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ITT: Things you sperg out over but you know you really shouldn't
I'll start:
>What kind of music do you like, Anon?
Fuck you, my personal taste in entertainment is none of your business. I know you don't really care anyway, you're just making conversation because you feel awkward.
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When someone talks while they're eating or chews with their mouth open.

It shouldn't disturb/upset me like it does, but it'll make me distressed for hours if I have a good friend and I find out or see that they do this.
How distressed do you get? Have you lost friends over this before?
In my experience most people chew with their mouth closed, I can't remember the last time I noticed somebody over the age of 3 chewing with their mouth open.
Literally anyone being in my house so that I can't practice my autistic habits like walking around half-naked and day drink without getting judged

Also when I'm working on my car and some fucking faggot walks by trying to talk about it. I don't want to drop everything and talk to you, you fucking mongoloid, let me be a stupid tuner faggot in peace. Fuck suburbs.

All girls should be below 5'2 at the very maximum and be at least a little chubby.

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Nope. I like them 5'4" - 5'11" with a petite frame.
Chubby? No.
Stacked? Yes.

I prefer chubby but tall. I like a woman who is strong, not a tall skinny model. alpha female type with wide hips to make strong kids with

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>tfw want friends but can't have them because I can't carry a conversation
>tfw want a bf/gf but can't have because I'm not interesting and I'm awkward.

no seriously I can't speak for shit. I'm awkward, with no personality whatsoever, so conversation turn stale relatively quickly. I wish I could carry a conversation and make things interesting but I can't. I have zero self confidence and people tend to realize how Annoying I am because I really am quiet. It's always "Anon-chan I can deal with your quietness, it's actually quite cute hehe xd" and then after a short while of knowing me they turn around and never want to speak to me again. The amount of times I've been ghosted on is terribly large. Anyone else having this problem?
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You described me perfectly and as a result, I have no friends. Not even online friends which is easy to get even for autists, so long has they have strong interests

I'm literally just a shell of a person but I've grown to not care, I simply stay in my room and play games and browse R E D D I T and other escapism until I die

If you're 20 or under then keep trying to be social despite muh no personality cause this isn't a way of living
Anon you make me feel better that I'm not alone in this. Thank you. I am 19, and I've been trying to work on myself but it's quite hard. Do you live alone? When was the last time you've actually talked to someone that wasn't family?
I also had trouble with talking, but ai exercised it for about a year and gained a bunch of friends at one point, but I realised It was just a bunch of work and abandoned them. Happier than I've ever been. Used to be depressed. Also no gf. Never wanted one.
The point is- exercise it
How you ask? Go outside and say hello to 50 random people. When you get better start just talking and after that you can exercise by being cringy as fuck on purpose to random ppl- for extra confidence

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what the fug this guy sounds like a jerk

is this you and your bf?
lmao you and your sheldon cooper boyfriend can fuck off. you're both failed normies at most
Sounds like a real fuckin asshole. Dump him. You seem too sweet to be with someone like him.
- Another Fembot W Feels

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When did you stop caring about being forever alone?

When I was in my teens, I worried I was going to miss out on prime teen pussy. Then I did became to old for them. In my early 20's I was worried on missing out on prime college age pussy. Now I am 31 and still a virgin. Do I care any more? No.

When did you guys stop caring?
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when I was 12 I named the yahoo fantasy pick em league I admined for my outcast friend group "The Untouchables" and everyone thought it was great
I've known for a long time.
Why didn't you just hire a hooker?
Stoped caring at 22. If your looking to get laid just go on okcupid. you could meet a dtf bitch in like 5 min.

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>have sex with wife tonight
>she's a 6/10 at best after our 2 kids
>sex lasted about 15 minutes
>pretty rough how she likes it
>pulled her hair, shoved cock in her mouth several times after pulling out to degrade her (she loves this)
>all of this feels like such a chore
>can barely stay hard because of boredom
>literally think of other women while fucking her, including an uglier girl at work that I secretely fantasize about
>would honestly rather jerk off on the toilet then go through this nonsense

Anyone else know this feel?
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this is exactly why i want to never marry
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>falling for the marriage meem
sort of, but we haven't had kids yet and i still think she's an 8.

i think it's more that we constantly argue about shit or have a hard time with budgeting. i still enjoy the sex if i've had time to relax, alcohol helps there too.

don't have any advice but it's been better if i don't jack off more than once a week, we don't schedule the sex or presume that something is wrong if we skip a couple of days, and if we do things separately when we need to recharge. i don't think it's necessarily wrong to get into a good mood after hanging out with other couples/people, and even fantasizing about them. but the root cause for both of us is probably how we communicate with our wives, and that obviously should be dealt with.

