never chase a bitch
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I just did a dose of percocets with some strippers...
I just poured this lean in my cup like it's liquir...
I just need a whole lot of drugs in my system...
I just tried acid for the first time I feel good
Something really familiar about these posts...

such a dumb fucking song, percs and molly do not go together at all

Why are they so much nicer than White Chads?
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Asians can't be chads because they are most effeminate of all the races
Nicer, cleaner, more intelligent, more successful, it's really easy to gauge their level of racial purity just by their looks. Model humans imo.
Because asian chads are much rarer and they don't have to compete as much within their own race

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Have you overcome your fap powers yet?
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No because I want to fap to anzu and smear my semen that I have been accumulating for two days already in her lips. Those precious lips makes me want to cum.
to become a martial artist of fapulation and then willingly never engage with that skillset again is the mark of a real master
it's not that i want to fap, i want to fap to somebody who knows that i fap to them, because it feels better that way.

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You're walking home one day when you find this on the ground.

What do you do?
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laugh at the mangu in remembrance of the peasantry who read such
Write my name a hundred times.
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Write a suicide note and will and write my name in it. EZ

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My cursor is moving by itself..

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go into txt and type fuckoff nigger and he'll go away
What did you mean by this?

I don't think it's CIA niggers in my case.

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>wake up
>still no fashy bf
where do I get me one of those?
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Dibs! Please show butthole for conformation.
let me guess, gay or trap.
>wake up
>still no 8" bf

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I just realized how weird it is that I'm a person. I have a body, and I can move it. I can do stuff with it. I can change it and put things on it. It's like playing a VR game, but in real life. Woah.
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have you tried cutting yet
it's pretty wacky
It's a perplexing thought that you can freely manipulate the environment around you.
damn... really activated my almonds.

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I am so sick of existing. It's the same thing over and over again. Nothing makes sense and I'm never happy.
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At least youre not in jail
You don't have the balls to kill yourself so you may as well start trying to find something in life to give you purpose.
If you're sick of the same thing over and over, then you need to try new things.

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>decide to go to the movies to see Ghost In The Shell with father anon
>first time me going out in a few months
>mfw excited to see the movie up until today
>wasn't any cheap theater, it was in 3D XD
>apparently XD means 4K movie with some fancy audio shit
>get to the theater
>mfw anxious as fuck
>get into the theater and the advertisement for XD comes up and it is literally loud as fuck
>tell father anon I can't take this and walk out of the theater
>almost started crying at the fact that I'm a pussy and missing out on a movie I've wanted to watch for 2 months

I can't take this /r9k/. I feel like shit for making my father happy to go to the movies with me to end up leaving before the movie even started. He's insisting that everything's alright but I hate how that happened. I don't know how normalfags do this everyday.
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I'm sorry anon. Normies can just do most things effortlessly. But they have no deeper understanding of things

For what it's worth, the original ghost in the shell was far superior
Wow this nigga so rawr xd
>can't even go to the cinema
Dude you should definitely consider an hero. Or doing drugs. I'd recommend drugs but you're probably too much of a pussy for them. Though you're probably too much of a pussy to kill yourself.

Just stop doing anything. You'll eventually die.

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Literally am I going to be fucking alone forever because I'm fat??? I have never been on a date, I'm 24 years old and the only bf I had was when I was 16 and we had sex twice and the relationship lasted 2 months...... Like, is the only way to get a bf is to be SKINNY?????? I get some guys like fat chicks, but they never want to take them seriously and commit. They just want to fetishize and fuck them and I DON'T WANT THAT. I WANT A RELATIONSHIP. God fuck. Female/24/JewYork
I fucking hate all of you.
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>nobody replies
Fuck you guys
commie is this you
Just lose weight jesus christ

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>bf cheated with stacy

fuck robots
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What kind of "robot" can even get a gf in the first place, let alone have sex with Stacy?
It's okay, femanon. You feel better once you realize all men are terrible and you're better off without one. It's better to be among intelligent women who understand this and don't rely on men.
Every robot can get a gf. They just don't date girls in their own leagues because they're deluded about their own market value to the hot girls and would rather be alone than date an ugly girl.

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