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What is the most pathetic thing you've ever done?
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self fellatio desu
Stuck my sister's panties up my ass, shit it out and then masturbated with it on my face.
being alive

unoriginal post

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>Born to late to explore the earth
>Born to early to explore the universe and remove space kebab
Why live?
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As long as kebab exists we're never going to explore the universe
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>tfw born to early to fuck savage space pussy
you're born in the era of no man's sky.

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the idea of judging people on any superficial quality and not the quality of their character sickens me
i'd date a nice girl with a unibrow and employ a weird looking smart guy
but ethnic tribalism and a homogeneous society are necessary for any nation state to preserve it's interests and security on the global stage
economic globalism is a mistake and multiculturalism is planned and conscious genocide
what they do is bring in the immigrants en masse
then they turn them against you by calling you a racist
they provide the immigrants with welfare while your pensions are vanishing and then tax them out of the job market to ensure they'll take the check
you're effectively a slave and if you say fuck it and quit your job, you'll get the same check and join the fight against your own people
the immigrants will hate you because they believe you're the boogie man they see in the media but your police will do nothing to stop the assaults and sexual assaults they inflict on you
they called you a rapist, denied you jobs and educational opportunities, they corrupted your education system beyond redemption, turned your media into a propaganda machine, made your streets unsafe, your hospitals ineffective, your cops neutered or disaffected, they banned your jokes, censored your speech, and they made your own women hate you
the leaders in your public and private sector sold off every single avenue of their influence to people with foreign interests with absolutely no concern what so ever how that may effect you or your children's future
these people are unbelievably sick and nothing they are doing is considered illegal or morally wrong and they paid good money to do it to all the right people
no one's going to stop them for you
anyone with a platform who tries is labeled a bigot and loses their voice
you need to join the fight or the fight does not exist
be proud of your heritage and fight to retain it
if you don't it will be erased forever
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Maybe I'm just a brainwashed American but I've never felt any strong ties to my country, race, heritage or any of that and I don't really get it.
Yeah I internally cringe when I come across those kind of people that are proud of being born in the right body at the right time in the right place

Even though it was 100% luck
Some people are just dumb, too simple to think logically.

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>this board is so lonely it doesn't even get merged for the april fools happening

we will never have fun. lets be real here.
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Nobody wants to have anything to do with us.
Even if something like /ml9k/-"Special kids" would have been fun.
>/pol/ the most toxic board on this website gets merged but /r9k/ doesn't
Is there still a chance it'll get merged later, or is that it for the boards?

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>All the other boards are having fun being merged together.
>/r9k/ was left out
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They know it wont be fun here
other than mlp & pol and lit & fit, which were merged?
/cock/ as well

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I don't want to be a lonely robot anymore, I just want a nice trap gf or maybe a qt bf. Help me find love fellow robots.
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>wanting trap gf

im currently eating and im losing my appetite.

>not wanting the best of both worlds

you're missing out :^)
I like trannies still no gf becuase i want one who isn't a whore
if i get a normal gf then i run the risk of cheating since i prefer trannies but i might give in and get a normal gf probably go for a Latina

My ex just messaged me after a year or so of not talking to me. We never really broke up, but she just stopped talking to me. Apparently I was too depressing for her. She apologised for her behaviour, but I have no fucking clue what to say. Any advice robots?

inb4 asking /r9k/ for advice with women
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>We never really broke up, but she just stopped talking to me.
Boy, do I know that feel. Mine was cheating on me though. What was the message?
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Its been about 2 or 3 days since she sent this one.
If I were you I'd just accept the apology and move on. Thats what I'd do anyway but I'm still waiting on an apology from that bitch. Don't fall for any tricks, she was probably cheating in you too.

Coffee is Better Than Tea April Fools Edition
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First for banning anime
Can't tell if I'm balding or just paranoid, lads.
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join the glorious nation of britfeel (GNOB for short)
we're just having comfy chats and discussing op image and things like that

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>wash up. i made dinner so you better eat my ass like you promised me you would
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Anything for you mommy :3
im not interested in eating your booty like groceries senpai

That morsel goes to the beach in a fucking burkini. I wonder why lol.

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who /super autist/ here?

JUST ruin my chances of a normal life f a m
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Normie original reeeeeeee
what is this called?? hjrh
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Guess I am not

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What makes you /comfy/?

original post
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Cup of hot chocolate, some lo fidelity music and a electric blanket.
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90's internet porn and DOS games.
people actually talking 2 me

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Who else /killing themself because they're not white/?

>be me
>pure german ubermensch mother
>I'm mixed race
>everyone thinks I'm a terrorist muslim paki
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Are you me?
>German aryan masterrace mother
>Paki father
Why did we deserve this?
be sure to bring your mother down with you for being a race traitor
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>be me
>pure german ubermensch father
>blonde hair
>blue eyes
>latino mother
>brown hair and eyes
>turn out having green eyes and brown hair
>still pass as pure german
>feels good man

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>Oh!, Looks doesnt matter!

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Looks do matter. Not completely, but at least a little. It's a harsh reality, but it's still reality and you've got to accept it.
it boils down to whether or not a female enjoys being with you and spending time with you.

nobody is replaceable but people can be substituted like switching from vegemite to marmite.

your goal should focus around being someone who cannot be substituted; a unique product whilst simultaneously being desirable.

like instead of being bread, be banana bread.

If you're a girl, looks don't matter

If you're a guy, good luck

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w-why didn't they combine us with another board for april fools?

Is there something wrong with us?
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They knew that combining us with something like /soc/ or /b/ would lead to a mass suicide of robots and that's not good for business
we already are /soc/ + /lgbt/ + /b/

we don't need to be combined
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>mfw all those /ck/ faggots invading my /co/ board so i have to come here

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tfw beta uprising.jpg
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>Due to cuts in government funding for the arts and our spring break trip to mootxico, we've had to combine a few boards. Try and make some new friends!

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Pretty sure it's April fools mate.
it's r9k getting shafted again with no new friends to make. We could have gotten some soc QTs to raid and maybe make friends with, but no.
I heard about /mlpol/ and my first thought was to come here and see who you got combined with. Looks like even your board can't find a partner :^)

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