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'Failed normies took over 25+ threads' edition

How you fellow oldbots holding up?
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I'm 25 but I'll still be here in 5 years. Can I post?
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turning 30 this year, failed normie from college. all I really have going for me is I made $90k in cryptos on top of having a good job in tech. don't really need to worry about money anymore but still am not very happy.
You can't be a robot if you have money.

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>Be me
>Finish last final exam for the semester
>See friend sitting with 5 other acquaintances and say hello
>I feel like being a good friend so I order 2 Starbucks frappucinos so I could give him one
>"That'll be $9.40"
>Use up all my money to buy my 2 frapps
>Go back to see him
>Ask him if he wants a frapp
>"No thanks"
>Feel bad
>Ask his 5 other acquaintances if they want a frapp
>They all say no
>Friend asks me why I have two
>I tell him it was for him as a thanks for the good times we've had
>He doesn't respond
>I turn around and say "Well guess I'm drinking both of them, cya"
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I would have a frapp with you anon.
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Sounds like a top fuckin cunt mate.

Did you call him a cunt?
are you gay or one of those naively kind souls?

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I'm drunk and I wanna talk. I bet some of you do too.

I'm a 23-year-old NEET. Tell me about yourselves.
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Why're you still a neet at 23?
I dropped out of college when I was 19. I had a manic episode that put me in a psych ward for over 2 weeks. Turned out I had bipolar disorder and a bit of autism. It kind of ruined me and I've never been motivated to go back.

I want a degree though desu
wow that is pretty much exactly what happened to me, I dropped out at 19, went to a psych ward then just went NEET for 6 months. I have a job now and things are looking up, so I'm sure there's hope for you too, best decision I ever made was not going back to uni though.

Hey faggot, when are you gonna start that band?
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When I get a quarter-tone guitar or two.
pIot twist: l did
Vid related. How can 12 tone bois even compete?

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[ctrl]+[f]=no comfy thread
Lets get this shit going

of course it's not original
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my current wallpaper, good shit imo
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Good oroginalisi afternoon friends
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the robot thinks "oregano dumping" isnt original

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>"i see those hungry eyes, anon. you'll have to do as i say to even get a chance of taking a bite off this pizza."

What do?
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i just ate a few McChickens im okay on food for now
Hit the bitch and run off with pizza
3D is so fucking disgusting i swear

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why do I stare at a screen all day despite hating every second of it?
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look away
go outside
break the cycle
leave and don't come back
ur addicted to your pain at this point but you can choose something else
godspeed anon
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It's simple. You have no motivation nor the energy to do anything else. Going outside, walking, talking to people, working out, that's all annoying and excessive usage of energy, plus, it's far too outlandish for most of us. Being a computer though, that requires no energy at all, and you get so much out of it. You can talk to others across the world, watch shows, listen to music, even play vidya. But it's not fulfilling as finding a SO or talking to someone who actually cares about you. You to gain that with the same amount of effort you put in to type a sentence, but it won't happen to you, or any of us. So lets just stare at the screen, look at our dumb posts and arguments, laugh at the good memes, and hate every second of it.
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>be a neet
>hate it
>get a job
>hate it even more than I hated neeting
>return to neetdom
>hate it

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Ask a 8/10 anything
Pic : me
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you're a 4/10 at best m8
no no no no, hes a 7/10, a little creepy looking OP, you should work on that
Are you going to post your pictures until someone agrees you're 8/10?

Will it make you stop if I humour your desperation for attention?

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Is it normal to be able to do this?
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I'm confused where's the Venus
If you have a tiny dick and are a fatass probably
where is ur fuckin dick lmfao

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