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How did I get here tonight?What am I doing here?How did I reach this state?How did I lose my sight?
I'm lost, I'm freaking.And everybody knows, everyone's watching.
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can you remember your own face?
greentext what led up to where you are now. go back as early as you want
I try not to, looks ridiculous

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Insomnia is THE robot condition. Only insomniacs post in this thread.
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I eat ass.

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the 3 a.m. feels.jpg
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please stop this feeling i'm seeing demons now
I said i would be asleep 4 hours ago

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How do you guys dress? Compile a picture of what you wear on a day to day basis. During any commutes you have to make, lazing around your bedroom. It doesn't matter, just show what you wear most of the time. Pic related is what I wear during my commutes to work, and during the toil. At home it's basically the same thing, but without the heavy coat, knife and backwards hat.

I'll post the template too.
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I'm originally fulfilling my promise to also post the template
What model of shades are those? They look bad ass I want a pair

There you go my man. Aren't you going to post your edc/attire?

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>slowly losing all touch with reality
>talk to myself constantly
>have multiple personalities
>what sanity i have left in my brain is screaming for me to come back
>getting a name change soon and not telling my family
>literally changing my real name to one of my alter ego personalities that has taken over my life
>tfw lie to everyone and say i have a wife and daughter but i've never had a gf and i'm a kissless virgin who hasn't even held hands with a girl
>tfw constant mental breakdowns
>tfw went out to my truck on lunch the other day and cried for 30 minutes while punching myself in the head
>tfw put my pistol into my mouth and thought about blowing my brains out on lunch
>tfw went back in like nothing happened
>tfw thinking about saying fuck it all and going out by doing everything illegal i ever wanted to do
>tfw know i can "fit into" society but could never fully be accepted by it or have any friends because i am a compulsive liar and a shitcunt excuse for a human
>tfw i am completely insane

at least i have a nice dick i'll never get to use i guess
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dick rating threads belong to /b/ don't they?
why not go to a therapist?
i lie to the therapist too

like i know they're supposed to help but i didn't want to keep paying them for some pseudo bullshit answers, i probably need electro shock therapy or some kind of mental enema

How do I know if any of you on this site are real and this isn't just one overly complex AI analyzing my posts and responding?
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no we are all probably well into the future probably hundreds of years maybe thousands looking into the lives of our ancestors for past sins doomed to repeat them and relieve their pain and agony as we have committed a crime in our time and have been imprisoned in the past regardless of your actions you aren't really in control the path has been set for you already you are just following it and any thought of giving up or being reckless is just proof of the illusion the free will we lack.
i regularly get such thoughts too

theres no evidence they are even incorrect. nothing else to say
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Humans aren't smart enough to make AI that good. I fucking wish they could because we could get on that fucking AI takeover shit already and be rid of the filthy humans.

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>fap to traps

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>it's everyone else's fault i'm a fucking retard
You aren't straight. They've got a penis lad
You're gay, dude. Flamboyantly, undeniably, gay.

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Ok /R/obots i have a problem and an idea.

>be me
>24, decent looking, /fit/
>dating a solid 8/10
>relationship fails because of typical early 20's bull shit
>actually the 5th time this has happened.
>smash whales to get my nut off
>sometimes feel bad because the really like me
>idea pops in my head
>turn a whale into a qt3.14?
>make her fall deeply in love
>force her into gym
>make her hot

Would this work anons? Or will the superficialness still exist? Is it a waste of effort?

I only ask R9K because a lot of you are sick and manipulative just like me.

>Pic related?
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She'll drop you once she starts getting thin. The cock carousel is a ride that never ends; it's a ride that goes on and on, my friends.
Fuck, am i stuck fucking sluts till my late 20's when they decide to settle down?
Do it. If she is down with that idea, only good can come out for the both of you and its not manipulating her even. It will also give you a "project" if you will, and if and when it goes through, you will be happy you started it, maybe even have an actual relationship with a former whale turned qt.

