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>tfw no robot bf why even live
inb4 muted for 2 seconds
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I'd eat ice cream off your ass regardless of your gender
Nice booty.
Super Original Fighter 4: Arcade Edition.
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Nice try fag, I know you took that from /int/

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Would you rather date a girl who had sex with a dog or an at least semi-ghetto black man?
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The dog fucker. Not even a difficult decision
Care to originally explain?
the ideas I entertain because of this stupid website.

why do I love it so much

it's because you're real people.

Why does feel so good to me knowing that you feel so bad when seeing pic
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This picture makes me feel nothing, what now faggot?
One no feel= one cri
Any more people want to confess their sheer pain in a passive aggressive way?

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>tfw living on heritage and rental income doing practically nothing
>tfw NEET life is the sweet life
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c-can I be your trap slave in exchange for tendies?
wtf is heritage
are you living off a stipend for being white
or do you not know the word inheritance
heritage; something that is handed down from the past, as a tradition

like loads of money

shouldn't you be at work, wagie?

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Who the fuck thought it was a good idea that men should all approach women and never the other way around?

I'm going back in time to shoot that mofo
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A good ol' original comment if I'd have ever seen one.
You would have to go back to the first man that had the nature to make a move on a woman and as such replicate, this man is the basis of all human kind as we know it. If you kill this man, you will be wiping out the entire human race from the fabric of time and space itself.
If women asked guys out, they'd always ask out Chad and not you.

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Tell the other robots about your sex life.
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My friend's wife hugs me sometimes
What am I seeing here? New normie thing?
Abstinent. For personal-not religious-reasons

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>all those '''''''fem'''''bot threads
Wtf happened today, and where the fuck that influx of attention hungry whores comes from?
Its just WAY too much of this crap then usual.
Do they seriously believe a true robot female would disclose her gender?
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It's making me really fucking sad what this board has become

before people whine about how /r9k/ has never been good, well, it didn't used to be like this. I just wish the normies would leave to be honest
fembot here

you're wrong, OP
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>they seriously believe a true robot female would disclose her gender

>working in abandoned house
>bunch of boxes in attic
>find some divorce papers
>so this guy was stalking his exwife and she called the cops and he went to jail

I was reading the love letters and it was pretty funny

Even found a gift im selling ayy lmao
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Post some photos of the love letters
Do it OP, post the love letters
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Its a golden wedding band with a name inside and 3letters 10kp ring with 7 stones

Probably getting $200 at a pawn shop

Anyway another man's loss is another man's PRECIOUSSSSS

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Hello there, wagecuck! I hear Mr. Shekelstien placed copies of the SWEAT Pledge in the break room for everyone to sign.

Another day, another dollar.
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wagecucks btfo as usual.
how do they cope with this pathetic life?
The only thing on this list that's objectionable is that compliance shouldn't mean safety.
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Do you ssssseeeee this cup here in my hand? *rattles mug* It's not empty!
I'll gladly discuss your payroll concerns but NOT NOW! Again, my cup is full. After, AFTER I am done then we can address your long list of concerns.

... And good work with the goy

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>this could be happening to your gf right now
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>my gf
anon where do you think you are
No one here has a gf though
I would only ever marry a virgin from a reigious family

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Give me your most offensive memes
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Low testosterone life form detected.

Would you like to buy a waifu simulate-err, video game?
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normie memes normie memes i like normie memes

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Were you ever raped?
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On two, separate occasions.
How were you raped
Did it change you
>How were you raped
What exactly do you mean? Are you asking me to elaborate on the experiences or are you asking who did it?
>Did it change you
Not fundamentally. I'm the same person, just kind of sad and angry now.

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If the earth is running out of clean water, why don't they just build more water factories?
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Because it's expensive as fuck anon.
Yep, also desal plants are really inefficient. We super duper need fusion
What's more important: green Jew papers or securing a future for white children?

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It's this thread. Roll for gf!
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Welp time to make the donuts

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Go right ahead, say something nice about my oneitis.
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oink oink
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Stop posting your 4/10 landwhale please you are orbiting as fuck
At least she's a girl, OP. That's something, I guess.

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