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does it mean anything if a girl disregards my personal space, puts her hands on my shoulders and is standing so close to me that her breasts are literally pressed against me? my back was to her and this was her way of coming up to me to tell me to go on break (shes coworker). please help, do girls usually stand this close to people and it means nothing? what are breasts but female chests? this means nothing at all right? this is just a girl thing that girls do to their friends? i think im her friend?
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Just some cheeky workplace teasing
its not nice to tease :(
hey friends, i'm just getting into anime and i would like a source on that cute girl please.

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Why the fuck are white people all the fucking same?
You're all either loud obnoxious douchbags/whores, racist or just boring quiet serial killer types.
You all act like you are better then everyone else.
I have never met a white person who is total bro material.
You all suck.
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Coz they have tiny dicks
I've never met an interesting black person. So there's that.
Please don't reply to the bait.

Sincerely, anonymous. (Saged)

Does anyone else find spread pussies and buttholes fucking gross? inb4

>ur gay haHAA

lets be real vaginas are not pretty neither are assholes
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Huge roastie lips turn me on(guilty fetish) but spread pussy/ass is not hot at all to me. I don't want to see up in that shit, it's gross
I find all pussies (and dicks too) gross

I'm not gay, most likely just asexual

t. 22 y.o. KHV
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I like them

Serious question, would you date/bf'd a chubby guy that has a 5 inches erect dick but everything else is good with him? (6 foot tall, money, charisma, good family, mentally stable, nice job, etc(latin american thou, therefore shit skin but not poo in the loo level, more like the rock's skin))
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>implying there are females on 4chan
Yuck, no of course not. Why would I want to date a fat guy? I hope you're not implying looks don't matter.
i literally am dating someone like that, anon
so yes!

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>cheat week
>accidently lose weight
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>only 22 years into cheat century
>gained 380 pounds
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>eating anger and depression away
I've gained 80 lbs since i've started uni
How much are you now?

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Why does noone reply to my bait?
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its okay baby... i'll reply to your bait
wow what the FUCK youre so stupid reeee
Try harder, famalamadingdong.
i love you so much anon you are good baby...

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I never tell them. If you want to say hi to them, do it yourself.
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You don't talk to people anyways
Hey I'm leaving this thread. Tell anons I said hi
You can't talk anyway.

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>Father's day night

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My father is dead and I am not a father and my step-father is a piece of shit
Baby momma got full custody and moved to the other side of the country. Doesn't even let my kid call me.
I dislike being around my toxic family.

>be me
>king of England
>preparing for a battle with some Norman asshole named William
>on battlefield
>see opposing army
>blood n' shit
>mfw when I die and some French nerd takes control of southern England
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Was it good or bad for England that William won ?
>takes control of southern england
He took control of all of England. Also, the English were just in another war. The English had just defeated the Norwegian invasion of England in 1066 at the battle of stanford bridge, and also some of the soldiers had to return home for the yearly harvest

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What does /r9k/ drive (if anything at all)?

When did you get your license?
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An old Pontiac Grand Prix. Has a heads up display projected onto the windshield. Accelerates smooth, you don't realize you're speeding. It's like a video game
2016 corolla. It's a decent car for the price and I've had no issues so far. I got my licence a decade ago or so? I can remember how long it's been.
Failed my test just 4 days ago cause i didn't respect the Red light at a rail crossing before passing after 30 minutes of perfect driving. I already drive a '95 Yaris but i have to take all the secondary road to be sure not to find cops. Still Mad that i failed the exam for such bullshit

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>average trap poster

wow, what a gorgeous woman. absolutely lovely.
Tinder pictures time?

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> be me
> at movies with dad for fathers day
> line is very long at ticket booth to get into theater
> 3 teens standing there
> we finally get to front of line
> dad says "you guys need to hustle"
> try to explain to him that they all get paid minimum wage
> he tells me "then i guess they should work harder"
> he grew up in the 70's and 80's raised by 50's babies
this got me thinking is minimum wage the american version of communism in a small way ? think about it its multiple jobs the vary in range and all entry level workers get paid the same. getting paid the same to do basic labor all across the board is mini communism. what are you're thoughts anon's ?
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Most minimum wage workers realize that if you "hustle" as he put it. It doesn't make any difference. You wont get any change to your paycheck. Hell, your "hustle" probably will never be noticed or acknowledged. Meanwhile Mr. Shekelburg has used the proceeds of your "hustle" to purchase his 5th yacht.
Minimum wage isn't giving the workers control of the means of production so no, it's not communism in any way
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>thinks wage labor and alienation from the products of your labor is communism.

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> out at the club with the lads from work
> see my oneitis getting off with some chad from another department
> feel like crying but ignore it
> later on i'm sat with the lads and she comes up to me and start cuddling me
> i'm pissed at her because she's been with chad all night so i walk off
> she gets upset at me so i sit back down with her
> she starts cuddling me again
> some older men who are sitting near us tell us they got married to their girlfriends when they were our age
> they ask us how long we've been together
> i say we're not a couple
> she says something like 3 weeks
> this really pisses me off
> they leave
> she starts trying to kiss me
> i'm having none of it
> one by one the lads leave us to ourselves
> it's just her and me, her on my lap trying to kiss me and holding my hand and touch my leg
> my literal oneitis i've been orbiting for months and stressing over
> all i can think of is how she's used good from the chad
> and rather than being happy in the situation i'm fucking furious and refusing to look at her
> eventually the chad comes over
> he's clearly drunk but he doesn't look like he wants a fight
> he's calling her name
> she looks at him
> she then looks back at me and carries on cuddling me and ignoring him
> it all gets too much for me so i leave
> i walk home in-near tears and fury
> see them after i stopped mcdonalds walking together hand in hand, she's smiling
> they see me
> chad ignores me and she waves at me
> i pitifully wave back and stare at my meal hoping they leave me alone
> they do
What is fucking wrong with me. I'm so fucking autistic. I had the chance to cuck chad with my oneitis and I fucking balled it up. I hate myself and I hate women. It's not fucking fair. I'm going to have to probably see her tomorrow, I'm sure I can avoid her, but who fucking knows what people are going to be saying about me.
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After I said I was going to leave she didn't let me go and kept asking me why I didn't like her any more and if we could still be friends. I just said I was sorry and had to leave.
She was doing that with you to piss Chad off and get his attention, sorry anon.
please tell me that's not true anon

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It hurts just a little bit.
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It hurts that I'll never marry a cute autistic cake like Hishiron.
>tfw no autistic office lady cake gf

Been on 4chan since 2005/2006 (don't even remember when exactly I first came here.) Goddamn the site really went to shit after 2012. I don't even like coming here anymore yet everyday I come back.

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>And I can't wait you to meet him, he's very smart, always on his computers.
>Have I told you he's your age yet?
>*Walks up the stairs*
>And here we are, this is my son's bedroom!

Wat do?
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Consider an hero
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>Implying I would let my mom dress like that and fuck niggers.

I would literally chain her to the wall before letting her do that.
If she needs cock that much she can have mine.
My mom is black.

There you go your cuck fantasy OP.

Sauce on the milf btw? My dick is diamonds for bitches wearing bride lingerie.

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