I have a legit problem. I'm unbelievably paranoid about the state of my relationship with one of my closest friends of over a year now. Typically we talk/text at least weekly and always are really charismatic and snarky towards each other, and it works out perfectly. But recently she's seemed to be a bit more distant and apathetic towards me. I don't know what to do cuz I don't know anyone who would be talking to her about this sort of thing, and I don't want to confront her about it in the possibility that I'm completely wrong. This literally happens all the time with me and it usually ends up in hurting or destroying my friendship so I'm unbelievably scared that it'll happen again.
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Youre too far gone

Fuuck man you're right
This is your problem. Women are not capable of friendship, at least not for a long time.

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>girl tells me that she was just acting like she liked me and flirted with me because her boyfriend was on vacation
>tells me that her boyfriend is coming back and that he is going to take her phone and check to see if she is talking to anyone
>gives an "emotional" goodbye as if it means anything
Motivate me, /r9k/. Should I get a woman or just not even try?
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what does it mean when a girl talks to you when she has a bf

is she using me somehow

am i next in line

what's the deal
>is she using me
Yes. I've fallen for it so many times. She always goes for the so called "abusive boyfriend" and will tell you how you are so much better. In the end, though, she goes for the asshole because why not?
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When men are lonely or have no gf they fap

When women are "lonely" or bf is away they use beta guys.

I am sorry op, but I don't think you should stop trying, remember that men go after women not the other way around, which means you must always say NO to a bitch whenever she tries to approach you.
hope it helps, somehow

>the abusive boyfriend trick
thank you for bringing back those painful memories

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Guess also work related thread
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call center
I've been considering wal-mart lately but the payment is really bad there
I just hired at a call center.... Is it as bad as they say..
>tech support
not that bad
>customer service
just as bad as they say
worst job in the world

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in nearly a month.
The loneliness, hopelessness is crushing my soul fellow robots.
I literally had to spend the last 3 weeks alone, with the only glimmer of human contact coming from a few casual hookups with my 2 fwbs.

Does anyone else here share the pain? How do you deal with loneliness?

What kills me most is while I'm here, utterly isolated, couples are vacationing, cuddling, taking selfies, enjoying their time together.

the feels
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Can you at least try please ???
I am, I have a few tinder dates lined up but not really optimistic tbqf
:( nobody cares about my plight

Would your family honestly be surprised if you went full Eric/Dylan?
Seriously, what kind of personality do you show to them.
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>the game's afoot

Holmes themed sci-fi western, none of that BBC bullshit.

Would anyone watch that?
Probably not.They are aware that i completely hate my life since i go on bouts of melancholy and babble about how it's my parents faults for spreading their shit genetics and producing me that i am such a fucking failure.
I don't believe that anybody would be surprised if I did that. It's probably another symptom of my low self esteem.

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>tfw have aspergers and dress formally every day just like reviewbrah
You normies just don't understand.
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Is dressing formally a symptom of aspergers? I do that and I was not aware that this is an indicator.
That's the virgin walk, if I've ever seen it
As long as you dont walk like a complete retard is fine by me robot.

File: aiko123.png (278KB, 638x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm so fucking lonely I'm starting to go crazy holy shit. How do I deal with this?
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You don't You embrace it that's all there is to it.
I go for long walks to neighborhoods I rarely visit/haven't seen before and I look at new things to keep my mind stimulated and away from those thoughts. Other than that I play new games/read books - I have a really good imagination so as long as my mind is being stimulated I can sort of pretend the loneliness isn't there.
I read VNs, mostly moege, they simulate having a girlfriend and friends. Gets really addicting.

Sometimes I add people from here to discord or steam, but I'm autistic and can't hold a conversation so it never lasts more than a day.

I wish I wasn't so retarded.

What kind of tattoos do you have?

If you don't have one, what kind of tattoo would you like?
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Shitty ones.

I need cover ups.
Imagine getting a meme tattoo. I'd rather have doge tattoo than this.
daddy pIease hear this song that I sing

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